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Family coat of arms of those of Buddenbrock

Buddenbrock [ ˈbʊdn̩ˌbʁoːk ] is the name of a Baltic noble family, apparently of Hanseatic origin.


The name of the family appears in the years 1383 and 1384, when the merchants Everd, Hermann and Wennemer Buttenbruck , who were involved in the Hanseatic overseas trade, recorded documents in Reval . Gherit Buddenbruck , who probably belongs to the family, appeared in the mid-14th century with a house brand seal that is kept in the Stockholm Museum. The name no longer appears in the Revals Citizens Register, which has been kept since 1409, or in the lists of Blackheads that began later .

The family then appears in a document on April 3, 1415 with Henricus Buddenbrock , who is enfeoffed by the Teutonic Order with possession in the Livonian Luxembourg and with whom the family line begins. From there it soon spread to Courland and Prussia , later to Sweden and Silesia , in the 19th century also to Upper Austria , and finally to Switzerland .

Enrollment in the 1st class of the Courland Knighthood took place on October 17, 1620 for Johann Buddenbrock, in the Livonian Knighthood in 1742 (No. 3), the Swedish nobility naturalization and introduction to the knight's house in the aristocratic class on September 24, 1729 ( No. 1843) for the royal Swedish colonel Heinrich Magnus von Buddenbrock (1685–1743), the baron class in 1731 (no. 209) for the same, now with the rank of royal Swedish major general.

From the 17th century the family was also wealthy in Prussia. The Prussian renewal of the Freiherrnstand went to the brothers Dietrich Ludwig, Hans Heinrich, Karl Justus, Karl Leopold and Otto Abraham von Buddenbrock in Berlin on November 10, 1786. On December 6, 1852 came in Charlottenburg to the Prussian name and crest association with the male line extinct Baron Hettersdorff for the Royal Prussian Chamberlain and Lieutenant a. D. Alexis Baron von Buddenbrock (1803–1862), on Ober- and Nieder-Wabnitz near Oels, who was married to Baron Eleonore von Hettersdorff, the last of her family. The brothers Rudolph von Buddenbrock (1821–1895), Fideikommissherr auf Ottlau , royal Prussian chamberlain and member of the manor house , and Alfred von Buddenbrock (1826–1887), royal Prussian major general, and their cousin Heinrich von Buddenbrock, royal Prussian major, received through Extraordinary cabinet order in Baden-Baden on July 23, 1884 with a diploma from Berlin on February 28, 1885, the Prussian recognition of the baron class.

In August 1878 a family association was founded, which received a statute on May 4, 1901 and was renamed Freiherrliche v. Buddenbrock's family association was entered in the register of associations in Berlin on December 19, 1901.

coat of arms

  • The family coat of arms originally shows three rows of three diagonally positioned, alternating black and gold diamonds in silver - later three rows of three diagonally positioned alternating blue and gold alarm clocks. On the crowned helmet with originally black and gold, (later blue and gold) covers, first a bush of seven natural peacock feathers, later seven alternating blue and gold ostrich feathers.
  • The oldest surviving coat of arms seal dates from August 7th, 1478 and shows a diagonal chess bar, as a crest a flight . The second oldest dates from June 26, 1497, but is too indistinct to reproduce an exact blazon .
  • Historical heraldic representations of later centuries show the oblique alarm clocks, which are connected to one figure, also floating in the shield . In addition, representations show the coat of arms with connected alarm clocks that form a right-angled bar shape with each other, which extends to the edges of the shield. For example, the coat of arms of Johann von Buddenbrock illustrated in 1770 , or a glass lidded goblet from the 18th century with the coat of arms of the von Buddenbrock family, which is part of the inventory of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (both depictions with the collar of the Order of the Black Eagle ), and also a banquet -Table cloths made of white silk damask from 1891 and 1911.
  • The coat of arms of the Barons von Buddenbrock-Hettersdorff from 1852 is split, on the right the later family coat of arms, on the left in silver an uprooted five-leaved black linden tree (von Hettersdorff). Two helmets, on the right the later trunk helmet, on the left the linden tree with black and silver covers between two bear paws wrapped with golden ribbons (von Hettersdorff).

Historical coats of arms

Henrik Magnus Buddenbrock , Swedish Lieutenant General of the Infantry

Known family members

Wilhelm Dietrich von Buddenbrock 1743, Prussian field marshal
Gustav von Buddenbrock , Prussian infantry general
Robert von Buddenbrock , Vice President of the Austrian Arms Factory Company , Prussian First Lieutenant

Buddenbrock (1774)

There is also a noble family from Buddenbrock that goes back to the natural children of the royal Prussian major general Ludwig von Buddenbrock with the divorced Baroness Henriette Wilhelmine Juliane Louise von Ochsenstein , née Countess zu Solms-Sonnenwalde .


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