The maternity pants

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German title The maternity pants
Original title L'Événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la lune
Country of production France , Italy
original language French
Publishing year 1973
length 87 minutes
Director Jacques Demy
script Jacques Demy
production Henri Baum ,
Raph Baum
music Michel Legrand
camera Andréas Winding
cut Anne-Marie Cotret

The maternity pants , also known as Help, my husband is pregnant and The most significant event (Original title: L'Événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la lune ), is a French - Italian comedy film directed by Jacques Demy in 1973 with Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni .


The driving instructor Marco Mazetti and the hairdresser Irène de Fontenoy live together in Paris . They have an eight-year-old son named Lucas. When Irène and Marco attend a Mireille Mathieu concert , Marco suddenly gets a headache. When these get worse and his stomach is getting rounder, he looks for the doctor Dr. Delavigne up. After a short interview and an initial examination, Dr. Delavigne's surprising diagnosis: Marco is four months pregnant. The doctor advises Marco to see a specialist and immediately calls the gynecologist Professor Gérard Chaumont de Latour. Amazed and worried, Marco then buys a book about human anatomy.

The next day, Irène drives Marco to see Professor Chaumont. Marco does not feel comfortable on the way, which causes Irène to stop. When Marco finally tells her that he will have a child, Irène faints. She wakes up at Professor Chaumont's and is indignant because she believes Marco cheated on her with a man. The professor and Dr. Delavigne assure her, however, that a child can only come about between a man and a woman. The professor thinks that Marco's unusual condition is the result of environmental pollution and modern diets that have changed his hormonal balance. In his opinion, Marco is at a further developed level of evolution. Professor Marcos wants to present the case to the professional world at a medical congress.

News of Marco's condition spread quickly. Marco and Irène are then invited to a TV show. The international press pounces on the curious case and the fashion industry is also showing interest. While Irène takes the situation with humor, Marco, who now promotes maternity wear as a model, is increasingly panicking. In a daydream he sees two men in white coats laying him on a pool table and first pulling a telephone receiver and then a chicken out of his stomach. When even Irène takes a more serious look at the role reversal, it finally turns out that Dr. Delavigne and Professor Chaumont were wrong. X-rays that could not previously be taken for the benefit of the embryo show that Marco is not pregnant after all. When Irène and Marco say yes in the hairdressing salon after years of wild marriage, Irène announces that she is expecting a child.


The Palais Bourbon in Paris, where the film was set

Director Jacques Demy once made Catherine Deneuve a star with The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964). Deneuve and her film partner Marcello Mastroianni were a couple behind the scenes too. Their daughter Chiara Mastroianni was born a year earlier.

The shooting took place in Paris from the end of March to mid-May 1973, including on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées , in front of and in the Palais Bourbon and in the Bobino on the Rue de la Gaîté in Montparnasse , where Mireille Mathieu appears in the film and the song Mon Paris sings. At the beginning of the film, Mathieu can already be heard with the chanson L'Événement le plus important .

The maternity pants premiered in France on September 20, 1973 . The film was released in GDR cinemas on September 13, 1974 under the title The Most Important Event . In the Federal Republic of Germany it was published on video in 1983 and first shown on television on October 28, 1986 by RTL plus .


According to the lexicon of international films , the maternity trousers were created “out of a very personal situation”. The film is "too slow and simple in terms of the staging to be comprehensible". In addition, the topic of the distribution of roles in its "ironicized" presentation is "given away by simply reversing gender roles". Cinema came to the conclusion: "Even if not every gag hits the mark, the duo Deneuve and Mastroianni (at the time privately linked) consoles over all weaknesses."

German version

The German dubbed version was created in 1982 at Film- & Fernseh-Synchron in Munich . Erik Paulsen was responsible for the dialogue script and the dubbing

role actor Voice actor
Irène de Fontenoy Catherine Deneuve Marion Hartmann
Marco Mazetti Marcello Mastroianni Fred Maire
Dr. Delavigne Micheline Presle Ursula Traun
Lucien Soumain Claude Melki Willi Roebke
herself Mireille Mathieu Anke Stielhoff
Scipion Lemeu André Falcon Mogens von Gadow
Lamarie Maurice Biraud Hans-Jürgen Leuthen
Ramona Martinez Alice Sapritch Maria Landrock
Madame Corfa Micheline Dax Elia carpenter
Lucas Benjamin Legrand Inez Günther

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