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coat of arms map
Ettelbruck Coat of Arms Location of Ettelbrück in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Basic data
View of downtown from the Nuck
View of downtown from the Nuck
State : LuxembourgLuxembourg Luxembourg
Coordinates : 49 ° 51 '  N , 6 ° 6'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 50 '44 "  N , 6 ° 6' 3"  E
Canton : Diekirch
Residents : 8926 (January 1, 2019)
Area : 15.2 km²
Population density : 588 inhabitants / km²
Postal code : 9001-9098
Municipality number: 0605
Mayor: Jean-Paul Schaaf ( CSV )
Elective system : Proportional vote

Ettelbrück ( Luxembourgish Ettelbréck , French Ettelbruck ) is a city and a municipality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg . It is the largest municipality in the canton of Diekirch with 8926 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2019). Together with the communities of Bettendorf , Colmar-Berg , Diekirch , Erpeldingen and Schieren , Ettelbrück forms the core of the Nordstad . Along with the cities of Luxembourg and Esch an der Alzette, this region is the third development pole of the Grand Duchy. The rivers Alzette , Sauer and Wark converge near Ettelbrück .


Geographical location

The city is located in the north of the Grand Duchy, in the Ösling . The city is 25 minutes from the German, 30 minutes from the Belgian and 50 minutes from the French border. Ettelbrück and the cities of Bettendorf , Colmar-Berg , Diekirch , Erpeldingen and Schieren form the core of the Nordstad .

Maps of Ettelbruek and surroundings
Maps of Ettelbruek and surroundings

City structure

The cityscape is shaped by the Alzette valley, in which the city center is located. The city is surrounded by the Haard, Kneppchen, Lopert and Nuck hills.

Ettelbrück can be divided into five quarters: Deich, Garer Quartier, Lopert, Warken and Zentrum.

The center is located in the Alzette valley and includes many shops, the pedestrian zone, the primary school and the town hall. Dike is the industrial part of the city; the stadium and the sports complex are also located there. The Garer Quartier is the station district. Warken is an almost exclusively residential area. The Lopert is the only district that is not in the valley, but was built on the hill of the same name. Except for a few dealers on the N15, it is a residential area.

With the villages of Schieren , Erpeldingen , Ingeldorf and Feulen , which surround Ettelbrück, Ettelbrück forms a center of the north of Luxembourg.


Climate diagram
Climate diagram

Luxembourg has a temperate continental climate, which is influenced by Atlantic sea winds and is characterized by mild winters and pleasant summers. The air is mostly mild and humid; the amount of precipitation is 782.2 mm; Average annual temperatures 9 ° C, in January 0.8 ° C, in July 17.5 ° C. The highest temperatures are usually recorded in July and August. At this time the average temperature is around 15-25 ° C, and it is not uncommon for 30-35 ° C to be reached.


Structure and development

The city of Ettelbrück had 8,541 inhabitants in 2016, divided into 4,843 households. These include 4,343 native Luxembourgers and naturalized residents (56.9 percent) and 3,698 people with a foreign passport (43.3 percent).

year Residents year Residents year Residents
2005 7457 2011 8013 2017 8833
2006 7504 2012 8095 2018 8735
2007 7606 2013 8278 2019 8926
2008 7714 2014 8347
2009 7700 2015 8437
2010 7831 2016 8541

Source: STATEC as of April 2, 2019


Origin and early modern times

The name of the city is probably derived from "Atilbriga", through the combination of "atil", the Celtic word for fertile earth, and "briga", the Celtic word for place, settlement. Atilbriga was the first Bronze Age settlement in the fertile Ettelbrück valley.

The following derivation is also used e.g. T. mentioned, but is much less likely: According to this, the name of the city is said to go back to the Hun king Attila (also known as "Etzel"; † 453 ). The Huns are said to have built a bridge over the river near today's municipality of Schieren, giving the later town its name. Bridge of the Etzel → Ettelbrück.

Modern times

The city had its most difficult time, like all other communities in the Ösling , during the Second World War , when the Sauer Valley formed the southern flank of the Ardennes offensive .


Station building
Station building

Ettelbrück has a stop on the connection Luxembourg – Troisvierges (-Rivages – Lüttich), which is called the Luxembourg Northern Railway . The route to Diekirch also branches off here . Nationalstrasse 15 , Nationalstrasse 7 and Nordstrasse (A7) meet in Ettelbrück .

In Ettelbrück, the CityBus runs on two fixed lines within the city .

Arts and Culture


At the end of the 1990s, a center for the arts, Center des Arts Pluriels Edouard Juncker, was opened in Ettelbrück , where theater plays and concerts are held in the conservatory.

The first performance of the Luxembourg national anthem took place in Ettelbrück on Place Marie-Adélaïde.


The most important museum is the Musée Mémorial Général Patton . It deals with the Second World War with a focus on General George S. Patton , who decisively shaped the Ardennes offensive and whom the city of Ettelbruck revered as a war hero. At the northern exit of the city there is a monument in honor of the general, who, however, never entered the city.


1940 - 1945 / In memory of the Jews from Ettelbrück - Victims of the Shoah , the trip threshold in the Grand-Rue warns .


  • General George Patton Memorial
  • General George Patton Museum
  • Stade d'Ettelbruck
  • The town hall
  • Place du marché
  • CAPE
  • Pedestrian zone
  • St. Sébastian's Church
  • Old synagogue

Reputation of the city and others

Central Psychiatry had a significant impact on the city's reputation and image. The "Geckenhaus in Ettelbrück" had a maximum occupancy of 1,300 patients at times, had a beautiful pavilion park, imposing buildings and, since the 1970s, a symbolic, uncovered concrete high-rise. As part of reform measures, today's Center Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (CHNP) consists of a psychiatric rehabilitation clinic with only around 200 beds, a smaller center for the mentally handicapped and a retirement home with affiliated psychogeriatry.

To calm the traffic situation, a bypass road was built in the early 1990s and the old main road was converted into a pedestrian zone.


Ettelbrück is one of the sporting centers of Luxembourg and is home to some important sports clubs that belong to the national top. The record champions in basketball, the BBC Etzella , the football club Etzella Ettelbrück and the swimming club SCDE (Swimming club le dauphin Ettelbruck) with the three swimmers Raphael Stachiotti , Christine Maillet and Laurent Carnol , who participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, play a special role were there.

In May 2006 Ettelbruck hosted the UEFA European U-17 Football Championship . From August 18th to 23rd, 2008 the Indiaca World Championship was held in Ettelbrück .


Born in Ettelbrück

Connected with Ettelbrück

  • Édouard Juncker (1921–1999), Mayor of Ettelbrück, politician, nurse, uncle of Jean-Claude Juncker
  • Johann-Anton Zinnen (1827–1898), composer of the Luxembourg national anthem
  • Michael Hermesdorff (1833–1885), cathedral organist and cathedral music director of Trier, musicologist, publisher of the magazine “Cäcilia” and important choral researcher, worked here from 1852 to 1855 as organist and music teacher

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