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Kristijan Fris (born April 21, 1984 in Senta ) is a Serbian wrestler .


Kristijan Fris comes from Senta in Vojvodina and belongs to the Hungarian minority there. He started wrestling in 1996 as a teenager. He became a member of the wrestling club Ravni Klub Proleter Zrenjanin , one of the leading clubs in Serbia . So far, he has been trained by the coaches Szabo, Pak and Sandor Nando . Traditionally, the best wrestlers in the country came from Vojvodina back in the days of Yugoslavia.

At a height of 1.68 meters, he wrestles in the bantam weight, the lightest weight class (up to 55 kg body weight (KG)) and only in the Greco-Roman style. Because of the political events in the former Yugoslavia , he started for Yugoslavia until 2002, for Serbia and Montenegro from 2003 to 2007 and since 2007 for Serbia .

He began his career on the international wrestling mat in 2000 when he took part in the European Junior Championships (Cadets) in Bratislava . He came in 13th place in the class up to 46 kg body weight. At the European Junior Championships in Subotica in 2002 , he won a medal in the weight class up to 50 kg for the first time at an international championship, the bronze. After a respectable 7th place at the Junior World Championships 2003 in Istanbul , where he won three fights before he was eliminated by the Iranian Hamid Bavafa, he achieved the greatest success of his junior time at the 2004 Junior European Championships in Murska Sobota became junior European bantamweight champion ahead of Gegam Sadajan from Russia and Daniel Krymow from Ukraine .

In 2004 Kristijan Fris tried to qualify for participation in the Olympic Games in Athens in Novi Sad . However, as a relatively inexperienced young wrestler, he failed in this project because he only came in 19th place. At the Senior European Championships in 2005 in Varna he reached a good 5th place in bantamweight and was the same year winner of the Mediterranean Games in Almería in bantamweight before the Egyptian Mohamed Moustafa Abu Elela.

After weaker results at the 2005 World Cup and the 2006 international championships, Kristijan Fris's big breakthrough came in 2007. He first won the European Championship bronze medal at the European Championships this year in Sofia with a victory in the decisive fight against the Finn Ville Kaeki and secured the same medal at the World Championships in Baku in autumn 2007 . He won there u. a. also over the young German Florian Crusius and won after a defeat in the semifinals against the Iranian Hamid Soryan Reihanpour in the fight for the World Cup bronze medal over the US-American Lindsey Durlacher . With this 3rd place he had already qualified for participation in the Olympic Games in Beijing .

In Beijing he came in bantamweight with victories over Juri Kowal from Ukraine, a defeat against Nasir Mankijew from Russia, the later Olympic champion , a victory over Ildar Hafizow, Uzbekistan and another defeat against the 2007 world champion Hamid Sorjan Reihanpour on a good 7 . Space.

In 2009 Kristijan Fris also took part in the European Championships in Vilnius and lost his first bantamweight fight there against the Russian Bekchan Mankijew . Since this did not reach the final, he had to retire and only came in 19th place. He didn't fare any better at the 2009 World Cup in Herning / Denmark either, because he lost his first fight against Virgil Munteanu from Romania and only finished 27th.

International success

year space competition Weight class
2000 13. Junior European Championship (Cadets) in Bratislava Class up to 46 kg body weight Winner: Dragos Ciampanu, Romania ahead of Alexei Lozovoi, Ukraine
2001 10. Junior European Championship (Cadets) in Izmir Class up to 46 kg body weight Winner: Stepan Dubow, Israel ahead of Alexei Chudurjan, Russia
2002 3. Junior European Championship (Juniors) in Subotica Class up to 50 kg body weight behind Roman Amojan , Armenia a . Malchaz Solomonidze, Georgia
2003 19th EM in Belgrade Bantam after defeats against Marian Sandu , Romania a . Stoitchko Ivanov, Bulgaria
2003 7th Junior World Championships (Juniors) in Istanbul Bantam with victories over Daniel Krymow, Russia, Svailunas Adomaitis, Lithuania a . Arif Schiralijew, Azerbaijan a . a loss to Hamid Bavafa, Iran
2004 8th. "Nikola Petrov" Memorial in Sofia Bantam Winner: Dennis Hall , USA ahead of Alfred Ter-Mkrtchyan , Germany and Nurkbayat Tengisbajew , Kazakhstan
2004 19th Olympic qualification tournament in Novi Sad Bantam Winner: Brandon Paulson , USA ahead of Erkan Yildiz, Turkey a. István Majoros , Hungary
2004 1. Junior European Championship (Juniors) in Murska Sobota Bantam before Gegam Sadajan, Russia a. Daniel Krymow, Ukraine
2005 3. "LJI Gedza" tournament in Belgrade feather behind Eusebiu Diaconu , Romania u. Tamas Löricz , Hungary, together with Hugo des Passos da Silva, Portugal
2005 2. "Nikola Petrov" Memorial in Sofia Bantam behind Bayram Özdemir, Turkey, in front of Iwo Angelow , Bulgaria a. Abrahim Karim, Egypt
2005 5. EM in Varna Bantam after defeat against Viktor Korabljew , Russia, a victory over Ville Kaeki , Finland a . a loss to Iwo Angelow
2005 1. Mediterranean Games in Almería Bantam before Mohamed Moustafa Abu Elela, Egypt a. Vicente Lillo Garcia, Spain
2005 17th World Cup in Belgrade Bantam with victory over Jonsel Ramirez, Dom. Rep. U. Lost to Roman Amojan , Armenia
2006 2. Golden Grand Prix in Szombathely Bantam behind Wenelin Wenkow , Bulgaria, in front of Bayram Özdemir
2006 14th EM in Moscow Bantam after losing to Claudiu Florin Gavrila, Romania
2006 7th Universities World Cup in Ulaanbaatar Bantam Winner: Hyuk Wom, South Korea
2006 14th World Cup in Guangzhou / China Bantam with victory over Ibrahim El Said Karim, Egypt a. Lost to Ri Kyong Il, North Korea
2007 9. "Nikola Petrov" Memorial in Sofia Bantam Winner: Wenelin Wenkow ahead of Maxim Mordowin, Russia a. Hamid Soryan Reihanpour , Iran
2007 3. EM in Sofia Bantam with victories over Aurelian Leciu, Romania a. Tibor Olah, Hungary, a loss to Rowshan Bajramow , Azerbaijan u. a win over Ville Kaeki, Finland
2007 3. World Cup in Baku Bantam with victories over Kim Won Mo, North Korea, Florian Crusius , Germany a. Yerbol Konyratow, Kazakhstan, a loss to Hamid Soryan Reihanpour u. a win over Lindsey Durlacher , USA
2008 3. Golden Grand Prix in Szombathely Bantam behind Kohei Hasegawa, Japan a. Mariusz Łoś , Poland, together with Thomas Spencer Mango , USA, ahead of Anders Rönningen, Norway and Wendelin Wenkow
2008 7th OS in Beijing Bantam with victory over Juri Kowal , Ukraine, defeat against Nasir Mankijew , Russia, victory over Ildar Hafizow, Uzbekistan u. Lost to Hamid Soryan Reihanpour
2009 19th EM in Vilnius Bantam after losing to Bekchan Mankiev , Russia
2009 1. Mediterranean Games in Pescara Bantam before Mustafa Mohammed, Egypt a . Grigoris Anastasiadis, Greece
2009 27. Wrestling World Championships 2009 in Herning Bantam after losing to Virgil Munteanu, Romania


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