Dangerous girlfriend

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German title Dangerous girlfriend
Original title Something wild
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1986
length 108 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jonathan Demme
script E. Max Frye
production Jonathan Demme,
Edward Saxon ,
Kenneth Utt
music Laurie Anderson ,
John Cale ,
Jean Michel Jarre ,
The Feelies in The Willies
camera Tak Fujimoto
cut Craig McKay

Dangerous girlfriend (Original title: Something Wild ) is an American crime comedy from 1986. The director was Jonathan Demme , the screenplay was written by E. Max Frye . The main roles played Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith .


The rather stuffy financial expert Charles Driggs meets the mysterious femme fatale Lulu during his lunch break in a New York fast food restaurant. She invites him to come with him. They go to bed in a motel. Lulu captivates Charles doing with handcuffs to the bed, takes out his business card , the phone number of his company and calls his boss. Charles has to talk to his boss while Lulu spoils him.

The next day they both drive to Lulu's hometown, he is still handcuffed on one wrist. On the way, Lulu makes him escape from a restaurant without paying the bill, as they don't accept credit cards . At the destination, Charles learns that Lulu's real name is Audrey. She introduces Charles to her mother as her husband.

Audrey and Charles later attend a class reunion at their previous school. Audrey even invents two children there. However, both meet a friend of Charles' at the party. He tells Audrey that Charles is by no means a bachelor. Rather, his wife left him because of his best friend. All of a sudden, Ray Sinclair appears, Audrey's husband, who was in jail for several crimes but was released sooner than expected.

Ray demands Audrey go with him. In order to humiliate Charles, he invites him to go away with them. On the way he raids a gas station. But finally Audrey gets tired of the brutal behavior of her husband and escapes with Charles in his apartment.

However, Ray finds out Charles' address via the directory assistance and drives there. He knocks him down and handcuffs him to the end pipe of the kitchen sink. Then he tries to rape Audrey. But Charles rips the pipe out of its anchorage. He lunges at Ray from behind and strangles him with the chain of handcuffs. But Ray can free himself and pulls out a knife. When he tries to stab Charles, Audrey knocks the knife out of his hand with a golf club. Charles gets hold of it, Ray runs into the knife. The next scene shows the police removing Ray's body; Audrey, the wife of the victim, is being taken away for questioning.

Charles returns to his old job. He has no address from Audrey and so his search for her is initially unsuccessful. One day he goes to the fast food restaurant where he first met her. When he leaves, he meets her on the street, she has evidently been waiting for him. She is elegantly dressed, wearing a dress and a hat. They get into their car together and drive away.


Cinema describes the film as “road movie fun”, which “just bubbles over with weird and original ideas”. In the last third it becomes a "gripping thriller". Cinema's conclusion was: "A fast trip with wit and bite."

Prisma described the film as "brilliant" and "excellent entertainment", but criticized the slowdown in the pace towards the end of the film.


Melanie Griffith (best leading actress), Jeff Daniels (best leading actor) and Ray Liotta (best supporting actor) were nominated for the 1987 Golden Globe Award . E. Max Frye won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for the script . Ray Liotta received the Boston Society of Film Critics Award (Best Supporting Actor) for his performance . The film won the Artios Award from the Casting Society of America .

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