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WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein – Sauerland
Sculpture which came first?  near Bad Berleburg
Sculpture which came first? near Bad Berleburg
length 23.4 kmdep1
location in the Rothaargebirge ; Wittgensteiner Land , Sauerland ; North Rhine-Westphalia ( Germany )
Markers blue gate on a white background
Starting point Bad Berleburg / Town Hall
51 ° 3 ′ 14.8 ″  N , 8 ° 23 ′ 35.4 ″  E
Target point Schmallenberg / Rathaus
51 ° 8 ′ 45.4 ″  N , 8 ° 17 ′ 6.2 ″  E
Type trail
Height difference 371 m
The highest point 740  m above sea level NHN ( ), on the Rothaarkamm near Schmallenberg - Schanze

Lowest point 369  m above sea level NHN ( ), in the Schmallenberg spa park on the Lenne

Level of difficulty heavy
season all year round

The WaldSkulpturenWeg Wittgenstein – Sauerland , mostly just called WaldSkulpturenWeg , is a 23.4 km long hiking and sculpture path in the Rothaargebirge between the cities of Bad Berleburg ( Siegen-Wittgenstein district ) and Schmallenberg ( Hochsauerlandkreis ) in North Rhine-Westphalia ( Germany ).

The sculptures on the hiking trail, which opened on October 29, 2000, were erected between 2000 and 2010. The waymark is a blue gate on a white background. The path is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW .


The forest sculpture trail - created exclusively in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge Nature Park - leads from Bad Berleburg on the Eder tributary Odeborn in the southern Wittgensteiner Land over the main ridge of the Rothaargebirge (Rothaarkamm) to Schmallenberg on the Ruhr tributary Lenne in the northern Sauerland ; thus he crosses the Rhine-Weser watershed . It shares sections of the route with the European long-distance hiking trail E1 and the Rothaarsteig ; he also passes the Kyrillpfad Schanze .


The course of the Forest Sculpture Trail - with sculpture numbers (for an overview of sculptures, see section Project and Sculptures ) and with height information in meters (m) above sea level:

The route begins in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district in Bad Berleburg at the town hall (Poststrasse 42) on the federal highway 480 . There is the first of two information boards "as portals to the WaldSkulpturenWeg" and to the work of art consisting of several small information boards along the way, The Competition (1; approx.  418  m ); The city's tourist information center is located in the neighboring house to the north.

Initially, the path leads south along Poststrasse and bends west before the city center. After crossing the Odeborn , it passes Berleburg Castle . Then it runs, together with the European long-distance hiking trail E1 , uphill to the north and, after crossing the forest area on Berg Burgfeld ( 586.2  m ) and an agricultural area, reaches the sculpture What was first? (2; approx.  540  m ), which stands as a gold-colored egg about 6.5 m high at the edge of the forest on the southeast flank of the Windbrachekopf ( 597.6  m ).

Then the path leads north in the forest east above the Trüfte (Trufte) over the west flank of the Windbrachekopf and then east above the Trüfte source stream Österze (Osterzebach) over the west flank of the Laubberg ( 615.1  m ); Both mountains can be hiked over the eastern flank without missing a sculpture. The sculpture Die Grünstation (3; approx.  595  m ) is located on the northern flank of the Laubberg . Close to the summit, over the eastern flank of the Bärenköpfchen ( 628.6  m ) lying between the Österze in the west and the Lausebach tributary Litzige in the east , the path reaches the sculpture Der Falke (4; approx.  720  m ) a little further north-northwest near the Österze .

Sculpture Stein-Zeit-Mensch
between Bad Berleburg and Kühhude

The path then runs between Österze and Litzige up to the Rothaarkamm and a few meters west of a forest path crossing ( 705.7  m ) reaches the sculpture Stein-Zeit-Mensch (5; approx.  707  m ). Shortly afterwards it meets the Rothaarsteig mountain path in this direction . Almost 300 m west-north-west of this path junction is the suspension bridge (approx.  680  m ) near the source of the Hochgelmker Siepen, which belongs to the catchment area of ​​the Latrop ; The forest ecosystem nature trail is attached to the bridge .

Passing the suspension bridge about 260 m to the east, the path runs together with the mountain path directly on the border of Bad Berleburg (Siegen-Wittgenstein district) and Schmallenberg (Hochsauerland district) to the north and almost 50 m east of the Saukopf summit ( 716.3  m ). From there it leads to the hikers' car park at the end of Kreisstraße 39 ( 697.2  m ), which is a cul-de-sac from southern Bad Berleburg past the hamlet of Homrighausen (approx.  480  m ) to the hamlet of Kühhude (approx. 677 to 698  m ) in a large clearing ) runs; both belong to Bad Berleburg. Continuing along the border, towards the northeast, it reaches the sculpture No easy game (6; approx.  717  m ), which is located near the source (approx.  714  m ) of the small Schladebach tributary Schlümperbrüche (Schlümper Bruchsiepen) .

Sculpture crook
at Schmallenberg- Schanze

After passing the Schlümperbrüchequelle spring, the path leaves the Rothaarsteig mountain path . It bends to the northwest and runs from now on finally on Schmallenberger district. In doing so, it reaches its highest point on the path, which is close to a point on the path at an altitude of 738.5  m at an altitude of almost 740  m ; About 550 meters further north-west, it runs again over a path point of about the same height. Then, shortly after passing a water tank ( 739.5  m ), the path reaches the sculpture Der Krummstab (7; approx.  738  m ). The Kyrill -Pfad Schanze begins and ends near this sculpture .

Sculpture The Hexenplatz between
Schmallenberg- Schanze and Almert

Then the path leads through the Schmallenberg district of Schanze , where it passes the former Landwehr road barrier (with parking lot; 715.9  m ; cultural monument) and crosses the valley path of the Rothaarsteig. A little north of the village it runs past a soldiers' grave ( 711.7  m ). From then on, leaving the Rothaarkamm , it leads northwards down to the sculpture Der Hexenplatz (8; approx.  530  m ), which is almost 400 meters east-northeast of the actual path at a forest path junction ( 525.4  m ) in the valley of the Hartmecke tributary Lüttmecke ; Downstream is the Lüttmecke residential area belonging to the Schmallenberg district of Oberkirchen . The path then leaves the European long-distance hiking trail E1.

After leaving the wooded area, the path bends north of Almert to the west-southwest, in order to reach the sculpture Blinker II - Ein Lichtspieltheater (9; approx.  531  m ) about 200 m northeast of the Almertwäldchen (max.  531.7  m ). to run away. Then he leads through the Schmallenberg district Grafschaft . There it runs along Kreisstraße  17 (part of the Hochsauerland-Höhenstraße ), crosses the Lenne tributary Grafschaft with it and bends south from the road ( 416.4  m ) directly after the Grafschaft monastery . Then it reaches north-north-west of the forest path kehre am Mühlenteich ( 441.6  m ), where it crosses the county tributary Bremecke (Mühlenbach) , the sculpture Über den Teichen (10; approx.  435  m ) standing on the edge of the forest above the brook valley . Then the path leads northwest to K 17, to cross it and the Grafschaft stream (approx.  388  m ) and then westwards, a little above the stream, to the core town of Schmallenberg. From the entrance to the village it runs through the Schmallenberger Kurpark , where it crosses the Lenne . Shortly after crossing it, the path reaches its lowest point of the path immediately west along the river, which is still in the park on the western bank of the Lenne at about 369  m altitude.

The path then runs, passing the Auf dem Werth chapel , up to the Schmallenberg Town Hall (Unterm Werth 1) , the transition between the Unterm Werth streets at the intersection ( 390.5  m ) with Fleckenberger Straße (K 17) and Oststraße (K 17) and Weststrasse stands. At the end of the path there is the second of the two information boards “as portals to the WaldSkulpturenWeg” and to the artwork The Competition (11;  390  m ). To the north of this is the historic city center .

Project and sculptures

On or near the WaldSkulpturenWeg there is a project (two large information boards and several display boards) and nine sculptures - each with geo-coordinates , height in meters (m) above sea level, artist and (creation) year / s, more geographically Location and information link:

No. Name
[project (P) / sculpture (S)]
( m above sea level )
Artist Year / s Geographical location
(in or near a village / on a mountain / stream / pond, etc.)
01 The competition (P)
(1st information board)
418 Jochen Gerz 2002-2004 Bad Berleburg / Town Hall link
02 What came first (S) 540 Magdalena Jetelová 2007-2009 Bad Berleburg / Windbrachekopf link
03 The green station (S) 595 Gloria Friedmann 2006 Bad Berleburg- Homrighausen / Laubberg link
04th The falcon (S) 720 Alan Sonfist 2005 Bad Berleburg- Kühhude / Saukopf link
05 Stone-time-man (S) 707 Nils-Udo 2001 Bad Berleburg-Kühhude / Saukopf link
06th Not an easy game (S) 717 Ansgar Nierhoff 2000 Bad Berleburg-Kühhude / Schlümperbrüche link
07th The crook (S) 738 Heinrich Brummack 2005 Schmallenberg - Schanze / Kyrillpfad Schanze link
08th Hexenplatz (S) 530 Lili Fischer 2003 Schmallenberg- Oberkirchen / Lüttmecke link
09 Blinker II (S)
A movie theater
531 Timm Ulrichs 2007-2010 Schmallenberg- Almert / Almertwäldchen link
10 Over the ponds (S) 435 Andreas Oldbod 2001 Schmallenberg county / mill pond link
11 The competition (P)
(2nd information board)
390 Jochen Gerz 2002-2004 Schmallenberg / Town Hall link

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