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Struppen municipality
Coordinates: 50 ° 56 ′ 40 ″  N , 13 ° 58 ′ 30 ″  E
Height : 220 m above sea level NN
Residents : 119
Incorporation : 1st January 1973
Postal code : 01796
Area code : 035020
Flatness (Saxony)

Flat location in Saxony

Ebenheit is a district of Struppen in the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains district in Saxony .


Flatness is located southeast of the Saxon capital Dresden in Saxon Switzerland . It lies on the eponymous Struppener or Pirnaer flatness , a plain sloping slightly to the north, between the valleys of the Elbe in the northeast and the Gottleuba in the southwest. Flatness is divided into the low-density development Place Village low flatness in the east of the hall, the 500 meters to the west of it lying hamlet of Upper flatness and three away, located in the southwestern corridor outworks .

Most of the corridors are used for agriculture, especially for fruit growing ( cultivated apples ). However, only a few inhabitants still use agriculture to earn a living. The local "Geflügelhof Struppen" specializes in keeping poultry and selling eggs. A few small craft businesses have settled in the village. There is also a volunteer fire brigade. In addition to the many historical three-sided courtyards, a stone path column from the time of Napoleon testifies to the history of the district.

The area of Ebenheit in the extreme west of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains encroaches far west into the urban area of ​​the district town of Pirna . The closest places are the Pirnaer districts Krietzschwitz in the south, Südvorstadt in the southwest, Sonnenstein in the west, Cunnersdorf in the northwest and Niedervogelgesang in the north. Only on a few 100 meters long section in the east are parcels of the Struppen district on the slope to Struppengrund, which, like flatness, belongs to the Struppen municipality.

The federal highway 172 runs through the southwest of the corridor on its section between Pirna and Königstein (Saxon Switzerland) . Another important road is the connection from Sonnenstein to Struppen (State Road 168). In between run several small streets that open up the lower flatness, upper flatness and the outbuildings and serve agricultural purposes. There is a connection to the regional bus lines of the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains (RVSOE) , in the neighboring Obervogelgesang , accessible through the Struppengrund, as well as to the Dresden S-Bahn at Pirna station .


"Nieder Ebenheit" and "Ober Ebenheit" as well as the Vorwerke "Das Himmelreich" and "Kyaus Vorwg." On a map from the Oberreitschen Atlas, mid-19th century
Seal of the community of Ebenheit near Pirna

The location was first mentioned in 1551 as “Uff der Ebendt” (“on the flatness”). The place name is of Middle High German origin, derives from the regionally widespread field name Ebenheit , which means "flat plateau" and thus means a "settlement on the plateau". In 1637 "the Ebendter" are mentioned, then in 1724 "Gardeners on the flatness". To distinguish it from the Königstein district of Ebenheit (also: "Königsteiner Ebenheit") located seven kilometers to the east, this place was called "Ebenheit bei Pirna" (also: "Pirnaische Ebenheit") in 1834.

The place was surrounded by a block and striped corridor similar to that of a win, with an area of ​​219 hectares, in which, in addition to the places Ober- and Niederebenheit with the Vorwerk Himmelreich and Rotes Gut as well as the Kyauschen Vorwerk, there were three large farms. Flatness was parish in the Marienkirche in Pirna , later in the Evangelical Lutheran Church . Parish of Pirna-Sonnenstein. The place was subordinate to the council of Pirna; Administration was the responsibility of the Pirna Office . On the basis of the rural community order of 1838 , evenness achieved its independence as a rural community . The Ebenheiter School was built in 1837 and has since been attended by the children from Niedervogelgesang and Cunnersdorf, but closed again in 1954 due to the construction of new schools in Struppen and Pirna. Since 1875, the place was part of the Pirna administration , which was renamed the Pirna district in 1939. From 1952 to 1994 Ebenheit belonged to the Pirna district , since 1973 as part of Struppen as a result of the incorporation .

Population development

year Residents
1551 6 possessed men , 1 resident
1748 17 cottagers
1834 125
1871 185
1890 223
1910 211
1925 212
1939 259
1946 270
1950 287
1964 239


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