Gerolstein train station

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Gerolstein station, 2008
Gerolstein station, 2008
Operating point type railway station
Location in the network Crossing station
Platform tracks 5
abbreviation SGR
IBNR 8000123
Price range 4th
opening November 1870
Profile on Gerolstein
Architectural data
Architectural style Neo-Gothic
City / municipality Gerolstein
country Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
Coordinates 50 ° 13 '26 "  N , 6 ° 39' 38"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 13 '26 "  N , 6 ° 39' 38"  E
DE-NHN 361  m
Railway lines
Railway stations in Rhineland-Palatinate

The Gerolstein railway station is a station on the Eifel circuit in Gerolstein , Rhineland-Palatinate . It lost its former function as an important hub station with the closure of the Eifelquerbahn and the Westeifelbahn . Today it is the only remaining train station in the city.


Due to the difficult topography and the low population density , the Eifel was opened up to the railroad quite late. At that time it was easier to run railway lines exclusively through river valleys because bridges and tunnels were rarely necessary there. In addition, hardly any profits were expected from railway lines in the Eifel.

Only when the metal industry prospered quite late in the Eifel did planning begin. Prussia's early considerations envisaged a railway line from Cologne or Düren to Schleiden , but this was rejected for financial reasons. However, when it was thought about extending the line to Trier later , the Rheinische Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft showed its understanding and approved the construction, which began in November 1867. About three years later, Gerolstein was reached. After the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War , the railway company demanded that the building be quickly extended to Trier, which was then completed on June 15, 1871. At that time, the Eifel route showed its strategic and military importance for the first time.

With the opening of the Westeifelbahn to Prüm in 1883, Gerolstein station became a separation station . In 1885 the extension to St. Vith in Germany followed . By branching off the Pronsfeld – Waxweiler railway line from this line, Gerolstein developed into an important hub station in the Eifel. With the connection of the Eifelquerbahn on May 15, 1895, the junction station became a crossing station . Now there was not only a connection to Cologne and Trier, but also a connection to Koblenz .

Train traffic between Trier and Cologne was interrupted from the winter of 1944 due to the war and could only be gradually resumed from 1946, so that there were no direct connections from Gerolstein in these directions. At times, the two-track route was reduced to single-track sections. This also had an effect on the two branching railway lines, but operations on these too could be resumed at the end of the 1940s.

Platforms, 2009

As early as the 1960s, traffic on the Eifelquerbahn decreased significantly, so that shutdowns were considered for the first time. The process dragged on for almost 30 years: On January 13, 1991 the last train ran from Gerolstein to Mayen ; the section from Mayen to the Rhine is still used regularly today. On June 9, 2009, the responsible SPNV-Nord association decided to completely reactivate the Eifelquerbahn for daily traffic, but due to a decision by the Daun district council in December 2012 against the revitalization of the route, this was not implemented as planned for the 2014 timetable change. Until 2012 there were regular journeys on the Gerolstein – Mayen section with historical trains, which were not resumed after the decision against the revival.

At the same time, the Westeifelbahn suffered a similar fate. First of all, traffic to Prüm was shortened in the 1980s, until Gondelsheim was the end point in the early 1990s . On June 1, 1996 the last train left Gerolstein in the direction of Gondelsheim.

Recently, a reactivation of the Westeifelbahn to Prüm has been increasingly brought into discussion, with which the Gerolstein station could once again assume a function as a hub station. However, the implementation turns out to be a laborious process, since after its closure the route should be sold to the affected municipalities and converted into a cycle path. The cycle path was only realized until shortly after Prüm. The Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn (RSE), which had already successfully reactivated the Oleftalbahn , also committed itself to this route, it was cut free and prepared. However, the application for the 2011 operating license was rejected because the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Transport did not trust the implementation of the RSE. Only after an independent expert opinion within a second revision, which was presented to the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz , was the application granted. However, the route has not yet been completely cleared and made operational. Since then, the interest group Westeifelbahn has been campaigning for a quick reactivation of the railway line.

Buildings and the station area

The station building was built in the neo-Gothic style. The building survived the Second World War largely unscathed and was expanded in the post-war period. Many station buildings along the Eifel route are built in the same style. The lavish buildings were financed from the French war debt payments after the Franco-German War .

The station building has been owned by the Gerolsteiner Land municipal works since 2013 and was extensively repaired and modernized between 2013 and 2016. The building houses TW Gerolsteiner Land, the Deutsche Bahn travel center, a bakery and a driving school. The offices of the Gerolsteiner Land factories are also located on the first floor (see

As part of these modernization measures, the new travel center with ticket office and the Gerolsteiner Land tourist information office was opened on May 7, 2015 . The construction of the new travel center cost a total of 35,000 euros. For this, the old travel center was completely gutted and then re-cut so that the rooms could be rearranged. In particular, the customer area was expanded.

The basalt works of the Rheinische Provinzial-Basaltwerke is located between Gerolstein and Birresborn, where a class 323 (Köf II) locomotive is stationed for shunting the irregularly arriving freight trains.

At one time the station was also home to the important Gerolstein depot, from which the roundhouse and turntable are still ready for operation. Today the depot serves as a railway museum and depot for the museum railways that were formerly used on the Eifelquerbahn.

Individual excursions on the Eifel route are offered, as the Eifelquerbahn has been closed to museum traffic since 2012.

As a relic from its era as a hub station, the station still has five platform tracks.

As part of the modernization measures, the station is currently (since mid-March 2020) being renovated by DB Station & Service.

It should u. a. a platform elevation will be carried out for barrier-free entry and exit, as well as the dismantling of the station subway and a new overpass from Kasselburgerweg with stairs and elevators to platforms 2/3 and 1 / bus station. The entire area around the station is also to be renovated.

Completion from left Summer 2021

The area around the station (bus stop and forecourt) is to be rebuilt by the city of Gerolstein as part of the "City in River Part 2" project.

Railway lines

The following train lines stop at Gerolstein station:

Timetable offer 2020
line Train run Clock frequency
RE 12 Eifel-Mosel-Express :
Köln Messe / Deutz  - Köln Hbf  - Köln Süd  - Euskirchen  - Mechernich  - Kall  - Jünkerath  - Gerolstein  - Bitburg-Erdorf  - Trier Hbf
As of: Timetable change December 2015
three pairs of trains
RE 22 Eifel-Express :
Cologne Messe / Deutz  - Cologne Central Station  - Cologne West  - Cologne South  - Erftstadt  - Weilerswist  - Euskirchen  - Mechernich  - Kall  - Urft (Steinfeld)  - Nettersheim  - Blankenheim (Wald)  - Schmidtheim  - Dahlem (Eifel)  - Jünkerath  - Lissendorf  - Oberbettingen - Hillesheim  - Gerolstein
Status: timetable change December 2016
60 min
RB 22 Eifel-Express :
Gerolstein - Birresborn - Densborn - Kyllburg - Bitburg-Erdorf - Speicher - Kordel - Ehrang - Pfalzel - Trier main station
(in the Cologne – Gerolstein section asRE 22)
60 min
RB 24 Eifel Railway :
Cologne Messe / Deutz - Cologne Central Station - Cologne West - Cologne South - Hürth Kalscheuren - Brühl Kierberg - Erftstadt - Weilerswist - Euskirchen - Satzvey - Mechernich - Kall - Urft - Nettersheim - Blankenheim (Wald) - Schmidtheim - Dahlem (Eifel ) - Jünkerath - Lissendorf - Oberbettingen-Hillesheim - Gerolstein
individual trains in rush hour to increase the frequency

In Gerolstein the name changes from RE 22 from Cologne to RB 22 towards Trier and vice versa.

Bus routes

The following lines serve the associated bus stop Gerolstein Bahnhof (2020)
Line number Locations to be served Frequency of use comment
411 Lissingen - Müllenborn - Oos -

Büdesheim - Wallersheim / Weinsheim - Prüm

Mon – Sat: every 2 hours

Sunday: 2 trips

Rhein-Mosel transport company

(until December 2020)

XXX Lissingen - Müllenborn - Oos open open

(From December 2020)

460 Lissingen - Büdesheim - Wallersheim - Fleringen - Prüm -

Pronsfeld - Arzfeld - Dasburg - Clerf / Clerafaux (train station)

(Runs in summer as a bicycle bus with a bicycle trailer)

Mon - Sat: every 2 hours

Sunday: every 4 hours

Line bundle Schneifel (from December 2020)

Operator: André Bustouristik

- with line 465 between Gerolstein and Prüm:

Monday to Saturday every hour

Every 2 hours on Sundays

between 01.04. and 31.10. on the road as cycle buses.

further information at

465 Lissingen - Büdesheim - Wallersheim - Fleringen - Prüm -

Bleialf - Winterspelt - St. Vith

(Runs in summer as a bicycle bus with a bicycle trailer)

Mon - Sat: every 2 hours

Sunday: every 4 hours

Line bundle Schneifel (from December 2020)

Operator: André Bustouristik

- with line 465 between Gerolstein and Prüm:

Monday to Saturday every hour

Every 2 hours on Sundays

between 01.04. and 31.10. on the road as cycle buses.

further information at

500 Pelm - Rockeskyll - Dockweiler - Daun -

Schalkenmehren - Mehren - Elms -

Auderath - Faid - Cochem

(Runs in summer as a bicycle bus with a bicycle trailer)

Mon – Sun: every 2 hours DB Regiobus Rhein-Mosel GmbH

(until December 2021)

504 Pelm - Gees - Neroth - Berlingen -

Steinborn - Neunkirchen - Pützborn - Daun

Mon – Fri: every 2 hours FriBus

(until December 2023)

515 Pelm - Rockeskyll - Hohenfels Essingen -

Dockweiler - Waldkönigen - Daun

only school traffic Line bundle Eastern Vulkaneifel

Operator: DB Regiobus Rhein-Mosel GmbH

522 (Gerolstein Nordstadt -) Bewingen / Roth -

Kalenborn Schüsten - Hillesheim - Nohn

only school traffic

single trips during holidays

Rhein-Mosel transport company

(until December 2023)

523 Pelm - Gees / Büscheich - Michelbach -

Salm / Neroth - Oberstadtfeld - Manderscheid

single trips during holidays DB Regiobus Rhein-Mosel GmbH

(until December 2023)

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