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Coat of arms of the city of Karlsruhe
Coat of arms of the Rüppurr district

District of the city of Karlsruhe
Location of Rüppurr in Karlsruhe
Basic data
Geographer. location   48 ° 58 ′  N , 8 ° 24 ′  E Coordinates: 48 ° 58 ′  N , 8 ° 24 ′  E
height   118 m above sea level NN
surface   7.0268 km²
Residents   10,877 (as of January 1, 2020)
Population density   1,548 inhabitants per km²
Incorporated   January 1, 1907
Postcodes   76199
prefix   0721
Transport links
Highway   A5 A8
Light rail   S 1 S 11
Rüppurr begins on the left at the skyscrapers, behind it the garden city; the old town center is to the right of the main road

Rüppurr is a district in the south of Karlsruhe with around 10,000 inhabitants. It forms a structural link to the neighboring town of Ettlingen .


Rüppurr was first mentioned on February 9, 1103 in a document from the Hördt monastery under the name Rietburi. Knight Herrmann von Spiegelberg left the monastery he founded as well as his fields in u. a. Rüppurr and Knielingen (Knodilingen) the diocese of Speyer.

Rüppurr is a Baden village that was built on the gravel deposits of the Kinzig-Murg river . A street village was built between the moated castle (stonemason's mark on the Red House ( Meierei )) and a village center further south . In addition to agriculture, natural ice production was important for the Karlsruhe breweries.

Rüppurr is the ancestral seat of the noble family of the Rüppurr peacocks , who also resided here until 1584. The Worms Prince-Bishop Reinhard von Rüppurr (1458–1533) came from here and returned in 1525 as Emeritus. His heart is buried in the Rüppurrer St. Nicholas Church, where there is a corresponding epitaph.

In 1907 Rüppurr was incorporated into Karlsruhe. In the same year Hans Kampffmeyer , Friedrich Ostendorf , Friedrich Ettlinger and others founded the Gartenstadt Karlsruhe cooperative . From 1911 the first houses were built near today's Ostendorfplatz; Architects like Max Laeuger worked on the planning.

From 1931 the Protestant Diakonissenanstalt built the Diakonissenkrankenhaus Rüppurr , today a central care hospital with 464 beds, 60 places for geriatric rehabilitation and 1350 employees.

Around 1960 there was a structural change from the village to a suburban residential area, with Alt-Rüppurr still maintaining its village character. Today Rüppurr is considered to be an upscale residential area in Karlsruhe, especially the fairy tale district (so called after the street names).

The high-rise buildings of the Rüppurr residential building and the striking Rüppurrer Schloss residential complex on the northern edge of the district have Rüppurr in their name, but are already in the Weiherfeld-Dammerstock district .

In the Rüppurr cemetery there are some well-known personalities who have worked in Karlsruhe and beyond.


The name Rüppurr comes from Riet-Burg = castle in the swamp, Das Haus im Ried (moor). Among the residents of Rüppurr, the alternative place name "Rieberg" is still in use, for example in the name of the Rieberger Bläddle district gazette .


Road traffic

Despite the quiet residential area, Rüppurr has very good transport links. The main street is Herrenalber Straße, running in north-south direction, which separates the town into the older western and the newer eastern part and connects the Karlsruhe city center with Ettlingen. At its southern end, on the boundary with Ettlingen, there is the “Ettlingen - Bad Herrenalb - Karlsruhe Rüppurr” motorway junction of the federal autobahn 5 and the federal autobahn 8 . At its northern end, Herrenalber Strasse connects to the southern bypass , which is Karlsruhe's main traffic artery in an east-west direction.

Rail transport

From 1844 until the relocation of the Karlsruhe main train station in 1913, there was a train station west of the town on the Badische Hauptbahn . In 1897 the Alb Valley Railway was built on the eastern edge of what was then the place. Later, the place expanded on the eastern side of this route. Therefore, the Albtalbahn leads that of the now light rail lines will sail S1 and S11 which serve the stops Battstraße, Tulpenstraße, East Village Square and Castle Rüppurr, along Herrenalber road today through the town center. By train you can reach Karlsruhe main station in 5 minutes and the market square in Karlsruhe city center in 15 minutes.


Rüppurr owned three football clubs: FG Rüppurr , DJK Grün-Weiß Rüppurr and FSV Alemannia Rüppurr. These merged on July 1, 2018 to form the multi-disciplinary sports club SG Rüppurr Alemannia-DJK-FG. With Post Südstadt Karlsruhe (PSK) and FC Südstern 06 Karlsruhe, two clubs are located on the border between Rüppurr, Dammerstock and Südstadt . In addition, with the Bürgergemeinschaft Rüppurr e. V. a citizens' association with over 1000 members. There are also two tennis clubs: TuS Rüppurr with a tennis department and TC Rüppurr as a pure tennis club. The latter presents the stars of what is now the 1st Bundesliga every year. In 2007 the team of players included a. Anna-Lena Grönefeld . The Karlsruhe-Rüppurr music association forms a syndicate with the neighboring Ettlingen music association. The women's team of the table tennis club DJK Karlsruhe-Rüppurr played for promotion to the Bundesliga in the mid-1970s .

Ostendorfplatz, access to the garden city


The Volkssternwarte Karlsruhe , which was built in 1957 and houses a historical telescope from 1859, is located on the roof of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium . The public observatory regularly offers public observations of the sky and astronomical lectures. However, only the Red House, which was recently renovated, and the old watermill on the Alb remain from the Rüppurr Castle . The rest of the former castle area is used as a parking lot for z. B. the Mostfest (Oktoberfest) used.

In the center of Rüppurr is the Protestant Resurrection Church, built in 1907 in the neo-baroque style . In the adjoining area is the Rüppurr cemetery , which is designed as a park cemetery .



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