The master of the house

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German title The master of the house
Original title Man of the House
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2005
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Stephen Herek
script Robert Ramsey
Matthew Stone
John J. McLaughlin
production Todd Garner
Steven Reuther
Allyn Stewart
music David Newman
camera Peter Menzies Jr.
cut Chris Lebenzon
Joel Negron

The Lord of the House (Original title: Man of the House ) is an American action comedy from 2005. Directed by Stephen Herek , the screenplay was written by Robert Ramsey , Matthew Stone and John J. McLaughlin .


The Texas Ranger Roland Sharp, his partner and the FBI agent Eddie Zane want to interrogate Morgan Ball, whose testimony is supposed to convict a drug lord of the murder. The witness escapes during a shootout and is shot a short time later by a man he appears to know. The murder is watched by five cheerleaders : Anne, Teresa, Evie, Heather and Barb. The women are questioned, but they give conflicting descriptions of Sagittarius. Sharp and two other rangers guard them in their dormitory.

It turns out that Zane is working with the drug dealers. On the orders of the drug lord, he kills an accomplice and looks for the cheerleaders. Meanwhile, the divorced Sharp meets the English teacher Molly McCarthy.

The cheerleaders narrowly escape death in an attack by Zane. After the unsuccessful attack, Zane kidnaps Emma, ​​Sharp's daughter. He demands that Sharp deliver the money, which Ball put in a locker. The cheerleaders overhear the conversation and free Emma.

Zane tries to flee to Mexico , but is shot by Sharp just before the border. In the end, Sharp and McCarthy get married.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was only an action comedy in name because it didn't contain anything that was funny or exciting. The “stereotypical” characters of the cheerleaders are “uninteresting” and hardly distinguishable, Tommy Lee Jones' character lacks the comical counterpart.

Kevin Thomas wrote in the Los Angeles Times on February 28, 2005 that the film was not groundbreaking - he didn't even try - but it was "a tolerable comedy." The director "keeps things going" and creates some "lively" action scenes.

The lexicon of international films wrote that the film was “silly clothes with a tense leading actor and without any hint of self-irony”.


The film was shot in Austin , Texas and Santa Clarita , California . Its production amounted to an estimated 40 million US dollars . The film grossed approximately $ 19.1 million in US cinemas. In Germany there were 20,909 cinema viewers. In some countries such as Hungary , Argentina , Brazil and Japan the film was released directly on DVD or video.

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