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Qark : Gjirokastra
Seat: Gjirokastra
Former circles : Gjirokastra , Përmet and Tepelena
Surface: 2884 km²
Residents: 72,176   as of 2011
25 inhabitants / km²
Qark Council: 44 members
Members of Parliament : 5
ISO-3166-2 code: AL-05
Old town of Gjirokastra (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Vjosa gorge near Këlcyra
Frescoes in the monastery church of Çatistra, Pogon
Lengarica canyon near Përmet

The Qark Gjirokastra ( Albanian  Qarku i Gjirokastrës ; Greek Περιφέρεια Αργυροκάστρου Periféreia Argyrokástrou ) is one of the twelve qarks in Albania . It is located in the southern Albanian hinterland and has an area of ​​2884 square kilometers. The capital is Gjirokastra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site .


The Gjirokastra Qark comprises mountainous areas in southern Albania behind the coastal mountains. Gjirokastra is a historical, economic and administrative center. Other important places are Tepelena and Përmet . In the southeast the Qark borders on Greece . The whole Qark belongs to the mountainous catchment area of ​​the Vjosa ; the south-western part is shaped by the valley of the Drino tributary . Between Drino and Vjosa lies the Nemërçka ( 2485  m above sea level ), the highest mountain in southern Albania, along with Grammos , located on the border with Greece in Korça Qark . To the east of the area is the Hotova-Dangell National Park , which protects a large area of ​​pine forests.

In the west of the Qark lies the Qark Vlora . The border is formed by the Mali i Gjerë ( 1800  m above sea level ) and the Kurvelesh , among others . In the north there is a short piece of border with Qark Fier , a longer one with Qark Berat . In the east it borders on the Qark Korça .

Until 2015, the Qark was divided into the districts of Gjirokastra , Përmet and Tepelena and 22 municipalities.


The 2011 census shows that the Qark has a population of 72,176. The Qark Gjirokastra has lost a third of its inhabitants in the ten years since the last census and is now the poorest in population in Albania.

A large Greek- speaking minority exists in the border area with Greece .

A total of 38.54 percent of the population are Muslims , plus Bektaschites with a share of 8.48 percent. Almost 17.43 percent are Orthodox , 2.07 percent Catholic , 0.08 percent Protestant and 0.07 percent other Christians. 8.38 percent are believers without religion and 6.3 percent are atheists . 15.16 percent refused to give any information about their religion.

Politics and administration

The Qark Council (alb. Këshilli i Qarkut ), the Qark's legislature with some competences vis-à-vis the central government in Tirana , has 44 members.

The Qark Gjirokastra has five members out of a total of 140 for the legislative periods of the Albanian parliament beginning in 2009 and 2013 .

New parishes since summer 2015
local community Population (2011) Old churches circle
Dropull 03,503 Dropull i poshtëm, Dropull i sipërm, Pogon Gjirokastra
Gjirokastra 28,673 Antigoneja, Cepo, Gjirokastra, Lazarat , Lunxhëri, Odria, Picar Gjirokastra
Këlcyra 06.113 Ballaban, Dishnica, Këlcyra, Suka Përmet
Libohova 03,667 Libohova, Qënder, Zagoria Gjirokastra
Memaliaj 10,657 Buz, Fshat Memaliaj, Krahës, Luftinja, Memaliaj, Qesarat Tepelena
Përmet 10,614 Çarçova, Frashër , Përmet, Petran , Qendër Piskova Përmet
Tepelena 08,949 Kurvelesh , Lopës, Qendër, Tepelena Tepelena
Former circles
circle Capital surface Population
Number of
Gjirokastra Gjirokastra 000000000001137.00000000001,137 km² 000000000035843.000000000035,843 000000000055991.000000000055.991 000000000000013.000000000013
Përmet Përmet 000000000000929.0000000000929 km² 000000000016727.000000000016,727 000000000025837.000000000025,837 000000000000009.00000000009
Tepelena Tepelena 000000000000817.0000000000817 km² 000000000019606.000000000019,606 000000000032465.000000000032,465 000000000000010.000000000010


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Coordinates: 40 ° 12 '  N , 20 ° 15'  E