Burgenland expressway

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Expressway S31 in Austria
Burgenland expressway
Course of the S 31
Basic data
Operator: ASFINAG
Overall length: 50.790 km

State :


S31- Sopronújlak.JPG
S 31 at Neutal
Course of the road
Province of Burgenland
The start of the expressway Eisenstadt -EastB50
Expressway end Autobahn beginning (36)  Motorway-motorway transition
Junction (36)  Eisenstadt-Süd B52
bridge Pannoniabahn
Junction Eisenstadt-Mitte B50
node Eisenstadt A3
bridge Raab-Ödenburg-Ebenfurter Railway
Junction Wulkaprodersdorf
Autobahn end The start of the expressway Motorway-motorway transition
node Mattersburg S4
bridge Mattersburger Bahn
parking spot (52)  Symbol: rightSymbol: right Parking lot Mattersburger
parking spot (52)  Symbol: leftSymbol: left Forchtenstein car park
Junction Forchtenstein
Junction Symbol: Up Sieggraben B50
parking spot (66)  Symbol: leftSymbol: left Kobersdorf car park
parking spot (68)  Symbol: rightSymbol: right Tschurndorf car park
Junction Symbol: Up Weppersdorf -North
Junction Weppersdorf / St. Martin B62
Junction Neutral
Junction Oberpullendorf -North
Expressway end Oberpullendorf-South B50
  • Under construction
  • In planning
  • Section Control
  • Traffic control system
  • The Burgenland Schnellstraße S 31 is an expressway in Austria that runs north-south through Burgenland . The S 31 leads from Eisenstadt -Ost to Oberpullendorf -Süd and is subject to a vignette or toll .

    Route sections

    The S 31 is signposted between Eisenstadt- Süd and the Mattersburg junction as a motorway in accordance with the road traffic regulations. The further stretch to Oberpullendorf -Nord was built as a four-lane road with no structural center separation and no hard shoulder, as well as in places with narrower overtaking lanes. The two ends of the expressway between Eisenstadt-Ost and -Süd and between Oberpullendorf-Nord and -Süd are designed as conventional country roads with one lane in each direction.


    Originally the S 31 was only planned from the Mattersburg junction to Oberpullendorf. The remainder of today's S 31 should run as Mattersburger Schnellstraße S 4 to the border to Bratislava . Today the S 4 coming from Wiener Neustadt ends at the Mattersburg junction.

    In 1976 the first section of the Burgenland expressway between Eisenstadt-Süd and the Eisenstadt junction was opened. In the following years, extensions to the south were gradually made. The last section between Neutal and Oberpullendorf-Süd was opened on August 20, 2004.

    opening Route section length
    1976 ASt Eisenstadt Süd - Eisenstadt node 3.055 km
    1979 Eisenstadt - Zemendorf node 6.586 km
    October 31, 1980 Zemendorf - Mattersburg node 3.134 km
    09/24/1982 Mattersburg node - HASt Sieggraben 12.473 km
    09/13/1985 HASt Sieggraben - ASt St. Martin / Weppersdorf 10.557 km
    08/30/1990 ASt Eisenstadt Ost - ASt Eisenstadt Süd 3.231 km
    10/27/1999 ASt St. Martin / Weppersdorf - ASt Neutal 4,157 km
    08/20/2004 ASt Neutal - Oberpullendorf-Süd 7.597 km
    07/02/2007 ASt Wulkaprodersdorf - Mattersburg junction (2nd carriageway)

    Between 2018 and the end of 2021, between the Mattersburg junction and the Weppersdorf / St. Martin a middle separation can be established. In preparation for the separation of the carriageway, the general renovation of the valley crossings from Forchtenstein to Sieggraben is taking place . On March 18, 2019, the security expansion between the Mattersburg junction and the Weppersdorf / St. Martin and should be completed by 2025.

    The first part of the security expansion between the Mattersburg junction and the Forchtenstein junction was completed in December 2019 and opened to traffic.


    In the North

    The start of construction to extend the S 31 from the Eisenstadt-Ost junction around ten kilometers north to Schützen am Gebirge should have started in 2010. Instead, an expressway project was removed from the Federal Road Act for the first time, and the Schützen am Gebirge bypass was implemented as a small-scale state road project.

    In the south

    An extension from Oberpullendorf-Süd to Günser Straße B 61 near Unterpullendorf and subsequently to the Hungarian border near Rattersdorf was also planned . In November 2010 it became known that this project, too, would not be implemented as an expressway but as a state road with the financial contribution of the federal government. The section from Oberpullendorf / Steinberg-Dörfl and Rattersdorf was built as Pullendorfer Straße B 61a and opened to traffic on July 17, 2017. The last kilometer to the Hungarian border is currently in the construction phase, and construction should be completed in December 2019.

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