Orienteering World Championships 1966

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The first orienteering world championships were held on October 1 and 2. October 1966 in Finnish Fiskars (finn. Fiskari) in Uusimaa instead.

The title fights were awarded to Finland at the 2nd IOF Congress in Leipzig in 1963 . Originally, they were to be held as the third European championships after 1962 in Norway and 1964 in Switzerland. At the 3rd IOF Congress in 1965 in Kamschia , Bulgaria , it was decided to hold world instead of European championships with immediate effect in order to promote the development of orienteering.



space country athlete time
1 NOR Åge Hadler 1:36:05 h
2 FIN Aimo Tepsell 1:38:47 h
3 SWE Morelius is different 1:40:05 h
4th NOR Dagfinn Olsen 1:40:37 h
5 FIN Juhani Salmenkylä 1:40:38 h
6th SWE Göran Öhlund 1:41:05 h
7th FIN Rolf Koskinen 1:41:11 h
8th NOR Stig mountains 1:42:23 h

Length: 14.1 km
Post: 11

The first individual world champion in orienteering was Åge Hadler from Norway . The top 15 included six runners from Finland, five from Norway and four from Sweden.




space country Athlete time
1 SWE Ulla Lindkvist 0:52:45 h
2 SUI Katharina Perch-Nielsen 1:00:30 h
3 FIN Raila Hovi 1:00:51 h
4th SWE Kerstin Granstedt 1:01:30 h
5 SWE Eivor Steen-Olsson 1:02:54 h
6th NOR Ingrid Thoresen 1:03:29 h
7th SUI Annakäthi Grieder 1:04:58 h
8th FIN Anja Meldo 1:05:06 h

Length: 6.6 km
Post: 6

With a lead of 7:45 minutes, the Swede Ulla Lindkvist became the women's world champion.


Medal table

space country gold silver bronze total
1 SwedenSweden Sweden 3 - 1 4th
2 NorwayNorway Norway 1 - 2 3
3 FinlandFinland Finland - 3 1 4th
4th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland - 1 - 1

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Individual evidence

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