Kiss & Kill

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German title Kiss & Kill
Original title Killers
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Robert Luketic
script Bob DeRosa ,
Ted Griffin
production Scott Aversano ,
Jason Goldberg ,
Mike Karz ,
Ashton Kutcher
music Rolfe Kent
camera Russell Carpenter
cut Richard Francis-Bruce ,
Mary Jo Markey

Killers (original title: Killers ) is an action - comedy film from 2010, directed by Robert Luketic with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in the lead roles.


Spencer Aimes is a hit man who works for the government, travels to foreign lands, and leads a life with fast cars and lots of women. He is in Nice on an assignment when he meets the computer specialist Jen Kornfeldt and falls in love with her. The two marry and Spencer hangs up his dangerous job.

Three years later, Jen and Spencer lead a harmonious life with ordinary jobs. On his birthday, Spencer receives a postcard from his old boss, Holbrook, who wants to force him into a new contract job. Jen's father, Mr. Kornfeldt, sees the postcard and becomes skeptical when Spencer tells him that it is from his old boss, who still regularly sends him holiday greetings. Spencer finds Holbrook dead in a hotel room shortly afterwards. Spencer learns that he has had a $ 20 million bounty and is now being pursued by other hit men. He realizes that everyone around him is now trying to get at him: He and Jen narrowly escape the assassinations of his supposed friend and work colleague Henry, his secretary Vivian, Henry's wife Olivia and Jens best friend Kristen. Jen, who is now torn as to whether she can trust Spencer at all after his unmasked past, learns in the meantime that she is pregnant.

When Jen and Spencer are finally visited by Mr. Kornfeldt, they learn that he was the one who unleashed the killers on Spencer. He was once a contract killer himself and brought the sleepers into Spencer and Jen's environment in case Spencer was reactivated by his old boss. Also, Mr. Kornfeldt knew Holbrook, who he knew was corrupt and so Spencer was unwittingly working for the wrong side. Spencer can convince Mr. Kornfeldt that it was all just a misunderstanding and that he has finished his old job. Jen decides to stay with Spencer and the family reconciles.

The film ends with Spencer laying his son to sleep in Jen and her parents' room. After everyone has left the room, it becomes apparent that it is completely laser-secured around the cot.



Kiss & Kill was filmed in Atlanta , Douglasville , Marietta , Woodstock and Riverwood Studios in Senoia , Georgia . Other recordings depicting Nice were recorded in Villefranche-sur-Mer . Filming took place around March 27, 2009.

An alternative ending that is not used shows Jen and Spencer together again in Nice, lying in a hotel bed. When the maid knocks on the door, both of them point their guns at the door, startled and the film ends.

Larry Joe Campbell has a minor role in the film. Singer Usher can be seen making a guest appearance as a supermarket manager advising Jen on choosing a pregnancy test.

While filming, Ashton Kutcher accidentally hit a stuntman with his fist.


The film premiered on June 1, 2010 in Hollywood . The film opened in US cinemas on June 4, 2010. The film was shown in Switzerland from June 23, 2010. It was shown in Germany and Austria from August 5, 2010. The film was released on DVD in Germany on December 2, 2010 with an FSK-12 approval.

Budget and box office results

The budget of the film was 75 million US dollars estimated. On the opening weekend, more than 15.8 million US dollars were grossed in the USA. Overall, US revenue was over $ 47 million.

German dubbed version

The German dubbing was done at Cinephon Synchron in Berlin . The dialogue book was written by Michael Nowka , who was also the dubbing director .

In one scene, Spencer asks Jen if her father is the man who looks like "Magnum". This is a reference to the Magnum series in which Tom Selleck played private detective Thomas Magnum. This sentence occurs only in the German dubbing, in the English original Asthon Kutcher says "That is gorgeous mustache" ("That's a splendid mustache"). The synchronization of the role was taken over by Norbert Langer , who lent Tom Selleck his voice in the television series Magnum .

actor German speaker role
Ashton Kutcher Marcel Collé Spencer Aimes
Katherine Heigl Antje von der Ahe Jen Kornfeldt
Tom Selleck Norbert Langer Mr. Kornfeldt
Catherine O'Hara Liane Rudolph Mrs. Kornfeldt
Letoya Luckett Julia digit Amanda
John Atwood Frank-Otto Schenk Don Nootbar
Winston story Claudio Maniscalco Eurocreep
Rob Riggle Torsten Münchow Henry
Martin Mull Eberhard Haar Holbrook
Mary Birdsong Anke Reitzenstein Jackie Vallero
Jean-Charles Fonti Christian Gaul Jean-Paul
Usher Raymond Sascha Rotermund Kevin
Casey Wilson Nana Spier Kristen
Kevin Sussman Stefan Krause Mac Bailey
Michael Daniel Cassady Dennis Schmidt-Foss Milo
Alex Borstein Almut Zydra Mrs. Baily
Lisa Ann Walter Peggy Sander Olivia Brooks
Larry Joe Campbell Hans Hohlbein Pete Denham
Katheryn Winnick Anja Stadlober Vivian


At the 2010 Teen Choice Awards , Ashton Kutcher was recognized in the Choice Movie Actor: Comedy category, while the film was nominated in the Choice Movie: Comedy category. Kutcher was awarded the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor for his portrayal in Kiss & Kill and Valentine's Day . In the same year Oliver Keller and Ken Clark were nominated for a Taurus Award in the Best Fight category.


The film was received mostly negatively. Rotten Tomatoes found out of 101 votes only 11 percent positive reviews.

“The story is not exactly full of originality, and the amazing twists and turns are unlikely to surprise experienced moviegoers. Nevertheless, 'Kiss & Kill' is not nearly as bad as the harsh reviews in the US press suggest. Whether Ashton Kutcher makes a credible figure as a top international spy is as irrelevant as the question of whether the plot stands up to logical scrutiny. The more absurd the situations, the greater the fun for the audience. Director Robert Luketic (' The Naked Truth ') rushes his stars through an amusing adventure that does not take itself seriously and precisely for that reason ensures a carefree, refreshingly self-ironic cinema experience. Conclusion: Relationship talks in the hail of bullets: The action-packed romance scores with well-humored actors. Perfect summer cinema. "

“The characters of 'Kiss & Kill' are as shallow and laden with clichés as Mario Barth's jokes . Breasts and biceps instead of dialogue duels and strange timing. No elegance anywhere. The silk scarf in Kutcher's shirt neckline looks like an embarrassing attempt. While Katharine Hepburn would have had to raise her eyebrow to make it clear where the hammer was hanging, Heigl couldn't even find the toolbox for the sheer screaming. Actually, the initially promising Heigl should slowly get tired of the hysterical female after failures like ' The Naked Truth ' and '27 Dresses '. "

- star

"More a killer parody than a romantic comedy, the film only strings together genre standards that are not filled with life by the wooden actors."

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