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Qark : Shkodra
Seat: Shkodra
Former circles : Malësia e Madhe , Puka and Shkodra
Surface: 3562 km²
Residents: 215,347   as of 2011
60 inhabitants / km²
Chairman: Greta Bardeli ( PD )
Qark Council: 21 members
Members of Parliament : 11
ISO-3166-2 code: AL-10
Nightlife in the old town of Shkodra
The Ura e Mesit over the Kir

The Qark Shkodra ( Albanian  Qarku i Shkodrës ) is one of the twelve Qarks in Albania . It is located in northern Albania and has an area of ​​3562 square kilometers, with 215,347 inhabitants (2011). The capital is Shkodra .


The Qark Shkodra consists of the five municipalities Fushë-Arrëz , Malësia e Madhe , Puka , Shkodra and Vau-Deja with Shkodra as the historical, economic, social and administrative center. In the north and west the Qark borders on Montenegro and Lake Shkodra , in the southwest on the Adriatic Sea . To the south of the qark is the Qark Lezha , to the east of the Qark Kukës .

Apart from the plains along the sea coast and the lake, the whole area is high mountain country, which includes the Albanian Alps with several of the highest mountains in Albania. To the south are the highlands of Cukali and Puka. The mountain regions are only sparsely populated and hardly developed. In this part, individual rivers arise, such as the Shala and the Kir , which both flow into the Drin . In the northernmost part of the Qark flows the Vermosh , the only river in Albania that belongs to the river system of the Danube and thus drains this region of Albania towards the Black Sea . The fan flows in the southeast of the Qark. The Jezerca (alb. Maja e Jezercës ) is the highest mountain completely in Albania and is located east of the Shala valley on the border with Tropoja .


The 2011 census figures show a population of 215,347, a decrease of 15% in ten years; In 2001 there were still 256,473 inhabitants. The population figure published by the Qark authority in Shkodra was significantly higher in 2009 at 336,699. The population decline mainly affected the mountain regions.

Muslims make up 44.84% of the population, these are primarily Sunnis . The Bektaschites , who only make up 0.07% of the total population, are listed separately from the Muslims. 47.19% are Catholic , 0.38% Orthodox , 0.09% Protestant and 0.02% are other Christians. Believers without religion make up 0.31% of the population, atheists make up 0.14% of the population. 4.94% did not provide any information on their creed in 2011.

Politics and administration

The Qark Council (alb. Këshilli i Qarkut ) consists of 21 members. The Qark has eleven members out of a total of 140 for the legislative periods of the Albanian parliament that begin in 2009 and 2013 .

Until 2015, the Qark consisted of the three districts Malësia e Madhe , Puka and Shkodra , whose four, ten and 17 communities were each merged into new communities. The administrative level of the districts was dissolved.


The chairman of the Qark council takes on the executive functions together with the chair and is elected by the Qark council every four years. The Qark Council has been chaired by Greta Bardeli ( PD ) since 2015 .

Members of the Qark Council Chairmanship (2015-1019)
Chair Political party
Greta Bardeli , chairwoman PD
Maxhid Cungu , vice chairman PD
Voltana Ademi PD
Filip Guraziu PD
Zef Hila PD
Viktor Popaj LDVMP
Saimira Laçi LSI

legislative branch

The Qark Council ( Albanian  Këshilli i Qarkut ) has been composed as follows since 2015:

Political party coalition Number of council seats
Democratic Party of Albania APPD 10
Socialist movement for integration ASHE 3
Socialist Party of Albania ASHE 3
Albanian Republican Party APPD 1
National Front Party APPD 1
Democratic movement for change ASHE 1
Party of the Democratic National Front APPD 1
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity ASHE 1
8th 13 
A total of 21 seats


Shkodra is the seat of a district court (alb. Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor). The Shkodra Court of Appeal (alb. Gjykata e Apelit) and the public prosecutor's office are also located there.

Administrative division

Overview municipalities (since 2015)
local community Population (2011) Old churches circle
Fushë-Arrëz 007,405 Blerim, Fierza , Fushë-Arrëz, Iballa, Qafë Mal Puka
Malësia e Madhe 030,823 Gruemira, Kastrat, Kelmend, Koplik, Qendër, Shkrel Malësia e Madhe
Puka 011,069 Gjegjan, Puka, Qelëz, Qerret, Rrapa Puka
Shkodra 135,612 Ana Malit, Bërdica, Dajç, Guri i zi, Postriba, Pult , Rrethina, Shala, Shkodra, Shosh, Velipoja Shkodra
Vau-Deja 030,438 Bushat , Hajmel, Shllak, Temal, Vau-Deja, Vig-Mnela Shkodra
Former circles
circle main place surface Population (2011) Population (2001) Number of
Malësia e Madhe Koplik 000000000000897.0000000000897 km² 000000000030823.000000000030,823 000000000036770.000000000036,770 000000000000006.00000000006th
Puka Puka 000000000001034.00000000001,034 km² 000000000018474.000000000018,474 000000000034454.000000000034,454 000000000000010.000000000010
Shkodra Shkodra 000000000001631.00000000001,631 km² 000000000166050.0000000000166.050 000000000185794.0000000000185.794 000000000000017.000000000017th

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Coordinates: 42 ° 6 ′  N , 19 ° 37 ′  E