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Green Day studio album


September 21, 2012

Label (s) Reprise Records

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Genre (s)

Pop punk , punk rock

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Rob Cavallo , Green Day

Studio (s)

Jingletown Studios, Oakland (USA)

Awesome as Fuck
U.N Dos
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  DE 3 08/10/2012 (14 weeks)
  AT 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 05.10.2012 (13 weeks)
  CH 4th 07.10.2012 (9 weeks)
  UK 2 06.10.2012 (14 weeks)
  US 2 October 13, 2012 (16 weeks)
Oh love
  DE 44 08/06/2012 (13 weeks)
  AT 28 07.09.2012 (7 weeks)
  CH 65 09/16/2012 (1 week)
  US 97 09/01/2012 (4 weeks)

Uno (own spelling ¡Uno! ) Is the ninth studio album by the American punk band Green Day . It was released on September 21, 2012 by Reprise Records . Uno is the first album in a trilogy that was completed with Dos (November 9, 2012) and Tré (December 11, 2012 and December 7, 2012 in Germany).


Work on the follow-up to 21st Century Breakdown began in February 2012. After two concept albums, the band wanted to return to their pop-punk roots - Armstrong said, "The last album was so serious, we wanted to do funnier things." She turned from the rock opera style of the predecessors and towards the simple, reduced instrumentalization of the first Green Day albums. In terms of content, the songs are also less political and less socially critical than American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown . So many new songs were created that Armstrong initially suggested releasing a double album. After a total of 38 songs had been recorded, the band decided on an album trilogy. The resulting album trilogy is also the first and so far only time in the band's history that Jason White - additional live guitarist since the late 1990s - is involved in the studio and performed as a band member. The following album Revolution Radio , on the other hand, was recorded again with the core line-up Armstrong-Dirnt-Cool.

Track list

  1. Nuclear Family - 3:03
  2. Stay the Night - 4:36
  3. Carpe Diem - 3:25
  4. Let Yourself Go - 3:41
  5. Kill the DJ - 2:44
  6. Fell for You - 3:08
  7. Loss of Control - 3:07
  8. Troublemaker - 2:45
  9. Angel Blue - 2:46
  10. Sweet 16 - 3:03
  11. Rusty James - 4:09
  12. Oh Love - 5:03

All songs were written by Billie Joe Armstrong.


The first single was released in July 2012, Oh Love . The music video was directed by Samuel Bayer , who was already responsible for the videos for the American Idiot singles .

Kill the DJ was released in August 2012 as a second single. Samuel Bayer also shot the video for Kill the DJ .

The third single Let Yourself Go was released in September 2012.

Criticism and Awards

Professional reviews
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Metacritic 67%
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Uno received mixed reviews. For , Uno , which receives seven out of ten points, is "pleasantly unspectacular":

“Green Day have withdrawn significantly, the“ m ”from the pomppunk of the last two albums deleted without replacement and the socially critical attitude also poured into less bold statements. Tender heartache and fists stretched in the air usually give way to the half-distorted, shirt-sleeved charm of "Warning". Small melodies instead of big gestures are trumps. Singing along is also possible without a lighter in hand. And the bass fills do justice to the "basket case". "

- Maik Maerten

The Rolling Stone called Uno exemption from the severity of the predecessor and assigns four out of five stars:

“After the Quadrophenia-like weight and worry of 2004's American Idiot and 2009's 21st Century Breakdown, ¡Uno! feels like plain relief. There are strong whiffs of Green Day's biggest seller, 1994's Dookie, in the honed buzz of Armstrong's and Jason White's guitars, Dirnt and Cool's airtight gallop, and Armstrong's lyric emphasis on girl troubles and starting the party that never stops. There is also a hipper, richer grip in the details. "

- David Fricke only awarded two out of five stars and wrote:

“More sober than intoxicated, the ears separate from the headphones. So be it: As is well known, all good things come in threes. It remains to be seen how the guys fare as garage punks and epic rockers on the following two works “Dos!” And “Tré!”. It can only get more exciting. "

- Kai Butterweck

Uno was ranked eighth in Rolling Stone's list of the 50 best albums of 2012.

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