Cobbler - the shoemaker

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German title Cobbler - the shoemaker
Original title The Cobbler
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
length 102 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Tom McCarthy
script Tom McCarthy,
Paul Sado
production Tom McCarthy,
Mary Jane Skalski
music John Debney ,
Nick Urata
camera W. Mott Hupfel III
cut Tom McArdle

Cobbler - Der Schuhmagier (Original title The Cobbler ) is an American comedy film from 2014 with Adam Sandler in the lead role. Directed by Tom McCarthy , who wrote the script with Paul Sado . It premiered on September 11, 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival .


Max Simkin is a shoemaker who spends his monotonous everyday life in a New York shoemaker's shop that has been in the family for generations. One day, a magical heirloom falls into his hands that gives him a very special ability: From now on he can slip into the lives of his customers when he is wearing their shoes that have been repaired with the leather sewing machine. Max is seduced to use his new skills for questionable purposes. For example, he takes on the form of a customer to get closer to his pretty girlfriend, slips into his father Abraham's shoes so that his mother can see him again and finally ends up in the body of a corpse and becomes the walking dead. But Max only gets into real trouble in Ludlow's shoes, because his client is a dangerous gangster. Max has to understand that it is a privilege, but also a great responsibility, to walk in another man's shoes.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a dialogue book and the dialogue director of Angelika Scharf .

role actor Voice actor
Max Simkin Adam Sandler Dietmar miracle
Jimmy Steve Buscemi Santiago Ziesmer
Elaine Greenawalt Ellen Barkin Joseline Gassen
Abraham Simkin Dustin Hoffman Joachim Kerzel
Carmen Herrara Melonie Diaz
Emiliano Dan Stevens Tim Knauer
Sarah Simkin Lynn Cohen
Leon Ludlow Method Man Jan-David Rönfeldt
Anna O'Hara Sondra James
Macy Dascha Polanco
Alexia Elena Kampouris


The film received mostly negative reviews. At Metacritic , the film received a Metascore of 23/100 based on 22 reviews, and at Rotten Tomatoes , 10 percent of the 70 reviews were positive.

The film service writes that the "comedy [does not succeed] in coping with the development of the main character from shy loner to local hero credibly and without slapstick blows, [entertains] but [definitely] as a loving homage to the Lower East Side ".

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