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Coat of arms of the Duingen municipality
Duingen municipality
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Duingen highlighted

Coordinates: 52 ° 0 '  N , 9 ° 42'  E

Basic data (as of 2016)
Existing period: 1964-2016
State : Lower Saxony
County : Hildesheim
Area : 59.62 km 2
Residents: 5007 (December 31, 2015)
Population density : 84 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : HI, ALF
Association key : 03 2 54 5405
Association structure: 5 municipalities
Association administration address
Töpferstrasse 9
31089 Duingen
Website : www.duingen.de
Mayor of the municipality : Wolfgang Schulz ( independent )
Location of the former municipality of Duingen in the Hildesheim district
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The Duingen joint community was a joint community in the Hildesheim district in Lower Saxony . Five communities had come together in it to do their administrative business. The administrative center of the velvet was in spots Duingen .



The combined municipality of Duingen was on the federal highway 240 in the south-western part of the Hildesheim district. The cities of Hameln , Hildesheim and Holzminden are 30 km away, the city of Hanover 50 km and the middle center Alfeld (Leine) 14 km away.

Joint community structure


On November 1, 2016, the member communities of the integrated community merged to form the new Flecken Duingen. At the same time, the Samtgemeinde merged with the Samtgemeinde Gronau (Leine) , whose member communities, with the exception of Eime , united to form the city of Gronau (Leine) , to form the new Samtgemeinde Leinebergland . It is based in Gronau, a branch in Duingen continues to exist.


Joint council

The council of the Duingen municipality consisted of 16 councilors and councilors. This is the specified number for a collective municipality with a population between 5001 and 6000 inhabitants. The council members were elected by local elections for five years each. The last term began on November 1, 2011 and ended on October 31, 2016.

The full-time mayor of the joint municipality was also entitled to vote and sit on the council of the joint municipality.

The last local election on September 11, 2011 resulted in the following distribution of seats:

Joint mayor of the municipality

The full-time mayor of the municipality was Wolfgang Schulz ( independent ). His deputies were Klaus Krumfuß (CDU) and Joachim Zucher (SPD).

coat of arms

Coat of arms of the municipality of Duingen
Blazon : "In silver on a green hill, a blue dove with golden armor turned left with a green palm branch in its beak, above it in the upper right corner of the shield a red heraldic rose with golden sepals and stamens."
Justification for the coat of arms: This coat of arms was chosen because the Duingen area has taken on an increasingly important role in the overall community structure. This place forms the center of the community network. The five tips of the palm leaf can symbolically indicate the union of the five member communities.

Coat of arms of the incorporated localities

On March 1, 1974, the two communities Lübbrechtsen and Rott were incorporated into the community Hoyershausen and the two communities Capellenhagen and Fölziehausen in the Duingen spots. The combined municipality of Duingen thus consisted of a total of nine incorporated localities.

Capellenhagen Coppengrave Duingen Fölziehausen Hoyershausen Lübbrechtsen Marienhagen Red Weenzen
Coat of arms Capellenhagen Coppengrave coat of arms Coat of arms Duingen Coat of arms Fölziehausen Coat of arms Hoyershausen Coat of arms Lübbrechtsen Marienhagen coat of arms Rott coat of arms Weenzen coat of arms

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