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Theodor is a male given name of Greek origin (Θεόδωρος).

Origin, meaning and variants

The meaning of the name 'gift of God' is derived from the two words theós (θεός 'God') and dõron (δῶρον 'gift'). The corresponding female form is Theodora (Θεοδώρα). Reversing the order of the two name components results in the female first name Dorothea , which is common in German . The corresponding male first name Dorotheos is only common in ancient Greek and in the Byzantine Church. A short form is Theo as well as Ted or Teddy, which comes from English .

Forms of name like Theoderich or Theuderich are etymologically not related to Theodor, but to Dietrich .

name day

The name day of Theodor is the 17th February , formerly the 9. November . Theodor Stratelates ("the military leader", also called Tiro "the recruit") is celebrated on February 8th in the Orthodox Church , and on February 24th in the Armenian Church.

Name variants

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  • Theodor Tyro , also Theodor von Euchaïta († around 306), identical to Theodor Stratelates , saint of the Orthodox and Catholic Church, commander of a Roman garrison in Galatia
  • Theodor von Sitten († around 400), Bishop of Octodurum (today Martigny, Canton Valais, Switzerland), saint and patron saint of the Canton of Valais
  • Theodor von Sykeon († 613), Byzantine ascetic, bishop of Anastasiupolis in Galatia
  • Theodor Studites (759–826), abbot of the Studion monastery in Constantinople

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