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EHC Basel
EHC Basel
Greatest successes
Club information
history EHC Basel (1932–1933)
EHC Basel-Rotweiss (1933–1990)
EHC Basel KLH Dragons (1990–2003)
EHC Basel (2003–2009)
EHC Basel Sharks (2009–2014)
EHC Basel / KLH (2014–2018)
EHC Basel (since 2018)
Nickname EHC
Parent club EHC Basel
Club colors red, black and white
league MySports League
Venue St. Jakob-Arena
capacity 6,612 seats (of which 4,126 seats)
Head coach Christian Weber
captain Marco Vogt
MySports League 2019/20 3rd place, playoff final

The EHC Basel is a Swiss ice hockey club from Basel . It was founded on October 14, 1932; he emerged from the ice hockey section of SC Rotweiss, which was founded in 1931. So far, the EHC has not yet won a championship title, but was runner-up in Switzerland in 1946 and 1952 and was NLB champion in 1956, 2003 and 2005 . On June 23, 2014, the Board of Directors announced that the NLB team of EHC Basel Sharks had filed for bankruptcy. EHC Basel has been playing in the new top amateur league, the so-called MySports League, since 2017 .


Start time

As early as 1931/32 an ice hockey section was established in the Rotweiss sports club , the name of which was changed to EHC Basel in October 1932. Another year later, the two clubs merged to form the EHC Basel-Rotweiss . Although the new club won the Central Switzerland Series B championship in the following year, the first few years were difficult: in 1935 there were mass withdrawals and the New Ice Hockey Club Basel (NEHCB) was founded. However, this was dissolved again in 1939 and merged with the EHC Basel-Rotweiss. However, the EHC Basel-Rotweiss survived and was again Series B champions in Central Switzerland in the 1936/37 and 1937/38 seasons. In 1941 the EHC rose to the National League A and was able to hold onto the top division through the war years. 1945/46 is considered the breakthrough season . The championship title was only just missed and the young EHC team finished second in the championship. For the first time, points were fought against Zürcher SC (3: 4 away win) and HC Davos (4: 4). During this time between 5,000 and 10,000 spectators regularly visited the St. Margerethen ice rink. In the same season, the EHC Basel-Rotweiss played as national team Switzerland B official games against Belgium and Holland, both of which were won. In addition, they played as EHC Basel-Rotweiss against the Canadian army champions and lost 6-2. In the 1948/49 season, the EHC was the first team ever to defeat HC Davos in Davos. The 2: 1 away win (and a 4: 4 at home) prevented another championship title for the Bündner. In 1952, the EHC Basel-Rotweiss was runner-up for the second time and is the largest ice hockey club in Switzerland. In 1952/53, the Basler relegated to the National League B for the first time after the decisive game against Ambrì-Piotta was lost 7-3. In 1956 the EHC was able to play for promotion after winning the championship in the NLB. The opponent in the decisive relegation game on the Basel artificial ice rink was SC Bern . The game was won 10: 9, with Ron Barr only able to score the decisive winning goal two minutes before the end of the game. EHC Basel was able to stay in the top division for a few years - and for the last time for a long time.

40 years of no man's land

From the 1960s onwards, there were no successes and the EHC slipped further and further into the lower division: First the alleged relegation in 1962 to National League B, which only became a fact through the increase in National League A, then the definitive relegation to the National League B 1963. The relegation game was played against the Zurich Grasshoppers and lost. Already in 1966/67 the relegation to the 1st division, the third highest division, took place. In 1969 Kurt Sepp took over the coaching position and after the team had strengthened itself with the old international Pio Parolini, in 1972 they were promoted to National League B. The joy lasted only briefly and after relegation to the first division was the lowest point in the club's history 1977 achieved with relegation to the 2nd division. For the following years, EHC Basel was what is known as the "lift team" - once up, then down again. In 1984, together with Jim Koleff as top scorer, they fought for promotion to National League B, but in 1987 things went steeply downhill again - right up to the second division. In 1988 the EHC was saved from bankruptcy with the help of donors ; In 1990 the association merged with EHC Kleinhüningen to form EHC Basel KLH Dragons . Although EHC Basel AG was founded for the first team , the juniors and junior teams are still called EHC Basel KLH Dragons . In the 1990s, the EHC Basel KLH held in the first division before in 2000, despite a defeat in the playoff final and thanks to an increase in the National League B, the promotion to the second division succeeded.

Back again

Between 1977 and 1999, the EHC commuted between the National League B (from 1984 to 1987) and the 2nd League, until 2000 when it was promoted back to National League B at the green table. In 2002 the new ice rink was inaugurated. On March 23, 2003 the EHC Basel won the final of the B championship against Visp and after 40 years the direct promotion to the National League A could be celebrated. President Michael Geiger and trainer Beat Lautenschlager contributed to the success. At the same time as the promotion, the club was renamed EHC Basel . In the 03/04 season the EHC played a miserable qualification; Although he was able to improve tremendously in the relegation games, the relegation could no longer be prevented. With the commitment of Kent Ruhnke , former master coach of SC Bern , the EHC Basel underlined its ambitions for an early promotion. The season has been extremely successful: Basel B was champion and defeated in the League qualification the HC Lausanne in the best-of-seven series with 4: 3 and thus got back in the National League A in. With targeted reinforcements one had prepared for the new season. The first foreign position was occupied by the Swede Niklas Anger , who came from B-finalist HC Sierre .

Logo until the end of the 2008/09 season

In the 2005/06 season, EHC Basel surprisingly made it into the playoff quarter-finals with 6th place in the qualification and at the same time secured the league early. There it came to a duel against the defending champion HC Davos . He lost the best-of-seven series with 4: 1, where he was able to win in the first home game against Davos, but received a "sticky" away in the third game.

In contrast to the previous season, the 2006/07 season was disappointing. After a surprisingly excellent lightning start, the club slipped continuously into crisis, so that at the end of 2006 Ruhnke was dismissed and replaced by Mike McParland . With this the EHC Basel did not reach more than the 12th and last place in the qualification, but was able to secure the league and the eleventh final place in the second playout round against Langnau. Mike McParland was replaced by assistant coach Glen Williamson after a weak 2007/08 season in the playout finals against HC Ambrì-Piotta .

After the lost series against Ambrì-Piotta, the EHC Basel failed in the league qualification also at NLB winner EHC Biel with 0: 4 in the series. On April 8, 2008, EHC Basel rose again to the National League B after three years in the top division.

The 2008/09 season was marked by a fresh start. Only one player continued his career at EHC Basel. A new coach, Kari Rauhanen, was also signed up to work with the heavily rejuvenated team. The goals had to be adjusted downwards. The EHC Basel is now increasingly focusing on expanding the youth organization and has received the label of a performance center from the Swiss Ice Hockey Association . In particular, the association is striving for closer cooperation with the regional ice hockey clubs and has also implemented the name change in this context. On June 23, 2014, the Board of Directors of EHC Basel AG, led by President Matthias Preiswerk, announced that the Club was insolvent and has therefore declared bankruptcy. Because all rescue attempts failed, the bankruptcy was carried out on July 7, 2014. The league then revoked the club's license.

New start in the 1st division

The parent club EHC Basel / Kleinhüningen was not affected by the bankruptcy. The previous farm team took on the role of the flagship in Basel ice hockey from the 2014/15 season and continued to run the junior department. The EHC Basel / KLH started the first league season with a new logo at the end of September. The team competed in the Central Switzerland group.

Promotion to the MySports League

EHC Basel has been playing in the MySports League since the 2017/18 season .

Basel Summer Ice Hockey

From August 19th to 22nd, 2009 the Basel Summer Ice Hockey tournament took place for the first time . Five teams from home and abroad, HC Davos , HC Servette Genève , SKA Saint Petersburg , HK Dinamo Minsk and Bílí Tygři Liberec , as well as the host EHC Basel competed . A year later, from August 18 to 22, 2010, the second event took place. In addition to the host EHC Basel Sharks, the teams HC Servette Genève, Barys Astana , HC Eaton Pardubice , defending champion SKA Saint Petersburg and the tournament winner HC Slovan Bratislava also took part. The third Basel Summer Ice Hockey Tournament took place from August 17 to 21, 2011. The six participants from five countries were SKA Saint Petersburg, Barys Astana and the host EHC Basel Sharks, and for the first time SC Bern , the Krefeld Penguins and the eventual tournament winner JYP Jyväskylä . The Board of Directors of the EHC Basel Sharks decided in 2012 not to hold the Basel Summer Ice Hockey any more.


EHC Basel has played its home games in the St. Jakob Arena since 2002 . The move from the artificial ice rink ("Kunschti") St. Margarethen was connected with the construction. The fan curve is called the "Brüglingerkurve".

Audience numbers

season Audience
National League B 2001/02 1040 1750 581
National League B 2002/03 2836 6330 1210
National League A 2003/04 3267 6612 1223
National League B 2004/05 2617 6600 956
National League A 2005/06 3366 6600 2024
National League A 2006/07 2764 4531 1714
National League A 2007/08 2358 5900 1408
National League B 2008/09 1027 3115 609
National League B 2009/10 1021 1671 669
National League B 2010/11 1363 3378 888
National League B 2011/12 1261 1494 1007
National League B 2012/13 1376 4580 1003
season Audience
National League B 2013/14 1381 3047 783
1st League Central 2014/15 730 983 387
1st League Central 2015/16 556 813 346
1st League Central 2016/17 623 975 412
MySports League 2017/18 730 1177 507
MySports League 2018/19 603 823 387
MySports League 2019/20 921 1411 670


Dany Gélinas
Surname season
Bobby Bell 1932/33
Cameron Seale 1934/35
Paul "Puzzi" Müller 1935/36 - 1936/37
Ed Peebles 1937/38 - 1938/39
Otto Rauth 1939/40 - 1941/42
Rudolf Mathys 1942/43 - 1948/49
Win Cook 1949/50
Tommy Durling 1950/51 - 1952/53
Les Anning 1953/54 - 1954/55
Ron Barr 1955/56 - 1957/58
Ed Zukiwsky 1958/59
Sandy Archer 1959/60 - 1962/63
Bibi Torriani 1963/64 - 1965/66
Peter Wiesner 1966/67
Dr. Jancuska 1967/68 - 1968/69
Kurt Sepp 1969/70 - 1972/73
Dany Malone 1973/74
Jack Stanfield
Tino Catti
Urs Dieter Jud
Surname season
Kurt Sepp 1975/76
Herbert Oberholzer 1976/77 - 1977/78
Leonard von Rohr 1978/79 - 1980/81
Robert Steffen 1981/82 - 1983/84
Toby O'Brian 1983/84
Brian Lefley
Jim Koleff
Bernie Johnston
Glen Williamson
Miroslav Berek 1986/87 - 1887/88
Kenneth Brown
Jean helper
Peter Tschudin 1988/89
Milan Mrukvia 1989/90 - 1990/91
Georg Hüttig 1991/92
Res Künzi 1992/93 - 1996/97
Larry Ruch 1997/98
Alfred Lüthi 1998/99 - 2000/01
Beat Lautenschlager 2001/02 - 2002/03
Bob Leslie 2003/04
(until Nov. 17, 2003)
Paul-André Cadieux 2003/04
Kent Ruhnke 2003/04 - 2006/07
(until December 2006)
Mike McParland 2006/07 - 2007/08
Glen Williamson
Benoît Laporte
Kari Rauhanen 2008/09 - 2009/10
Surname season
Dany Gélinas 2010/11 - 2012/13
Daniel Baur Jan – May 2013
Dino engraver 2013/14
Peter Salmik 2014-2016
Reto Waldmeier 2016/17 (Dec. 16)
Reto Gertschen 2016/17 (Dec. 16) -
2017/18 (Dec. 17)
Michael Eppler December 2017
Albert Malgin 2017/18 (Jan.18) - 2018/19
Robert Othman 2019/20
Christian Weber 2020/21

Seasonal statistics since 1984

season qualification Playoffs / playouts
1983/84 1st place MASTER
advancement NLB
1984/85 9th place 3rd round of promotion
1987/88 4th Place Playoff semi-final
1987/88 7th place -
1987/88 10th place Relegation to 1st division
1988/89 12th place Relegation to 2nd division
1989/90 2nd place 2nd round of promotion
1990/91 2nd place 3rd round of promotion
1991/92 1st place 3rd round of promotion
1992/93 1st place MASTER
Promotion 1st division
1993/94 8th place 2nd round of promotion
1994/95 5th place 4. Final round
1995/96 2nd place Playoff final
1996/97 1st place Playoff quarter-finals
1997/98 9th place 1st playout round
season qualification Playoffs / playouts
1998/99 6th place -
1999/00 1st place Playoff final
2000/01 10th place No playouts
2001/02 9th place No playouts
2002/03 2nd place MASTER
promotion in NLA
2003/04 13th place Relegation to NLB
2004/05 1st place MASTER
promotion in NLA
2005/06 6th place Playoff quarter-finals
2006/07 12th place 1st place playout
2007/08 12th place Relegation to NLB
2008/09 9th place No playouts
2009/10 8th place Playoff quarter-finals
2010/11 5th place Playoff quarter-finals
2011/12 5th place Playoff quarter-finals
2012/13 9th place No playouts
season qualification Playoffs / playouts
2013/14 6th place Playoff quarter-finals
2014/15 6th place Playoff quarter-finals
2015/16 7th place Playoff quarter-finals
2016/17 5th place Playoff quarter-finals
2017/18 10th place 2nd round of relegation
2018/19 5th place Playoff quarter-finals
2019/20 3rd place Playoff final


Individual evidence

  1. EHC Basel files for bankruptcy. In: Neue Zürcher Zeitung . June 23, 2014.

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