Jonas LA

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Television series
German title Jonas the Series (Season 1)
Jonas LA (Season 2)
Original title JONAS (Season 1)
Jonas LA (Season 2)
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2009-2010
length approx. 23 minutes
Episodes 34 in 2 seasons
genre Youth Sitcom
Theme music Live to Party by Jonas Brothers
idea Michael Curtis ,
Roger SH Schulman
First broadcast May 2, 2009 (USA) on Disney Channel
first broadcast
October 16, 2009 on Disney Channel

Jonas - The series is a television series by the Walt Disney Company . The band members of the Jonas Brothers play the leading roles . The German first broadcast was on the Disney Channel from October 16, 2009, from April 28, 2010 the series was also on free TV on Super RTL .

The second season ran from June 20, 2010 under the New Name Jonas LA in the United States on the Disney Channel. In Germany, the second season was broadcast from September 3 under the new name on Disney Channel.


Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are three almost normal teenagers . The three of them go to high school like anyone their age , but they also play in their successful band called Jonas . The second season is mainly about the fact that Jonas wants to go to Los Angeles to tackle other projects there.


The voice actor Manuel Straube , who also spoke several small roles, was the author and director .

role actor main actor supporting cast Voice actor
Nick Jonas Nick Jonas 1-2 John-Alexander Döring
Joe Jonas Joe Jonas 1-2 Patrick Roche
Kevin Jonas Kevin Jonas 1-2 Roman Wolko
Stella Malone Chelsea dust 1-2 Maren Rainer
Macy Misa Nicole Anderson 1-2 Lea Kalbhenn (until mid-season 1)
Farina Brock (from mid-season 1)
Tom Jonas John Ducey 1 2 Matthias Klie
Frankie Jonas Frankie Jonas 1-2 Lenny Peteanu
Sandy Jonas Rebecca Creskoff 1-2
The Big Man Robert Feggans 1-2
Mona Klein Debi Mazar 2 Sandra Schwittau
Double room Adam Hicks 2 Benedikt Weber
Vanessa Page Abby Pivaronas 2 Laura Maire
Aunt Lisa Beth Crosby 2 Kathrin Gaube


On July 20, 2010, a soundtrack with songs from the second season was released in America.


Season Episodes Airing (USA)
Disney Channel
Broadcast (Germany)
Disney Channel
Broadcast (Germany)
Super RTL
season 1 21st May 2, 2009 to March 14, 2010 October 16, 2009 to May 7, 2010 since April 28, 2010
season 2 13 June 20, 2010 to October 3, 2010 September 3, 2010 to October 15, 2010


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