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Pereskia grandifolia

Pereskia grandifolia

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Order : Clove-like (Caryophyllales)
Family : Cactus family (Cactaceae)
Subfamily : Pereskioideae
Genre : Pereskia
Scientific name of the  subfamily
Scientific name of the  genus
Flower of Pereskia bleo
Fruit of Pereskia bleo

Pereskia is a genus of plants fromthe cactus family (Cactaceae). It is the only genus of the subfamily Pereskioideae and is one of the most primitive cacti. The genus was named by Charles Plumier after the French Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc .


The species in the genus Pereskia are deciduous , thorny, arboreal or shrubby plants that often climb. Its slightly fleshy shoots are straight or grow in a zigzag. The roots are sometimes thickened and bulbous. The ribs and warts typical of most cactus plants are missing; instead, alternate leaves are present. These usually have a petiole . Their entire, wide, flattened leaf blades are somewhat fleshy. The areoles in the leaf axils usually bear wool or hair and produce thorns and sometimes leaves. The individual to numerous thorns are (almost) straight and of different lengths.

The terminal or axillary, stalked or sessile, hermaphrodite flowers are wheel- to bell-shaped, appear singly or form an inflorescence . They open in the day. The pericarpel, or the base of the flower , usually has areoles, wool, thorns, hairs or bracts . The areoles can also produce flowers and leaves here. The colored to white perianth ( tepale ) is multi-circle. There are many stamens present. The unicameral ovary is below to above, the stigma is lobed.

The variously shaped, single or bundled, multi-seeded fruits are fleshy to juicy and do not tear open. They often have a permanent remnant of flowers. The obovate to kidney-shaped, 1.8 to 7.5 millimeters long seeds are black. Sometimes they have "leaf-like scales".

Distribution and systematics

The genus Pereskia is widespread in the lowlands of the Neotropics , from southern Mexico across the Caribbean to the north of Argentina and Uruguay .

In 1703 Charles Plumier described the genus Pereskia for the first time in Nova Plantarum Americanarum Genera . Carl von Linné rejected the genus name and added the known species as Cactus pereskia and Cactus portulacifolius to the genus Cactus established by him . Philip Miller took up the name again in 1754. The subfamily was introduced by George Engelmann .

The type species of the genus is Pereskia aculeata . The genus includes the following species :

Synonyms of the genus are Carpophillus Neck. and Rhodocactus (A.Berger) FMKnuth .



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