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Television series
Original title Not bad
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1992–1993 (first season)
1994 (second season)
1996 (third season)
Radio Bremen
TV60 film production
length 50 minutes
Episodes 39 in 3 seasons
genre Family series
Theme music Wooden Heart - We Belong Together
idea Rainer Boldt
First broadcast November 8, 1993 on
Das Erste

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A television series in the early-evening program of Das Erste was not from bad parents . It was produced in the 1990s by Radio Bremen and TV60Filmproduktion Munich by Bernd Burgemeister . The first season was broadcast in 1993 . Due to its great success, Radio Bremen decided to shoot two more seasons (1994 and 1996). The series was shot in Bremen ( Altes Gymnasium and Burglesum ), Achim , Brake (Unterweser) and Wilhelmshaven .


A total of 39 episodes (in three seasons of 13 episodes each) about the family life of the Schefers with problems from the professional environment of the father, mother, the children's first love and their later professions were broadcast.

First season

At the beginning of the series, the Schefer family moved from Dobersdorf near Kiel to Bremen. Head of the family Wolfgang Schefer is to be promoted to sea captain and take over the command of the (fictitious) naval base in Bremen. The four children Felix, Jenny, Moritz and Alexander have to settle in a new city and a new school. In addition, they have to cope with the fact that their mother Sybille will now teach music at the children's school. The household is - reluctantly - supported by Wolfgang's mother Lisbeth, who also has a number of other obligations, for example her Canasta Club. However, Grandma Lisbeth is all the more pleased to have her favorite grandson - the diabetic Moritz - close by again, with whom she quickly does good business.

Second season

After Felix graduated from high school, he started doing community service . Jenny's pregnancy can now be clearly seen, and she is looking for an apartment with Thomas Brenner. The teacher “Schnulli” Bockmann proves to be the savior in need, and he makes part of his house available to the young couple. Moritz's popularity at school rose suddenly after his talent for making money by speculating on the stock market turned out to be a gold mine for teachers and classmates - only the parents were the last to notice. When the whole thing is discovered, Moritz is sent to England without further ado . Meanwhile, dark clouds are brewing in the Schefer's sky after Sybille unexpectedly stumbles over Felix's father Johannes Immermann again - to the chagrin of the jealous Wolfgang. Ultimately, the victim of these problems is Alexander, who quickly fled with his friend Johannes.

Third season

The first episode is entitled "Five Years Later" . Jenny's son Philipp is now in kindergarten , his mother is studying dentistry in Berlin and Felix has just completed his theology degree in Tübingen . Alexander has to leave the Gustav-Heinemann-Gymnasium after he accidentally blew up the chemistry hall, which in turn killed the family dog ​​Anton. Moritz and Benita live in Paris , while Wolfgang and Sybille now have separate apartments and new partners. But some unexpected events bring the Schefers back together faster than expected, and in the end they live together again under one roof.


The following tables show the episodes in the series.

1st season

episode title First broadcast
1 Welcome to Bremen 11/08/1993
2 Hat ahoy! 11/15/1993
3 Free entrepreneurs 11/22/1993
4th wedding day 11/29/1993
5 All for Aisha December 6, 1993
6th happy Birthday 12/13/1993
7th Winter trip 12/20/1993
8th Non-smoker, sporty 12/27/1993
9 Fathers and sons 03/01/1994
10 Competitions 01/10/1994
11 The Mafia January 17, 1994
12 Matriculation examination 01/24/1994
13 Scheferstunde January 31, 1994

2nd season

episode title First broadcast
1 Home Sweet Home 04/03/1995
2 Steppe chicken 04/10/1995
3 Gold rush 04/13/1995
4th Senate crisis 04/20/1995
5 Dirty laundry 04/24/1995
6th Men and engines 04/27/1995
7th Philipp comes around 05/04/1995
8th Music is in the air 05/08/1995
9 Drive into the blue 05/11/1995
10 Everyone loves Philipp 05/15/1995
11 The business trip 05/18/1995
12 Disorder and early suffering 05/22/1995
13 The spy 05/29/1995

3rd season

episode title First broadcast
1 Five years later 01/14/1998
2 Clear conditions 01/21/1998
3 Change on the fly 01/28/1998
4th Wedding and a death 02/04/1998
5 Girl in uniform 02/11/1998
6th Holy Family 02/18/1998
7th Black, red, blonde 02/25/1998
8th Runaway 03/04/1998
9 Repair occupants 03/11/1998
10 Tierra del Fuego burned down 03/18/1998
11 Man overboard 03/25/1998
12 So close, so far 04/01/1998
13 The eavesdropping 04/08/1998


  • Sabine Postel - Sybille Schefer; Mother and music teacher
  • Ulrich Pleitgen - Wolfgang Schefer; Father and naval officer ( admiral )
  • Patrick Bach - the eldest son, Felix Schefer; biological son of Sybille and adopted son of Wolfgang
  • Tina Ruland - the only daughter of the family; Henrietta "Jenny" Schefer ( medical officer )
  • Steven Bennett - the second son, Moritz Schefer - the financial genius
  • Colin Kippenberg - the youngest son, Alexander "Alex" Schefer
  • Whiskey Barefoot - the family dog ​​Anton
  • Renate Delfs - Lisbeth "Grandma Lisbeth" Schefer; Wolfgang's mother and widow of a captain

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Reviews and prices

Not from bad parents was considered a surprise success for the responsible broadcasters at the time and achieved high ratings; In 1994 the series was awarded a Bambi and a Telestar . With the third season, however, the ratings decreased.


Due to the great success of the series, the first season was released on DVD on September 1, 2006. The second season appeared on November 10, 2006; The third season was released on March 23, 2007. The Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) repeated the first six episodes of the series from February 27, 2007 to April 3, 2007 in the evening program at 9.45 p.m. It was the first re-broadcast on German television in seven years. In July 2011, a new edition of the second season was released on DVD. This time in DolbyDigital 2.0. Seasons 1 and 3 followed at the end of October 2011.


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