Lauter (Lauter-Bernsbach)

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Lauter coat of arms
Coordinates: 50 ° 34 ′ 0 ″  N , 12 ° 44 ′ 0 ″  E
Height : 480 m
Area : 21.55 km²
Residents : 4707  (Dec. 31, 2011)
Population density : 218 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : January 1, 2013
Postal code : 08315
Area code : 03771
Lauter (Saxony)
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Location of Lauter in Saxony

Lauter is a district of the town of Lauter-Bernsbach, formed on January 1, 2013 in the Saxon Ore Mountains , whose history can be traced back to the 12th century. In 1962, Lauter was granted city rights. The city administration advertises with the addition city ​​of rowan berries .


Lauter extends over an area of ​​21.55 km² and lies between the two cities of Aue and Schwarzenberg . Through the city leading national highway 101 as Silver Street and the south-western district of the state road S 228. Lauter is a station on the regional train connection Zwickau - Johanngeorgenstadt the Erzgebirgsbahn - resulting from the sections Zwickau-Schwarzenberg and Schwarzenberg Johanngeorgenstadt connected - composed . It is located in the valley of the black water .


Foundation and development

The place was probably created at the end of the 12th century as a Waldhufendorf on the western slope of the Schwarzwassertal and was first mentioned in a document in 1460/62 in the Zwickau Franciscan terminology book as Lawther . Other earlier forms of the name are Lawte (1501) and Lauttera (1509). The place names are derived from the name of the brook the Lauter , which is no longer used today.

In addition to agriculture and rafting , mining - especially tin ore extraction - and basketry were the main sources of income for the population. During the Hussite War , the Peasants 'War and the Thirty Years' War , Lauter was not spared either, destruction and devastation led to the stagnation of the population.

Economic boom

At the beginning of the 18th century laboratory technicians from the Electoral Saxony were sent out on behalf of August the Strong to locate sites of medicinal herbs and roots. From this - as in ancient China - an elixir was to be made that promised a long and healthy life. The herbalists founded a factory in Lauter , in which medicinal and home remedies were produced according to secret recipes. They opened the Lautergold distillery in 1734 and thus contributed to the growing prosperity of the residents.

Since the beginning of industrialization in the 19th century with the simultaneous decline of mining in the region, several machine, metal and wood processing companies as well as an enamelling factory have settled there. In addition, laundry and paper mills were built.

The 20th century

War memorial

In the two world wars, residents of Lauter were also called up for military service and had to lose their lives, as a corresponding war memorial commemorates.

From 1947 onwards, a tunnel and a deep excavation were excavated in the Weidauer quarry by SAG / SDAG Wismut . Any uranium mica mineralization found was mined and work was discontinued.

Between 1950 and 1952 an ore deposit with shaft 329, 8 tunnels and 4 deep pits was investigated on the north-east slope of the Burkhardtswald, and 2.1 t of uranium were mined.

In 1962, Lauter was granted city rights.

On January 1, 2013, Lauter merged with Bernsbach to form the new town of Lauter-Bernsbach.

Population development

The following population figures refer to December 31 of the previous year; after 1990 with territorial status from January 2007:

1962 to 1988

  • 1962: 9500 *)
  • 1982: 6778
  • 1983: 6659
  • 1984: 6567
  • 1985: 6457
  • 1986: 6299
  • 1987: 6200
  • 1988: 6107

1989 to 1995

  • 1989: 5880
  • 1990: 5589
  • 1991: 5442
  • 1992: 5399
  • 1993: 5328
  • 1994: 5499
  • 1995: 5401

1996 to 2002

  • 1996: 5303
  • 1997: 5283
  • 1998: 5255
  • 1999: 5185
  • 2000: 5199
  • 2001: 5135
  • 2002: 5103

2003 to 2011

  • 2003: 5066
  • 2004: 5007
  • 2005: 4968
  • 2006: 4927
  • 2007: 4872
  • 2009: 4803
  • 2011: 4707
Sources: *): Homepage of the city; otherwise: State Statistical Office of the Free State of Saxony

coat of arms

The center of the coat of arms is a fir tree that embodies the wealth of forests in the city and its surroundings. Ferns lie around the roots as a symbol of the floodplain on which Lauter once originated. The foliage to the right and left of the conifer tree base characterizes the fruits and medicinal herbs of the forest. A red string of pearls around it symbolized the city's former ore wealth. - It is not known who designed the coat of arms, it is traced back to designs by folk artists. In the course of the implementation of West German coats of arms, the string of pearls disappeared from the official city arms.


Since the late 1990s there have been no major industrial establishments in the city. On the other hand, the enamelling factory, the chip basket manufacture and the liqueur factory have been preserved or established. Craftsmen, small businesses and a number of inns (such as Morgenleithe or Pension Danelchristelgut ) contribute to Lauter's economic strength .


The federal road 101 leads through Lauter . The place has a stop on the Schwarzenberg – Zwickau railway line , over which the Erzgebirgsbahn runs from Johanngeorgenstadt to Zwickau.

Education and culture


Heinrich Heine School in Lauter, red brick building
Heinrich Heine School

In 1899 a new community school was opened, which is now the town's high school and is called Heinrich-Heine-Schule .

Municipal institutions

These include a children's house, a youth meeting place, the city library and a cultural center. In connection with the establishment of the industrial operations, the Lauter volunteer fire brigade was established , and it still exists today.


From the original house of the liqueur factory founded in the 18th century, which produced liqueurs well known in the GDR such as Bergmannsgold , Steinholder , Vugelbeertroppn or Lauterer Drops under the factory name Lautergold , the Spirits Museum Alte Laborantenkunst emerged after 1990 . It describes itself as "Germany's smallest and fully functional spirits factory". In the museum show, interested parties can follow the production process up close on functioning historical equipment. Tasting and sales of today's products conclude a visit.

Art gallery

A privately run art gallery (Rathausstrasse) rounds off the cultural offerings in addition to the various city ​​festivals .

Sights, sports, events

View of Lauter in the Schwarzwassertal (right of the center of the picture)
Outer flying arch on B101 in Lauter

town hall

In the city center, the historic town hall from 1875 invites you to visit. It served as a school in the 19th century.

Post mileage

A post-mile pillar from the Saxon district that previously existed in Aue was reconstructed after 1990 and re-erected in 1995 in the center of Lauter.


Parish church

There are four ecclesiastical institutions in the village, they are:

  • The parish church in the center of the city (Pfarrstrasse) goes back to a village church that was documented here around 1250. The current Evangelical Lutheran house of worship was completed in 1628 and has since been restored several times.
  • a regional church community (Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Straße)
  • an Evangelical Free Church Congregation (Antonsthaler Straße) and
  • a Methodist Evangelical Church (Kapellenstrasse).


At the beginning of the 1950s, the soccer section of BSG Empor Lauter played in the GDR Oberliga , before their team was delegated to Rostock in 1954 , where they joined the soccer department of SC Empor Rostock , which has now been separated from the entire club as Hansa Rostock .

An outdoor pool from the 20th century has been preserved and has been extensively renovated. It is located near an allotment garden in the Griesetal near the exit towards Schwarzenberg. In addition to the 50-meter swimming pool, spacious open spaces invite you to exercise such as football or volleyball. There is also a children's playground.


An event based on the city's nickname is the rowanberry festival, which has been held annually since 1996 , at which a rowanberry princess is chosen. There are also local festivals and Christmas markets as well as regular activities for children, adult residents and tourists.


Honorary citizen

  • 1998: Horst Scharf (1925–2008), teacher, chronicler and chairman of the Erzgebirgszweigverein in Lauter
  • 1998: Steffi Walter born Martin (1962–2017), double Olympic champion and luge world champion
  • 2009: Gottfried Rebner (* 1928), Protestant pastor

Lauter's sons and daughters

People related to Lauter

  • Max Pickel (1884–1976), teacher and silhouette artist
  • Bruno Herrmann (1870–1927), dialect poet, councilor and mayor
  • Edwin Bauersachs (1893–1948), local poet from the Ore Mountains, worked in Lauter from 1919 to 1945


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