M17 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Magistralna cesta / Magistralni put M17 in BiH
M17 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
 M17 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Course of the M 17
Basic data
Start of the street: Bosanski Šamac
End of street: Čapljina
Overall length: 400 km

Kantoni (Cantons / BH ) /
Регија (Regions / RS ):

M17 south of Počitelj
North portal of the 645 meter long Ivan tunnel between Sarajevo and Mostar. The tunnel at the watershed of Bosna and Neretva once served the now-defunct Narentabahn .

The M17 ( Croatian / Bosnian Magistralna cesta or Serbian Магистрални пут / Magistralni put ) is a main road in Bosnia and Herzegovina . It runs mostly along the rivers Bosna and Neretva from the Croatian border at Bosanski Šamac via Modriča , Doboj , Zenica , Sarajevo , Jablanica and Mostar to the Croatian border at Čapljina . It is the most important north-south connection in the country, which is why the A1 motorway is being built parallel to it .

Individual evidence

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