Carolina-Virginia Tube Reactor

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Carolina-Virginia Tube Reactor
Recording at the time of operation
Recording at the time of operation
Carolina-Virginia Tube Reactor (South Carolina)
Carolina-Virginia Tube Reactor
Coordinates 34 ° 15 '45 "  N , 81 ° 19' 45"  W Coordinates: 34 ° 15 '45 "  N , 81 ° 19' 45"  W.
Country: United States
Owner: Carolinas Virginia Nuclear Power Associates
Operator: Carolinas Virginia Nuclear Power Associates
Project start: 01/01/1960
Commercial operation: December 18, 1963
Shutdown: 01/01/1967

Decommissioned reactors (gross):

1 (19 MW)
Was standing: March 18, 2008
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The Carolina-Virginia Tube Reactor ( CVTR ) was a nuclear power plant with an experimental pressure tube reactor moderated by heavy water (D 2 O). The nuclear power plant was located on the Broad River in Fairfield County in the US state of South Carolina .


The reactor was built in 1960. The power plant was operated by Carolina's Virginia Nuclear Power Associates. The block went online on December 18, 1963.

The power plant was built to develop a civil heavy water moderating reactor, which was to be followed by a series similar to the CANDU reactor . The thermal output was 65 megawatts, the useful electrical output was around 17 megawatts. After the shutdown on January 1, 1967, the fuel was stored on site and the test program was finally discontinued. The license to operate the plant was revoked. The power plant has been demolished since 2007.

Data of the reactor blocks

The CVTR nuclear power plant had one block :

Reactor block Reactor type net
start of building Network
switching off
CVTR Pressure tube reactor 17 MW 19 MW 01/01/1960 December 18, 1963 01/01/1967


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