Phil from the future

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Television series
German title Phil from the future
Original title Phil of the Future
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2004-2006
length 22 minutes
Episodes 43 in 2 seasons
genre Comedy , children's series , science fiction
idea Tim Maile,
Douglas Tuber
production Tim Maile ( EP )
Douglas Tuber ( EP )
Michael Curtis ( EP )
Roger SH Shulman ( EP )
Fred Savage
music Kenneth Burgomaster
First broadcast June 8, 2004 (USA) on Disney Channel
first broadcast
November 15, 2004 on Disney Channel

Main actor:

Supporting cast:


Phil of the Future ( Phil of the Future in the original English) is an American television series by the authors Douglas Tuber and Tim Maile.

The episodes of the series are about the Diffy family from 2121, who traveled back in time to the 21st century and is now stuck here because the time machine is broken.


After a vacation through contemporary history, the Diffy family from the 22nd century ends up in the present day, actually only for a stopover. But when Lloyd, the father, Barbara, the mother, Phil, the son, and Pam, Phil's sister, want to travel back to the 22nd century, the time machine is broken. As one learns later through the story of Phil, he undertook some time travel without the knowledge of his parents in order to help the girl Keely Teslow, whereby the time machine became overloaded. He befriends this girl later and is the only one to tell her about his true identity.

The 43 episodes are mostly about the problems of Phil and Pam, who have difficulties to fit into an antiquated life for them.

In a later episode, Lloyd and Phil discover a Neanderthal named Curtis, who has been traveling as a stowaway since the stop in the Stone Age.


Phillip "Phil" Diffy

Phil ( Ricky Ullman ) is one of the main characters in the series. In the first season he goes to the ninth, in the second to the tenth grade of the HG Wells Junior / Senior Highschool. Of the family he is probably the one who finds his way around best in the old days . As the series progresses, he is in love with Keely.

Pam Diffy

Pam (originally Pim, played by Amy Bruckner ) is Phil's little sister and also goes to HG Wells Junior / Senior Highschool. She tries to outdo her brother and her secret goal is to usurp world domination.

Keely Teslow

Keely ( Alyson Michalka ) is in the same year as Phil. She is the only outsider who knows the real identity of Phil and his family. She meets Phil when she gets math tutoring from him. She is a very fashion-conscious girl and wants to be a reporter one day.

Lloyd Diffy

Lloyd ( Craig Anton ) is Phil's father. He is used to life in the 22nd century and has great difficulty adjusting to the old century. He usually has a good relationship with Phil, who often asks him for advice. He's constantly trying to fix the time machine, which is why he took a job in a craft shop to find the right components.

Barbara Diffy

Barbara ( Lise Simms ) is the mother of Phil and Pam. She usually mothers them very much and is afraid of losing relationships with their children. She is a passionate but unsuccessful cook as she cannot cook according to the old methods but tries again and again.


Curtis ( JP Manoux ) is a Neanderthal man from the Stone Age . He snuck aboard the time machine when the family was at that time. He is only discovered later in the series.

Neal Hackett

Mr. Hackett (JP Manoux) is the vice principal of Phil, Pam and Keely's school. He suspects that the Diffys are aliens and does everything he can to prove it.


Tia ( Brenda Song ) is Keely's best friend in season 1. She is pretty, popular, and kind. In the second season she moves away and Keely befriends Olivia "Via" instead.

Debbie Berwick

Debbie ( Kay Panabaker ) is a cyborg programmed to help everyone and always do good. She also likes childish things and considers herself Pam's best friend. In the episode Halloween , her true identity comes out, and she is defeated and melted by Phil. She can no longer be seen in the second season.


role actor Voice actor
Phil Diffy Ricky Ullman Clemens Ostermann
Pam Diffy Amy Bruckner Malika Bayerwaltes
Keely Teslow Alyson Michalka Jacqueline Belle
Tia Brenda Song Gabrielle Pietermann
Neal Hackett JP Manoux Tobias Lelle

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