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Johannes Schreiter (born March 8, 1930 in Buchholz , Saxony) is a German painter, graphic artist and glass artist.


Schreiter was born in 1930 in Buchholz in the Ore Mountains . After high school he began to study fine arts instead of the original plan of studying music. From 1949 to 1957 he studied in Münster, Mainz and Berlin, this made possible a scholarship from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung . In 1959 Johannes Schreiter invented the brand collage or fumage collage.

From 1960 to 1963 he was in charge of the “Area” department at the State Art Academy in Bremen . From 1963 to 1987 he was professor at the State University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main , from 1971 to 1974 its rector. Johannes Schreiter is a member of the German Association of Artists . Today he lives in Langen (Hessen) and has been an honorary citizen of the city since November 2013 .


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year place plant
1959-1960 Kitzingen Catholic parish church of St. John the Baptist, choir window
1960 Burgstadt Church of St. Margareten, triangular window, symbol of the eye of God
1960 Burgstadt St. Margareten church, Marienkapelle, glass mosaic
1962 Osnabrück Melanchthon Church
1965 Leutesdorf Blue chapel
1977 Limburg on the Lahn St. Mary , Diocesan Center St. Nicholas , 8 stained glass windows
1978 Dortmund Marienkirche , choir, Marienaltar
1980 Frankfurt am Main Mariahilf Church
1984 Heidelberg Holy Spirit Church
1985 Munster-Coerde Andreas Church
1987 Luneburg St. Nicolai Church , choir window
1992-2000 Goslar Market Church of St. Cosmas and Damian
1992, 2015 Osnabrück St. Mary
1995 Prenzlau Marienkirche , stained glass window "Destruction and Reconstruction"
1997-1998 Goettingen St. Jacobi Church , meditation on the 22nd Psalm, 5 windows
2001 Ulm Ulm Minster , World Hazard Window
2001 Ulm Ulm Minster , world completion window
2002 Stuttgart Collegiate Church , window of the main Christian festivals, draft
2002? Buchloe House of Encounter, twelve-part cycle of stained glass windows
2002-2003 Kiel Nikolaikirche , baptistery / room of silence, four windows
2003 Fluff St. Andrew
2003 St. Ingbert Christ Church
2003 Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein Holy cross
2006 Stralsund St. Nikolai , Greiffenheim Chapel
2006, 2010–2012 Heidelberg Peterskirche , cycle with nine windows
2007 Mainz Mainz Cathedral , Sacrament Chapel
2008 augsburg Augsburg , west choir, three glass windows. Production by mouth blow molding: Glashütte Lamberts. Installation: Derix Glasstudio , 2010.
2009 Planegg Maria Eich , pilgrimage church
2012 Heidelberg Diakoniekirche of the Evangelical Chapel Congregation, two windows in the chancel
2013 Langen (Hesse) Catholic Church of St. Albertus Magnus, two 1.90 m × 2.30 m large glass windows.
2014 Heidelberg Diakoniekirche of the Evangelical Kapellengemeinde, four paraments for the church year
2016 Langen (Hesse) Evangelical town church.
2017 Lousy Protestant church, Schreiter cycle with five windows in the chancel, which essentially show the crucifixion, resurrection, the Emmaus story and the order of mission.

Glass / works / long

In the basement of the Neue Stadthalle Langen there has been a 200 m² gallery since 2009, in which around 50 works by Schreiter and other artists such as Brian Clarke , Klaus Zimmer and Lukas Derow are exhibited.


In 2008, Schreiter published a two-volume publication entitled Wortfenster , which provides insights into his world of ideas in art- historical essays, essays and lectures. The books come with a CD with a sermon by the staunch Christian and nine pieces of music that Schreiter composed in the 1940s, but which were long lost and have now been published for the first time.



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  • Eick Hoemann, Peter Rippl: The glass painter. 2011 (73 min.)

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