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Poker terms are various more or less common, unofficial names for special game situations, starting hands, card combinations and characteristics of the players in poker . Since poker developed rapidly in the USA in the 19th century , most of the terms come from the English language and have found their way into the parlance of other nations through film and other media.


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Situations and characteristics

The following list explains common terms used in the poker world:


Ace to Five
a method of determining the best hand in lowball poker
Ace to Six
see Ace to Five
Action (Action)
1. a player's move
2. Each bet is usually referred to as an action.
3. A risk-taking player gives action to another player
4. Active participation in the game. Calls.
Action Button (Action Button)
a button indicating that a stud high / low player who won both the high and low pots in the previous hand . This player usually has to place a larger minimum bet than the other players.
Action Card (Action Card)
a community card in the Hold'em variants, through which several players improve their hand significantly and which attracts high stakes
Active Player (current player)
a player who remains in the current pot
Active (active style of play)
Playing style that involves frequent raising. Opposite: passive - remains passive
Add on
1. in a cash game, additional chips bought by a person in the game
2. Additional chips in a tournament, which all players can buy up to a certain point in time
advertising (advertising)
A player changes his playing and betting behavior in such a way that the other players get a certain impression of him.
Aggression (aggressiveness)
high stakes on bet or raise
Treff-König - in old French playing cards the Treff-King represented Alexander the Great , see symbolism of the picture cards
( Note: the French card symbol represents a clover leaf (French: Trèfle) and not a cross, therefore "Treff")
All in
A player puts all of his chips in his hand .
a compulsory bet that every player has to bring
from Latin ante: before, before - here in the sense of advance payment


Backdoor (back door)
The ability to buy a flush or a straight with both cards, the turn and the river (if only three cards fit on the flop).
Call on a bet (without raising), but raise again after making a raise.
Bad beat
A player loses a pot even though by the time they bet the majority of the chips they had the better hand than their opponent.
Bad beat jackpot
Prize money is offered by some organizers if a player with exceptionally good cards is beaten by even better ones. Which hand the loser must hold in order to be eligible is generally announced and depends on the size of the prize, for example: Minimum four of a kind in jacks. It is also usually required that the player keep two of the cards in the bunker. The price is of course paid to the loser of the pot.
Bank (bank)
those responsible for the distribution and payment of chips
Bankroll (playing capital)
the chips or money a player has available to play poker
Bankroll management
a system for managing your own bankroll / poker room, understood from the point of view of when which limit can or should be played in order to minimize the risk of going bankrupt due to recurring fluctuations (broke)
Bet (stake)
1. A player's opening bet in a betting round
2. The standard bet in a fixed limit game
Betting Structure (setting structure)
the manner, number and size in which stakes and raises are placed
Big Bet
in a fixed limit game the minimum insert to turn and River is brought
Big blind
the large minimum bet a player must place; see also blind
a card that does not change the situation significantly for any player
one of the unofficial poker combinations: a hand consisting of five face cards (e.g. two kings, a queen and two jacks). A blaze beats two pairs (especially two aces and two kings), but loses to three of a kind.
a minimum bet that two players must place; see also Small - and big blind
Blind-Off (blinded out)
The stack of a tournament player is through the blinds reduced.
Blind steal
In a game with forcible blinds such as Texas Hold'em, a blind steal is the stealing or attacking the blinds in the form of a raise before the flop from late position or attacking the big blind from the small blind after all players have had theirs Have discarded cards.
A player “steals” outs from another player by holding cards that would help the other player.
A player tries to get his teammates to get out of the pot by betting high, even though he has a weak hand.
Board (table)
the open cards, either in Hold'em or Stud variants
Bottom end
the worst possible straight
Bottom hand
in the Hold'em variants, the worst possible hand in a combination , for example bottom pair or bottom set
Boxed card
a card that is face up in the deck due to an error during the shuffling process. Boxed cards are usually simply ignored.
a bet that the player with the lowest or highest combination of the open cards must bring
the best possible straight , i.e. the one from 10 to ace.
In Texas Hold'em, two different hand cards (see Hole Cards ) between 10 and Ace (e.g. 10, Queen or Jack, King) are also known as 'Broadway Cards' because it is possible to hit Broadway on the flop to meet.
Bubble (bubble)
The phase of a poker tournament in which only a few players are eliminated until the money ranks are reached. The last player in a tournament to receive no money is called the bubble boy ; that is, all players above him receive money
Bubble boy
Name for the player who is the last to be eliminated from a tournament before the prize money.
Bubble deal
The last player to drop out of the tournament before the payout ranks will get their buy-in back from the rest of the players.
Bubble play
Name for the style of play on the bubble. Due to the extreme circumstances (many players are afraid of being kicked out of the tournament now), the correct way of playing differs massively from all other phases of the tournament.
Term for an ace pair. If these are the pocket cards, they are also referred to as pocket rockets or all american.
also big stack bully. Term for very aggressive players who have more than double the chips than the current runner-up.
a player who is eliminated from a game in progress
The button or dealer button is an extra special chip that shows which player is assigned the task of the dealer in the current game round. The position of the player who is the dealer in the current round is also referred to as a button. They say: The player is on the button.
Burn cards
Cards that are discarded before each community card.
Buy-In (Purchasing)
the amount of chips for which a player buys into a cash game or the amount of money that must be paid to participate in a tournament


Call (go with)
An existing stake is paid.
Calling station
a player who calls a lot of bets instead of raising or folding himself
the number of raises a player may make in a limit game in a betting round
The number is usually 3 or 4. Often times the cap is released when there are only two players left in one hand.
the last card of a value in the deck, for example Case King
Cash game
Direct play for the stakes - unlike in a tournament , where the value of the chips does not correspond to the monetary value.
Check (slide)
A player passes on to the next player without placing a bet.
Check-raise (push-raise)
Check first and then raise if someone bets.
Chip leader
the player who has the most chips
Chip Race
happens in a tournament after a blind increase
Chips with a small nomination are replaced by larger ones. The actual chip race is then the playing out of a pot consisting of the smaller chips that cannot be exchanged .
1. a split pot
2. play a game for a short time and then quit
3. an exchange of chips made by the dealer
4. Post the blinds
5. an agreement of all players remaining in a tournament to split the prize money
6. In the cash game, when the small and big blind are equal: an agreement to withdraw both blinds without seeing the flop (assuming it has been folded to the blinds).
a completed betting round
Coin flip
All-in situation pre-flop with an approximate 50:50 chance with a low pocket pair against two high cards, e.g. 7 7 against AJ .
Cold call
Calling a raise (outside the big blind)
Several players involved in the same game gain an advantage through unauthorized agreements (or signs).
Color Change or Color Up
see Chip Race
Community Card (community card)
One card in Hold'em that any player may use
Completion (complete)
a type of use in a stud game
Connectors (connector)
two or more cards that are directly behind each other and thus offer an increased chance of a straight
Continuation Bet
a bet made by the player who made the previous betting round
the dealer counts the cards in the deck after a round of play to make sure it is complete.
A player's cards won't get worse with a new card, but they make it likely that their opponent's hand has improved.
an agreement between two players to share the entry fee and the bonus for a tournament
Cut card
Name for the card that you put under the deck of cards when you take off, so that the bottom card is covered when you deal and cannot be recognized.
the player seated to the right of the dealer


A player takes a betting action before the next card is even revealed (e.g. Check in the Dark ).
Dead blind
a blind brought up by a player even though he is not present
Dead hand
a hand that is prohibited from being played by a player for some reason
Dead Man's hand
Denotes the card combination ace and eight in Texas Hold'em
The expression comes from Draw Poker and originally stands for two pairs, aces and eights, spades and clubs.
Dead money
Money in the pot from players who are no longer in hand
1. Deal cards
2. a way of distributing the prize money in a tournament, see deal (poker)
Deal it Twice
see Run it Twice
The player who is on the button is marked as the dealer. He gives the cards, unless he is released from this duty by the presence of a croupier (casino, tournaments, etc.)
Dealer's Choice
a variant of poker where the dealer decides what to play
Defensive Bet (defensive bet)
a small raise that the betting player makes with the intention of dissuading his opponent from an even higher raise.
Destiny Seat (Destiny Chair)
A position at the table that always wins, regardless of what cards the player gets.
Deuce to Seven
a method of determining the best hand in lowball poker
in draw poker, swapping one or more cards; in other poker variants also sometimes a term for passing.
Dominated Hand (dominated hand)
a hand that is another very similar but a worse kicker has
Door card
the first open card in Stud
Double suited
a term from Omaha that indicates that a player's starting cards contain two cards of two suits
Double Up (Double)
to win an all-in against a player who has at least the same number of chips as you and thus to double your chip stack.
a card that is only visible to one player
Bad luck
a hand that needs certain cards to improve significantly
Drawing Dead
A player has no more chance of winning the hand.
see Fold
A player passes on to the next player without placing a bet (comparable to a check ).


fold his cards even though checking could reveal another card.
Eight or Better
so in high / low games the low hand is scored. If it is better than or at least as good as 45678 , it has qualified as a low hand.
Equity (equivalence)
see pot odds
Exposed card
a card that was inadvertently revealed when it was dealt


Family Pot
a situation where almost every player sees the flop
Fifth Street
1. Another name for river
2. A Stud player's fifth card
Final table
the last table of a tournament
Fish (fish)
an inexperienced or poor player.
Fixed limit
Betting structure in which a player may only raise a prescribed amount
Accidentally release a card from the deck for a short period of time
Flat call
A player only calls instead of raising.
Calling a bet on the flop with the intention of making a bet or reraise after the turn. This "move" is useful for players who frequently make a contibet (continuation bet = to bet after the preflop bet also after the flop). The float should make your own hand appear stronger and more credible compared to a reraise on the flop.
a casino employee who looks after the well-being of the card tables and the players. If there is a dispute between the croupier (dealer) at the table and one or more players, e.g. B. as a result of the rule interpretation, the floorman can be called in. The floorman decides how to continue playing or how to distribute the money. He oversees the dealers and is the final decision-maker.
the first three community cards in the Hold'em variants
five cards of one suit
Fold (poker)
Forced Bet (minimum bet )
Stakes that must be made by players
Four of a Kind or Poker (Vierling)
a hand that contains all cards of a value
Fourth Street
1. the turn
2. the fourth card in stud games
Free Card
Players see a card without having called a bet beforehand .
1. a tournament that does not charge an entry fee
2. a hand that a player can still win at worst, a split pot reached
the usual form of tournaments . If a player loses his chips, he is eliminated.
Full house also full boat or boat
a hand that consists of three of a kind and a pair. Also used literally: " He boated on the river! ".


Gap hand (hand gap)
A gap hand is a hand that has at least one value between the two cards.
Going South
A player secretly steals his own chips in a cash game . (mostly not allowed)
Gutshot (stomach shot)
see inside straight draw


Hand (hand)
a player's best five cards
Hand for hand (hand for hand)
When a tournament has progressed so far that only a few players have to be eliminated in order for the prize money to be reached or this has already been achieved, the next hand is started at all remaining tables at the same time in order to ensure equal opportunities and not to favor slower tables.
Heads up
1. A game of poker between two players
2. The phase within a hand when only two players remain because everyone else has passed
the best hand by the usual definition wins
High card
a hand that does not make a combination
High / low
a scoring variant in which the high hand shares the pot with the low hand
Hole cards
the cards that a player receives face down
Get Cam
Cameras built into the table that capture the players' cards
Home game
a game that takes place in a private round
a mixed variant of poker
a mixed variant of poker


Implied pot odds (Implied pot odds)
a form of calculating the pot odds , be considered in the future card
Initial deal
the first hand to be dealt in the round
Inside straight draw , also known as belly buster or gutshot
Part of a street that could only be completed with cards of one value (example: 4 5 7 8)
Insurance (insurance)
one player bets another on the outcome of a hand according to the odds of winning the hand. Mainly used in tournaments
in the money (in the money)
Term for a player who receives tournament prize money: mostly when he lands in the top 10%
in the zone
a player who wins almost all hands (whether good or bad starting hand) through luck over a certain period of time


1. a draw variant
2. a large sum of money that is given to someone who has a bad beat - a kind of insurance - or a royal flush , as a reward


the side card (s) of a player's hole cards , those of the cards that are not among the cards that determine the rank of the hand. If two hands are tied, they decide who wins.


shedding a (mostly strong) hand
the betting structure, see also under Fixed Limit and No Limit
Limp In
A player only pays the minimum bet instead of increasing.
a player who plays a lot of hands
1. the lowest card by value
2. a scoring variant, see also High / Low
Collective term for forms of poker in which the smallest poker hand wins the pot (e.g. razz )
Low stack
A player with a low number of chips in the tournament.


Made hand (made hand)
a hand that no longer needs to improve
Match the pot
bet exactly the pot
a very strong hand
1. fit
2. the place where the cards are stored


No limit
a variant of the betting structure in which each player can bet any amount. With No Limit, each player can bet any number of chips on each move, provided the amount is at least one big blind higher than the specified amount . All in is an exception .
the best possible hand
Nut flush draw
when you only need one card for the highest possible flush


The cards are of different colors.
One gapper
The starting cards (e.g. in Texas Hold'em) have a card value distance from one another, e.g. B. 7/5 or king / jack etc.
Open ended straight draw
Part of a street that can be completed by one of two card values ​​(example: 4 5 6 7)
the cards that help a player improve their hand significantly
a card that is higher than certain other cards
a pair that is higher than certain other pairs


Pair (pair)
two cards of the same rank
Passive (passive)
A player often waits, folds, or calls instead of raising and betting.
in Draw -Poker a hand that is already done and does not need to be changed
Pay off
Calling even though there is little chance of winning the hand, but on the other hand pot committed
pick up
you hit a card on the flop with announcements
Pocket cowboys
are the hole cards KK
Pocket pair
Your own face down cards form a pair.
Pocket Rockets
Your own face down cards form a pair of two aces (American Airlines) . As a starting hand, this combination offers the highest statistical chance of winning with 30% even before the first bet.
four of a kind is also known as poker
Poker face
a face that does not reveal anything about the situation
the position a player is in; elementary part of the game
the total of all chips invested in a hand
Pot committed
There is already so much money in the pot that a player cannot fold.
Pot limit
The maximum amount that can be bet is what is in the pot.
Pot odds
the ratio between the amount required to pay a bet and the current value of the pot
The pre-flop phase when you only have 2 hole cards in hand
Sample bet
a kind of test use
Protection (protection)
A player protects his hand with very large bets.


another word for four of a kind


Rabbit Hunt (hare hunting)
after a hand is over, look at the cards that would have come
100 chips of the same denomination arranged in five stacks of twenty
1. the support at a poker table
2. the area between the poker table and the spectators
The spectators are often called railbirds .
a flop whose three cards are each different in color
an increase in the stake
the fee that a player must give to the casino or online poker room after a pot
the portion that a player gets back from the poker room's fee
A player re-buys into a tournament after losing all of their chips.
Ring game
see cash game
the last Community Card to be given
River fishing
A player is hoping for the dealer's last card to complete his hand
River Giver
A river giver is when the dealer deals a card on the river that makes the worse hand the winning hand.
a very tight player
Round the corner straight
(Corner sequence) Sequence of five cards of any suit with the ace in the middle (does not count as a straight)
Royal flush
Straight in a suit with Ace as the highest card
Run it Twice
give each card twice to reduce the luck factor
Runner runner
a two-card combination that makes a player a good hand; see also backdoor


a tournament through which one can qualify for a larger tournament
Scare Card (fear card)
a card that a player is concerned about no longer holding the best hand
To win both the low and high pot in high / low games
Semi bluff
A player is bluffing but has a hand that can still be improved.
a three of a kind created from a pocket pair
Shark (Shark)
a professional player
a tournament in which only the first at a table gets ahead
Short stack
the player with the fewest chips
a table with a maximum of six players
All cards of the players remaining in the pot are revealed.
Skip straight
Massive overpushing on the river with the nuts or 2nd nuts.
Skip straight
(Jump sequence) A sequence of five cards of any color, each skipping one card, e.g. B. Ace, Queen, Ten, Eight, Six
Side pot
a kind of second pot that arises when a player is all in . That player can only win the first pot - if he wins, the side pot goes to the player with the second best hand.
Sit and Go
a form of tournament with few players and flexible start times that is used in online poker
Slow play
A player only places small bets with a strong hand.
Small blind
see blind
see high / low or split pot
Spread limit
a setting structure that can only be set within a certain framework
all chips a player owns or a stack of twenty chips of the same denomination
a term for the size of the stakes, for example high stakes
Stand Pat
see Pat
Steel wheel
Straight flush from ace to five - compare wheel
Stonecold nuts
see nuts , additionally it is certain that the hand on the river is still nut
an optional third blind, which by the player under the gun is set
Straight (Street)
five cards that are consecutive in value
Straight flush
five cards that are consecutive and of the same suit; the best combination
String Bet
To bet the chips individually or not as a whole when betting. Usually counts as a call without prior announcement
a variant of poker
a small raise on the river with a very strong poker hand that the opponent almost has to call because of the good pot odds
of the same color
Suited connectors
successive cards of the same suit by value


a sign by which a player gives himself away
Three of a Kind
three cards of a value
Tight (poker)
A player only plays a few starting hands.
aggressive and unfocused gaming due to previous events. Usually after a bad beat ;
Top (pair, set, kicker)
The highest of all possible pairs , sets or kicker .
Top (pair, set, kicker)
Top pair with the best possible kicker. If K94 is on the flop and you have AK in your hand, you have top kicker with KK and the ace.
the fourth Community Card to be given


Under the gun
the player to the left of the big blind
Up and Down Straight Draw
see Open Ended Straight Draw
stroke of luck


Value Bet
a commitment made by a good hand. The player has the desire that he (at least) get called will.


All players fold up to the big blind .
1. a straight from ace to five
2. Best possible hand in Deuce to Seven , 23457
Wild card
1. Cards that are not ordinarily in a deck
2. Free entry ticket to an otherwise chargeable tournament, usually as the prize of a competition
in Omaha Hold'em a straight draw consisting of two community cards and three hole cards , for example 345A as hole cards and 67K as community cards - in this case a 3, 4, 5 or 8 would complete the straight .


The following is a list of which expressions stand for which card or card combination. The English abbreviations of the card names are used here. T stands for 10 ( Engl. Ten ), J for Jack (Engl. Jack ) and Q for Lady (Engl. Queen ). The word offsuit or unsuited (about not fitting ) means two cards of different colors, while the expression suited (about suitable means) two cards of the same color.

Single tickets

map designation
A. bullet, rocket
K cowboy
Q lady, joy girl, mop squeezer
J johnny, jackal, jack, knave, hook / fishhook ( alluding to the shape), Valet (from French )
T (10) dime
8th snowman (alludes to the shape), ocho (from Spanish )
7th hockey stick (alludes to the shape)
6th sex, sickening
5 nickel
4th Favre (named after the famous quarterback Brett Favre , who is number 4)
3 trey , crab (alludes to the shape)
2 deuce , Dewey Duck (alludes to deuce ), quacker (alludes to duck ), Duck (alludes to the shape)


combination designation
Straight flush from A2345 steel wheel
Quadruplets Poker, quads
A A A A Runner runner
Full house full boat , boat , full , tight ( common in Canada ), Xs full of Ys ( X stands for three of a kind , Y for the pair, e.g. 555KK is called "fives full of kings" )
Flush from or pink, all pink, all red
Flush from or blue, all blue, all black
Flush off puppy feet, puppy toes
TJQKA ( Straight ) Broadway
A2345 (straight) wheel, bicycle, bike
Triplet trips, set
KKK alabama night riders
222 Huey, Dewey and Louie (English for tick, trick and track )
Two couples Xs up, Xs over Ys ( X stands for the high pair, Y for the smaller pair, for example: KK998 is called kings up or kings over nines )
AA88 Dead Man's Hand ( Wild Bill Hickok wasshot from behind while holding this handin 1876 )
AA aces and spaces, American Airlines, pocket rocket (a hand with nothing but a pair of aces)
Outside straight flush draw big bobtail ( Outside straight draw with cards of the same suit, e.g. - 3 4 5 6 - )
Outside straight draw bobtail, open-ended (an outside straight draw can be combined with any card from the high or low "end" of the straight draw to form a straight , e.g. -3456-)
Inside straight draw gutshot , belly buster (a single card in the "middle" of the straight draw is missing for the straight , e.g. 34-67)
Double inside straight draw double gutshot, double belly buster (there are two ways to complete a straight with a single card in the "middle" of the straight draw (both straights differ from each other), e.g. 3-567-9)
Four cards of one suit busted flush , four-flush , flush draw (another card of the suit is missing for the flush)

Hold'em terms

Texas Hold'em

Starting hand designation
AA pocket rockets, bullets, American Airlines, insane clown posse, Andre Agassi
KK cowboys, king kong, katos, kangaroos, kakashis, kuruno kei, gentleman
QQ hilton sisters, double date, canadian aces, two pussys, pimp hand, Siegfried and Roy , four tits, the ladies, whores, Sakuras, Damenbesuch
YY fish hooks, Jenna Jameson , Jack Bauer, Junior Jack, Bad Brothers, Jack Johnson, JimmyJizzle
J J Brother Darkness
TT TNT, tag team, dimes, 20 miles, rin tin tin, table tennis, bridge, tea time, time trial, Tim Thomas
99 Wayne Gretzky , german virgin ("nine nine" sounds like "no no")
9 9 Phil Hellmuth
88 Snowmen, Octopi, Euro , dog balls, piano keys, double infinity
77 sunset strip, hockey sticks, walking sticks
66 route 66, Satan, Wembley , pocket sex, Ganges Gavial, Hell
55 speed limit, Rosa Parks
44 magnum, sail boat, midlife crisis, D-Day
4 4 Darth Vader (The Dark Force)
33 crabs, Larry Bird
22nd mighty ducks, ducks, pierlines, Quak Quak, el gua gua
AK big slick, Anna Kurnikowa ("Looks good, but rarely wins"), AK-101, Santa Barbara
AQ big chick, Al Qaida, Joey's hand, walking back to Houston, cute ass
AJ Black Jack, Action Jackson, Air Jordan, Andjek, Ajax, Jackass
AT A-Team, Johnny Moss , Anti-Tank, Teen Ass
A8 Dead Man's hand
A3 Alaska hand
A4 Blind man's aces
A2 Baby ace , Acey-Ducey
KQ royalty, marriage, King of Queens , Quing, mixed marriage
KQ ( s ) royal marriage
K Q valentine's day
KJ bachelor hand
KJ (s) Kojak, father and son
KT Katie
K9 Canine, saw mill, dogs
K3 commander crab, king crab
K2 the Devil's cards, Full House cards, King Shit
QJ Maverick
QT Quentin Tarantino , cutie, quint, Varkonyi
Q7 computer hand (the "middle hand" mathematically calculated by a computer)
Q3 gay waiter (queen with a tra '), san francisco busboy
Q3 (s) posh gay waiter
9 7 irny hand
Q 3 flaming gay waiter
JT John Travolta
J 9 TJ Cloutier
J6 Chart breaker
J5 Jackson five, motown, Jurassic 5th
J4 flat tire (“What's a Jack for?” - “What do you need a jack for?”)
J2 the silly hand, the Silvio ', one egg Jack
T8 Greg's hand
T5 woolworth's
T4 broderick crawford, convoy, good buddy
T2 Texas dolly, Doyle Brunson (Brunson won the world championship twice in a row with this weak hand)
98 oldsmobile
96 Big Lick , Dinner for Two
9 6 valentine's day, papa porn
95 Dolly Parton (named after the film Nine to Five in which she played and whose theme song she sang )
92 Montana banana, Twiggy (read as 29)
83 FTAB ("Fold To Any Bet")
76 union oil
75 Heinz Ketchup (as 57)
73 Joe Hachem
72 wank hand, the finger, Freddy goes home, beer hand, the hammer, french military / army, TWICE's Hammer, whip (worst hand in poker)
72 (s) velvet hammer
54 Jessie James, Jane Russell (as 45)
52 Bomber, pommel
4 3 Repo Man
42 Christmas card (read as 24)
32 Michael Jordan (read as 23), pocket schmuhvers

Omaha Hold'em

combination designation
AK47 Assault rifle (Kalashnikov)
Two couples noah's ark ( Noah 's Ark )


cards designation
three different colors rainbow
two different colors two-one
three face cards Picasso flop , paint (can also be used for a single picture), gallery
three small cards rags , ragged flop (cards that probably didn't help any of the players), cabbage and beets, vegetables
777 Jackpot (refers to the jackpot for a one-armed bandit )

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