Ernst Asper

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Ernst Asper
legal form
founding 1908
resolution 1911
Seat Küsnacht , Switzerland
management Ernst Asper
Branch Automobile manufacturer

Ernst Asper was a Swiss manufacturer of automobiles .

Company history

Ernst Asper, who previously worked at Rochet-Schneider , founded the company that bore his name in Dietikon in 1908 for the production of automobiles. The brand name was Asper . A little later, the company moved to Küsnacht . In 1910 he took over parts of Ajax AG, which had gone into liquidation . Production ended in 1911. A total of around 30 vehicles were built. One vehicle was exported to Austria .


The company manufactured vehicles with four-cylinder engines. The 40 hp engines were mounted in the front of the vehicle and powered the rear axle via a cardan shaft . The transmissions had four gears. With the round grille, the vehicles resembled the models from Delaunay-Belleville and Hotchkiss et Cie .


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