Royal Bavarian 7th Field Artillery Regiment "Prinzregent Luitpold"

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Commemorative badge for the 100th anniversary of the 1st Field Artillery Regiment and the 24th anniversary of the 7th Field Artillery Regiment, 1924
Bronze commemorative plaque for the regiment, with relief of the Prince Regent, by Adolf von Hildebrand

The 7th field artillery regiment "Prinzregent Luitpold" was an artillery regiment of the Bavarian Army .


The regiment was on October 1, 1900 from the III. Department and the staff of the Riding Department of the 1st Artillery Regiment and had its peacetime base in Munich . Together with the 1st Field Artillery Regiment, it formed the 1st Field Artillery Brigade , which was subordinate to the 1st Division . The regiment owner was Prince Regent Luitpold , whose name the regiment had as an addition.

First World War

Since the beginning of World War I , the regiment was used as part of the divisional artillery of the 1st Infantry Division of the 6th Army on the Western Front, where it remained throughout the war. In the spring of 1917 the regiment was subordinated to the artillery commander of the newly formed 15th Infantry Division .


After the Armistice of Compiègne , the remnants of the regiment marched back into the garrison. In Munich, on December 22nd, 1918, the regiment was demobilized and subsequently dissolved. A Volkswehr battery was formed from demobilized parts , which was merged with the Provisional Reichswehr in the light Reichswehr Artillery Regiment 21.

The tradition took over in the Reichswehr by decree of the Chief of the Army Command General of the Infantry Hans von Seeckt from August 24th 1921 the 6th battery of the 7th (Bavarian) Artillery Regiment in Landsberg am Lech . In the Wehrmacht , the 7th Artillery Regiment continued the tradition.


Rank Surname date
Colonel Ludwig von Perfall October 1, 1900 to October 25, 1901
Colonel Alfred von Kesling October 26, 1901 to May 26, 1905
Colonel Albert Seekirchner May 27, 1905 to August 3, 1908
Colonel Robert Paul August 4, 1908 to April 22, 1911
Colonel Maximilian Siebert April 23, 1911 to December 25, 1914
Lieutenant colonel Emanuel von Holnstein from Bavaria December 26, 1914 to August 12, 1917
major Richard Schwarzenberger August 13, 1917 to December 1918
Lieutenant colonel Charles of Malaisé December 1918 to January 1919


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