Whiteout (film)

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German title Whiteout
Original title Whiteout
Country of production USA ,
Canada ,
France ,
original language English ,
Publishing year 2009
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Dominic Sena
script Jon Hoeber ,
Erich Hoeber ,
Chad Hayes ,
Carey W. Hayes ,
comic artwork: Greg Rucka ,
Steve Lieber
production Joel Silver ,
Susan Downey ,
David Gambino
music John Frizzell
camera Chris Soos
cut Martin Hunter ,
Stuart Baird

Whiteout is a US-American - Canadian - French - Turkish thriller from the year 2009 . Directed by Dominic Sena . The film is based on the comic miniseries of the same name by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber .


The Antarctic in the winter of 1957. On board an Antonov An-12 cargo plane, the two pilots and the three passengers engage in a firefight in which all five are killed and the plane crashes.

The presence. Special Deputy US Marshal Carrie Stetko shot her corrupt partner in self-defense two years ago in Miami and after this event had himself transferred to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to deal with the events. Delfy, one of the station's pilots, reports that a corpse has been sighted during an overflight. Stetko examines with Delfy and the ward doctor Dr. John Fury the location. The corpse turns out to be Anton Weiss, a geologist who, together with his colleagues Michael Rubin and John Mooney, searched for meteorites at Camp Delta-One One . During the autopsy it quickly becomes apparent that Weiss was murdered. When Stetko wants to contact Delta-One One, she receives a call from Mooney. He is at the Vostok station and urgently asks Stetko to come over.

When Stetko arrives at the Vostok station with Delfy, she finds Mooney seriously injured and dying. At the last second she can flee from a masked attacker. In the snowstorm at 65 ° C below zero, however, she loses her gloves and injures her left hand on the ice-cold door of the main building. Back in the adjoining building, they meet the UN special investigator Robert Pryce, who was informed by the FBI and dropped off from the McMurdo station at the Vostok station. Together they fly to Delta-One One. Following a map, they drive a snowcat to a grid square where the scientists last worked. There you will find the entrance to the Russian cargo plane, which is now covered by meter-thick ice . In the machine, they discover a recently broken open box and are able to partially reconstruct the events of that time based on the corpses from 1957. They also find fresh traces of blood and can assign them to the three geologists around the dead Anton Weiss. Suddenly the access shaft collapses and they are enclosed by the masses of snow. However, by activating the old explosive bolts of the emergency exit in the roof of the fuselage, they can burst free and thus come back to the surface.

Back at Amundsen-Scott Station, Dr. Fury Stetko amputate two frozen fingers. Stetko learns from the head of the station, Sam Murphy, that the base is being evacuated due to an approaching hurricane. It will be the last flight for the next six months, as the station cannot be reached by plane during the winter. Unexpectedly, Rubin is spotted on the base. While Stetko is interrogating him, he escapes and is killed by the masked stranger with an ice pick. Stetko can confront and overwhelm the masked man. He turns out to be Russell Haden, one of the station pilots. He is locked up, but shortly before the evacuation plane takes off, Stetko finds Delfy seriously injured; the machine starts without Stetko, Pryce, Fury, Delfy and Haden. The latter was able to escape from his holding cell in the meantime. Haden finally dies in a scuffle in the upcoming storm with Stetko and Pryce.

Stetko finds the body bags of the three scientists via the freight list of the evacuation plane. One's stomach was opened and sewn up again. Using a special knot in the suture, which is identical to the knot in the suture of her amputated fingers, Stetko Dr. Unmask Fury as an accomplice. The contents of the box of the Russian machine turn out to be rough diamonds . The three scientists had found the machine while searching for meteorites, Haden killed the three out of greed, and Fury was supposed to smuggle the diamonds in one of the bodies from the base. When Stetko confronts the doctor about it, he asks her to see the northern lights one last time , which she grants him. He thus commits suicide by leaving the base unprotected into the snowstorm.

Half a year later. Stetko, Pryce and Delfy have spent the winter alone in the station and are awaiting the arrival of the cargo plane with which the scientists will return to the station. Stetko asks for her transfer via e-mail , but to a place where it is "a little warmer".

Background information

In 1999 Columbia Pictures acquired the film rights to the comic, Reese Witherspoon was to take the lead role. In October 2006, Dark Castle Entertainment took over the rights, in February 2007 Dominic Sena, a big fan of the comic book series, was brought in to direct and Kate Beckinsale took over the lead role. Shooting began on March 5, 2007 in Manitoba , other locations were Montreal and Lake Winnipeg , and in June 2007 shooting was completed. With a budget of 35 million US dollars , the film grossed just under 18 million US dollars in worldwide theatrical release; in Germany it was released directly on DVD and Blu-ray in April 2010 .

The eponymous film title refers to a whiteout , the meteorological phenomenon that occurs mainly in polar regions and in the high mountains .

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