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Qark : Kukës
Seat: Kukës
Former circles : Has , Kukës and Tropoja
Surface: 2374 km²
Residents: 85,292   as of 2011
36 inhabitants / km²
Chairman: Abedin Oruçi ( PDIU )
Qark Council: 13 members
Members of Parliament : 4th
ISO-3166-2 code: AL-07
View from the Gjallica over Kukës and the Fierza reservoir to the northwest
On a branch of the Fierza reservoir
Men in a village east of the city of Kukës (2002)

The Qark Kukës ( Albanian  Qarku i Kukësit ) is one of the twelve Qarks in Albania . It is located in north-eastern Bania and has an area of ​​2374 square kilometers. The capital is Kukës .


The Qark Kukës consists of the three municipalities Has , Kukës and Tropoja with Kukës as the economic and administrative center. To the east and north, the Qark Kukës borders Kosovo , where the region was oriented until the Second World War. In the far north-west there is a short piece of common border with Montenegro and in the south-east a short piece of border with North Macedonia .

The landscape is very mountainous and lies between the Korab Mountains and the Sharr Mountains in the southeast, the Mirdita Mountains in the southwest, the Has Mountains in the northeast and the Albanian Alps in the northwest. The area is traversed by the river Drin , which is artificially dammed to the Fierza and Koman reservoirs and forms the border to the Shkodra Qark for a few kilometers in the southwest , as well as its tributaries such as the Valbona . In the south there is a short shared border with the Qarks Lezha and Dibra .

The Valbonatal National Park in the Albanian Alps in the far north-west is one of the most famous national parks in Albania.

The Qark is very rural. Besides the main town Kukës (2011: 16,765 inhabitants) Bajram Curr (2011: 5340 inhabitants) is the only other town.


The Qark has 85,292 inhabitants (2011). In 2001 there were still over 112,000 inhabitants. The Qark has thus lost almost a quarter of its population in ten years. Situated in a remote location in the mountains, for a long time it was poorly developed and one of the poorest areas in the country, which is why around a quarter of the Qark's population emigrated between 1989 and 2001 . Almost a quarter of this was lost again in the next ten years from 2001 to 2011. Compared to other qarks in Albania, emigration is rated as very high. One of the main reasons is likely to be poverty: In 2014, 10,000 families across the Qark received social assistance . According to the Albanian Social Insurance Institute, there are 6600 contributors in urban areas of the Qark, and 3100 in rural areas - this for an approximate population of 85,000.

83.81% of the population are Muslims , including the Bektaschites as well as the Sunnis . 2.62% are Catholics and 0.03% each are Protestant and Orthodox - other Christians make up 0.04% of the population. Around 2.46% are believers without a denomination, 0.33% are atheists and 8.19% did not provide any information about their religion in 2011.

Politics and administration

The Qark Council (alb. Këshilli i Qarkut ) consists of 13 members. For the legislative periods of the Albanian parliament beginning in 2009 and 2013, the Qark has four members out of a total of 140.

Until 2015, the Qark consisted of the three districts Has , Kukës and Tropoja , whose 4, 15 and 8 communities were merged into new communities. The administrative level of the districts was dissolved.


The chairman of the Qark council takes on the executive functions together with the chair and is elected by the Qark council every four years. The chairman of the Qark Council has been Abedin Oruçi ( PDIU ) since 2015 .

Members of the Qark Council Chairmanship (2015-1019)
Chair Political party
Abedin Oruçi , chairman PDIU
Halim Dauti , vice chairman PMDE
Qemal Elezi LSI
Shpresa Mulkurti LSI
Agron Geca PS
Sami Mata PDM
Ismet Nika PSHA

legislative branch

The Qark Council ( Albanian  Këshilli i Qarkut ) has been composed as follows since 2015:

Political party coalition Number of council seats
Democratic Party of Albania APPD 3
Socialist movement for integration ASHE 3
Socialist Party of Albania ASHE 3
Party for Justice, Integration and Unity ASHE 1
Party for the Protection of Emigrant Rights ASHE 1
Party of Denied Rights ASHE 1
Albanian Fatherland Party ASHE 1
A total of 13 seats


Shkodra is the seat of a district court (alb. Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor). The Shkodra Court of Appeal (alb. Gjykata e Apelit) and the public prosecutor's office are also located there.

Administrative division

Overview of the communities
local community main place surface Population
Old circle Former
Has Kruma 000000000000374.0000000000374 km² 000000000016790.000000000016,790 000000000019842.000000000019,842 Has Fajza, Gjinaj, Golaj, Kruma
Kukës Kukës 000000000000956.0000000000956 km² 000000000047985.000000000047,985 000000000064054.000000000064.054 Kukës Arrën, Bicaj, Bushtrica, Grykë-Çaja, Kalis, Kolsh, Kukës, Malzi, Shishtavec , Shtiqën, Surroj, Tërthor, Topojan, Ujëmisht, Zapod
Tropoja Bajram Curr 000000000001043.00000000001,043 km² 000000000020517.000000000020,517 000000000028154.000000000028,154 Tropoja Bajram Curr , Bujan, Bytyç, Fierza , Lekbibaj, Llugaj, Margegaj, Tropoja

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Coordinates: 42 ° 7 '  N , 20 ° 25'  E