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Season 2 of Scrubs
Original title Scrubs - Season 2
Episodes 22nd
Country of production United StatesUnited States United States
First broadcast September 26, 2002 - April 17, 2003 on NBC
first broadcast
February 24, 2004 - September 6, 2005 on ProSieben
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main actor
supporting cast

The second season of the American television series Scrubs - The Beginners celebrated its premiere on 26 September 2002 on the transmitter NBC . The German-language premiere broadcast of the German Free TV transmitter ProSieben on 24 February 2004 to 6 September, 2005.


main actor

Role name actor Voice actor
Dr. John Michael "JD" Dorian Zach Braff Kim Hasper
Dr. Elliot Reid Sarah Chalke Ranja Bonalana
Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk Donald Faison Sebastian Schulz
Carla Espinosa Judy Reyes Tanja Geke
Dr. Percival Ulysses "Perry" Cox John C. McGinley Bernd Vollbrecht
Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso Ken Jenkins Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
The janitor Neil Flynn Thomas Nero Wolff

supporting cast

Role name actor Voice actor
Sister Laverne Roberts Aloma Wright Regina Lemnitz
Dr. Todd "The Todd" Quinlan Robert Maschio Björn Schalla
Theodore "Ted" Buckland Sam Lloyd Hans Hohlbein
Jordan Sullivan Christa Miller Andrea Kathrin Loewig
Dr. Doug Murphy Johnny Kastl Bernhard Völger
Dr. Phillip Wen Charles Chun Viktor Neumann


( total )
( St. )
German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script
25th 1 My all-rounder My overkill 26 Sep 2002 Feb. 24, 2004 Adam Bernstein Bill Lawrence
Ever since Jordan shared the secrets of the others, the mood has been very bad. JD is afraid of Dr. Cox for finding out he slept with Jordan. Elliot tries to avoid JD because she doesn't know how to deal with her feelings about JD. Carla is mad at Turk for not telling her that Dr. Cox was in love with her and Cox is mad at Dr. Kelso for fooling him about the job. But somehow they all realize that there is no point because they are too good friends and have to continue to work together.
26th 2 My night shift My nightingale Oct 3, 2002 2nd Mar 2004 Craig Zisk Eric Weinberg
JD, Turk and Elliot are on night duty together for the first time without a senior doctor present. In doing so, they notice that it is not that easy to make decisions yourself. At first they are perplexed and overwhelmed, but Carla helps them in the right direction, because they urgently need to decide how to continue treating a seriously ill patient.

Dr. Cox is still struggling with his feelings about Jordan. He would like to be with her again, but she only wants to when he proves that he has changed for the better. But he fails the first time when he's supposed to prove it.

27 3 My ticket to Reno My case study Oct 10, 2002 16. Mar. 2004 Michael Spiller Gabrielle Allan
Dr. Kelso offers the assistant doctor who delivers him the most interesting case a trip to Reno for a convention. Because JD fears that Dr. Cox does not approve of such a commitment, he initially does not want to participate. But the patient he is treating has an extraordinary illness. Whenever Dr. Kelso is on his wedding day, he is in a good mood and open to inquiries about new equipment. Turk missed the appointment and tried his luck the next day, when he discovered that Dr. Kelso always whispered. Elliot is desperate to find common ground with Carla so that their friendship will improve. But that doesn't make her a better friend with Carla. She should just let it come to her.
28 4th My big mouth My big mouth Oct 17, 2002 9 Mar 2004 Paul Quinn Mark Stegemann
Elliot feels that Dr. Cox doesn't see her as a real doctor. That is why she wants him to entrust her with particularly difficult cases. Dr. Cox therefore gives her bad diagnoses which she has to deliver. JD realizes that he doesn't know much about Carla, but she knows everything about him. So he tries to win her trust. But when he reveals a secret about her, the friendship is over. The best assistant in surgery can be with Dr. Kelso travel to Mexico. Actually, this would be Bonnie, but Kelso chooses Turk because, in his opinion, it shouldn't be a woman.
29 5 My smock My New Coat Oct. 24, 2002 23 Mar 2004 Marc Buckland Matt Tarses
JD thinks wearing a white coat is good for his ego. But Dr. Cox shows him that this also involves more responsibility and that you can't make any more mistakes. At the same time, Cox unsettles JD so much during a diagnosis that he begins to doubt. He shouldn't have done that because he was right. Elliot has a one-night stand with another doctor, but her image in the hospital suffers because she can't keep it to herself.
30th 6th My big brother My big brother Oct 31, 2002 30th Mar 2004 Michael Spiller Tim Hobert
Dan, JD's older brother, is visiting. But JD doesn't really enjoy it because he's ashamed of him because he hasn't achieved much in his life. But Dan shows JD that you can be satisfied with little. Turk bets Dr. Cox on whether a patient survives. He would rather not have done this because Dr. Cox uses this to embarrass Turk quite a bit because it is tasteless. Since it is Halloween, many employees have dressed up. Dr. Kelso finds this unnecessary and funny. Especially one person in a gorilla costume creates a mess. JD suspects the caretaker behind it, but it's Dr. Kelso himself.
31 7th My first step My first step Nov 7, 2002 Apr 6, 2004 Lawrence Trilling Mike Schwartz
The attractive pharmacy representative Julie pays the hospital a visit. Everyone secretly wants an adventure with her, but she's into Dr. Cox. But he is reluctant to get involved. Carla struggles with being 'just a nurse'. Turk suggests that she take further training. But she's scared of it and prefers to spend her free time with Turk. Elliot asks JD for advice about her patient. He suggests that she wait. But then she decides differently, the patient dies during the operation. At first she is afraid she made a mistake, but Dr. Kelso praises her for taking risks. In doing so, JD realizes that he is afraid of making a decision and taking the first step.
32 8th My pudding My Fruit Cups Nov 14, 2002 21 Sep 2004 Ken Whittingham Janae Bakken
The relationship between Dr. Cox and Julie develop until suddenly Jordan shows up, obviously pregnant. She claims the child is not from Cox, but she wishes he would come back to her. Because money is always tight, the employees steal a lot: pudding, toilet paper or clothes. Turk still works at the city clinic at night, for which he receives $ 300. When the chief doctor asks if he knows anyone else who could help, he asks JD, but tells him that the job makes $ 200. JD gets behind the dizziness. Elliot receives a visit from her father who wants to get her a job in gynecology. But when Elliot refuses, he turns the tap on her.
33 9 My lucky day My lucky day Dec 5, 2002 28 Sep 2004 Lawrence Trilling Debra Fordham
Elliot is definitely out of money and has to move out. At the same time, she gets into trouble in the hospital because she is being sued by a patient whom she misdiagnosed. All of this gnaws at her self-confidence and she needs a push in the right direction from Ted to realize that it is now time to take responsibility herself. JD was lucky again with a diagnosis and is therefore in a high and now thinks he is the best. Dr. Cox is bothered by this and offers JD a duel: two patients with the same symptoms need a diagnosis and each takes care of a patient. Unfortunately, JD's patient dies, which bothers him. He is spying on Dr. Cox, noting that he treated his patient the same way. This unsettles him and Dr. Cox notices that JD is losing confidence. Then he explains to him that it was just bad luck that his patient died and that he did everything right. Carla says she should get into the relationship with Dr. Cox and Jordan interfere because she thinks Jordan is not right for him. But Jordan shows her that she must first see for herself whether everything is going right in her relationship with Turk.
34 10 My monster My monster Dec 12, 2002 Oct 5, 2004 Gail Mancuso Angela Nissel
Elliot is too proud to accept and move in with JD's offer. That's why she lives in the hospital first. But Dr. Kelso quickly drives them away when he finds them in the ready room. So she is forced to live in the van that still has her furniture in, because she didn't have time to store it. Dr. Cox offers Jordan to move in with him. But he quickly regrets it because Jordan drives him crazy with her pregnancy mood swings. But suddenly she gets health problems. JD hasn't had a girlfriend for a long time and now wants a date with Lisa, the employee of the gift shop. Everything is going well, until he realizes that he is too busy with work, that his potency is suffering. Turk is so stressed that he makes promises to Carla that he cannot keep. This is how Dr. Cox, JD and Carla that they have to do something about it themselves. When Elliot moves in with JD, his potency also returns.
35 11 My bed relationship My sex buddy Jan. 2, 2003 Oct 12, 2004 Will Mackenzie Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
Because their last relationship failed, Elliot and JD decide that this time it will be a purely sex relationship. But JD quickly realizes that this is not what he actually wants. But since there is nothing else for Elliot, she sleeps on the sofa again. Turk tries to help Elliot in the crisis she has since she lost her apartment. He's trying to keep too much work away from her. But since he didn't ask, the shot backfires. Carla struggles when she can't give the patient the right answer. So she promises things that cannot be kept afterwards. When Dr. Kelso notices this and gives her a lesson.
36 12 My new old friend My new old friend Jan. 9, 2003 Oct 19, 2004 Chris Koch Gabrielle Allan
JD is still struggling with his feelings about Elliot, but since she shows him the cold shoulder, he makes an appointment with Lisa again. Elliot's van with all her belongings is stolen. She acts like she doesn't mind. JD doesn't realize that she could use a friend to talk to about it. Dr. Cox and Carla treat a regular who drives them insane with hypochondria . When Dr. If they want to torture Cox with a biopsy , they come across by chance that he has a rare cancer. Dr. Cox then accuses Carla of her fault that he went too far because she used to save him from such mistakes. He attributes this to the fact that their friendship has suffered. Turk doesn't want a freshly operated patient like Dr. Kelso has ordered the driver's license taken away because he feels sorry for her. He doesn't even notice that she lied to him. So Dr. Kelso Turk show that when it comes to their health, many patients lie, which Turk does not like at all.
37 13 My theory My philosophy Jan. 16, 2003 Oct 26, 2004 Chris Koch Matt Tarses & Tim Hobert
Idea: Bill Lawrence
Turk wants to propose to Carla and plans everything meticulously. But at the moment when he tries to ask her, she receives a call from her mother that her aunt has died. With that, the matter for Turk is over and Carla empties the champagne glass with the ring into the drain. But despite all the adversities, Turk takes all the courage to ask Carla after all. Elliot finally wants a separate wardrobe for women, but Dr. Kelso prefers to enlarge his office because the next room has become free. But Ted gives Elliot the crucial tip on how to give Dr. Get Kelso to agree. A nice young patient from JD waiting for a donor heart is back in the hospital. JD encourages her that everything would go well. At the same time, he and Dr. Cox helping a pregnant woman with heart problems. There are complications, but they can save mother and child. Shortly afterwards the other patient dies, which throws JD quite off course.
38 14th My modern knowledge My brother, my keeper Jan. 23, 2003 Oct 26, 2004 Michael Spiller Eric Weinberg
Carla still hasn't said yes to Turk's proposal when his brother Kevin comes to visit. JD and Turk actually want to emphasize that he's a great family man and convince Carla with it. Unfortunately, this doesn't work because Kevin, to everyone's surprise, announces that he is in divorce. JD needs a change of scenery and works with Dr. Townshend, an old friend of Dr. Kelso, together. He soon notices that he is treating according to ancient methods. When JD makes a mistake about it, Dr. Townshend at Dr. Kelso to himself. But JD doesn't like this, he takes over before Dr. Kelso's responsibility. For Dr. Townshend problems with yourself. Elliot happens to learn the gender of Jordan's child, although Jordan doesn't want to know. But Dr. Cox would be interested in that. But Elliot uses her knowledge to find out about Dr. Cox finally getting treated properly.
39 15th His story His story Jan. 30, 2003 Nov 2, 2004 Ken Whittingham Bonnie Schneider & Hadley Davis
When Carla and Elliot have a drink in a bar that evening, Elliot meets Paul, who also works in the hospital. Of course she said he was a doctor and was all the more shocked when she met him the next day because he was a nurse. Now she has a problem with it, because in the eyes of the others it is not befitting. But she soon realizes that love is stronger and she is not interested in the opinion of others. Dr. Cox has an argument with his psychiatrist Dr. Big because he doesn't follow his advice and can't get his choleric attacks under control. Turk is tired of waiting for Carla to say yes, so he doesn't ask her anymore. By chance he notices that the waitress in the restaurant likes him and is about to go on a date with her when Carla calls because she urgently wants to speak to him. So she asks him if he wants to marry her.
40 16 My karma My karma Feb 20, 2003 Aug 29, 2005 Marc Buckland Janae Bakken & Debra Fordham
When JD and Turk are practicing golf tees on the roof of the hospital, a shot goes wrong and the noise of an accident can be heard. JD later has to treat a patient who was in a car accident because a golf ball hit his windshield. JD doesn't know if to tell the patient it was him. Since a lot of strange things happen afterwards, he now thinks that it is due to bad karma, because he was not honest. The day of Jordan's delivery is near. When she is alone in the room with JD, she reveals to him that Dr. Cox is the father, but obliges him not to say anything to him. The relationship between Elliot and Paul is going well so far, only the sex has not yet worked. Elliot is inhibited because she is afraid that Paul will find out that she is a little crazy. Carla advises her to be open about it. So Elliot talks to Paul about it.
41 17th My coach My Own Private Practice Guy 13 Mar 2003 Aug 29, 2005 Marc Buckland Angela Nissel & Mark Stegemann
JD is impressed by the attending physician Dr. Peter Fisher. He also gives JD a tip on how to approach Dr. Cox can exist when he has another fit of anger. Because Dr. Cox was once a mentor to 'Petie' during his training. But then JD finds out that he was also the reason why Dr. Cox divorced Jordan. Carla's self-esteem is very bad right now, because since she's engaged to Turk she has found that her attractiveness has waned, not even Todd makes lewd sayings anymore - until Carla takes off her ring. Dr. Kelso spoils the basketball game for Turk and Todd because he parks his car directly under the basket. So Turk pays back by taking the slot machine out of service that Dr. Kelso currently holds the high score. The caretaker is very nice to Elliot, which makes JD jealous for being exactly the opposite of him.
42 18th My hot coma bride My TCW 20 Mar 2003 Aug 31, 2005 Adam Bernstein Bill Lawrence
After JD practiced kissing with Rowdy (his stuffed dog) and Carla couldn't keep it to herself, Dr. Cox now dog names instead of women. But he has other problems himself because Jordan is no longer interested in him, but only in the baby. Elliot also has problems in her relationship with Paul because she wants to rule everything. And Carla finds out what happened to her engagement ring back then, because the young patient who swallowed it was gossiping. JD develops feelings for the wife of a coma patient, but after the first date he realizes that it is wrong for him and that she is not really ready either. At the same time, he has problems with the Chinese staff at the hospital because the caretaker set him up and he made a not very nice statement about the Chinese.
43 19th My megalomania My Kingdom 27 Mar 2003 Sep 1 2005 Michael Spiller April Pesa
JD is doing an internship in surgery, jeopardizing his friendship with Turk because he tries desperately to get attention in the special group. At first, however, he does not notice how he is making a monkey of himself. When Dr. Kelso repeatedly shows his contempt for his employees and then goes on vacation, he plays Dr. Cox performed a nasty prank that ended up getting pretty much out of hand. Elliot breaks up her relationship with Paul because she doesn't dare to explain to him that the 'I love you' was not for him, but for U2's CD ' The Joshua Tree ' .
44 20th My interpretation My interpretation Apr 3, 2003 Sep 2 2005 Will Mackenzie Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan
Idea: Mike Schwartz
Turk recently started having sex dreams with Elliot. On the one hand he is fascinated by it, on the other hand he doesn't know why. In any case, he doesn't want Carla to know. But he tells Elliot because he needs to talk to someone about it. Carla notices it after a detour and Turk is amazed at how easily she deals with it. JD's coma patient has died and he goes to the funeral to comfort the widow Jamie, with whom he is still in love. They end up in the back room and have sex. JD still doesn't think it's right, but it has now happened. When he then realizes that this is only Jamie's decision whether she wants to start a relationship again, he screws up his admission. Dr. Cox is still trying to build feelings for Jordan’s baby because he still doesn't know he’s the father. He achieves a small success with Jordan choosing the name he secretly wanted: the boy's name is Jack.
45 21st My drama My drama queen Apr 10, 2003 5th Sep 2005 Michael Spiller Will Berson
After Jamie and JD have found each other, he thinks it gets boring quickly. He talks to Elliot about it, she is sure that Jamie is a drama queen who now lacks the tension and the crazy. So JD begins to pretend. Carla receives the news that her mother has died. Now that she is very sad and lonely, Turk asks her what he can do. She wants them to marry right away. The priest at the hospital would be willing to trust them, but when they stand in front of him, Turk realizes that this is not what Carla really wants. So he promises her that she will get the wedding she has always wanted. Dr. Kelso has problems with the frequent complaints from patients who have been poorly treated by the interns. That's why they have to take a course. Since Dr. Cox says that this does not concern him, he beats an overweight patient with wild insults. Dr. Kelso notices this and forces him to lead the course with the interns.
46 22nd My dream job My dream job Apr 17, 2003 6 Sep 2005 Bill Lawrence Tim Hobert & Matt Tarses
JD and Turk get a visit from their old buddy Spence. After a night of partying, Spence blurts out to Dr. Cox regarding the paternity of Baby Jack. Strangely enough, he's not angry with JD at all, but with Jordan for messing with him for so long. For him this is not the basis for a relationship. But Jordan annoys him with her presence for so long that he can hardly do anything else. When JD tells him that he thinks he's a good father, he surrenders. Dr. Kelso tries to finish off Elliot because she accidentally injured him with a syringe. She is afraid of the consequences because she doesn't feel strong enough. Ted can't help her either. But then, again bursting with self-confidence, Dr. Cox in the breach and missed Dr. Kelso a punch. Because he thinks that Elliot has become a good doctor in the meantime.

DVD release

The DVD for the second season was released on November 15, 2005 in the United States . The DVD for the second season has been available in Germany since October 13, 2005.

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