Carola Braunbock

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Carola Braunbock (born January 9, 1924 in Všeruby u Plzně , Czechoslovakia ; † July 4, 1978 in East Berlin ) was a German actress .


From 1947 to 1949, the native Bohemian studied at the music and drama school in Leipzig . From 1949 engagements at the Deutsches Theater Berlin , the Berliner Ensemble and the Volksbühne followed . The actress achieved her breakthrough in 1951 at the side of Werner Peters in the lavish literary film Der Untertan , where she took on the role of Emmi Hessling. Up until her death, the actress worked in almost 80 film and television productions for DEFA and DFF . Because of her plump stature, she usually played quirky supporting characters such as mothers, peasant women or widows. She was best known for the role of the evil stepmother in Drei Hazelnuts for Cinderella , which is regularly on television at Christmas. She also worked as a speaker for radio and radio plays. Braunbock died in Berlin in 1978 at the age of 54.



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