Kiesinger cabinet

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Kiesinger cabinet
Kurt Georg Kiesinger
Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger
choice no
Legislative period 5.
Appointed by Federal President Heinrich Lübke
education 1st December 1966
The End 20th October 1969
Duration 2 years and 323 days
predecessor Cabinet Erhard II
successor Brandt I cabinet
Party (s) CDU, CSU, SPD
German Bundestag
Opposition leader Knut von Kühlmann-Stumm ( FDP )
until January 23, 1968;
Wolfgang Mischnick (FDP)
from January 23, 1968

The Kiesinger cabinet was the German federal government in office from December 1, 1966 to October 21, 1969 in the fifth legislative period . It was the first grand coalition at the federal level in the Federal Republic. For the first time since 1930 , the SPD had government responsibility again. Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor Willy Brandt had also been the SPD chairman since February 1964 .


Kiesinger Cabinet - December 1, 1966 to October 20, 1969 (responsible for running the business until October
22, 1969 )
Office photo Surname Political party Parliamentary State Secretary
or Minister of State
Political party
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F024017-0001, Oberhausen, CDU party convention Rhineland, Kiesinger.jpg
Kurt Georg Kiesinger
CDU Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg
(1921–1972) from April 17, 1967
Vice Chancellor
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F057884-0009, Willy Brandt.jpg
Willy Brandt
Foreign Gerhard Jahn
(1927–1998) from April 12, 1967
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F013272-0041, Bonn, BMWo, Conference of Housing Experts.jpg
Paul Lücke
until April 2, 1968
CDU Ernst Benda
(1925–2009) April 12, 1967 to April 2, 1968 Heinrich Köppler (1925–1980) from April 19, 1968

Federal archive B 145 Bild-F041440-0013, Hamburg, CDU federal party conference, Ernst Benda.jpg
Ernst Benda
from April 2, 1968
Federal Archives Picture 146-2007-0037, Gustav Heinemann.jpg
Gustav Heinemann
until March 26, 1969
SPD - -
Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F041575-0018, Horst Ehmke at press conference.jpg
Horst Ehmke
Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss (4909816836) .jpg
Franz Josef Strauss
CSU Albert Leicht
(1922–1994) from April 12, 1967
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F029983-0017, Bonn, SPD press conference, Karl Schiller.jpg
Karl Schiller
SPD Klaus Dieter Arndt
(1927–1974) from April 12, 1967
Food, Agriculture and Forestry
Federal Archives Image 183-92106-0011, Hermann Höcherl.jpg
Hermann Höcherl
CSU - -
Work and social order
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F054626-0005, Ludwigshafen, CDU federal party conference, Katzer.jpg
Hans Katzer
CDU - -
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F008145-0002, Gerhard Schröder.jpg
Gerhard Schröder
CDU Eduard Adorno
(1920–2000) from April 19, 1967
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F039419-0005, Hanover, SPD federal party conference, Leber.jpg
Georg Leber
SPD Holger Börner
(1931–2006) from April 12, 1967
Post and telecommunications
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F054635-0014, Ludwigshafen, CDU federal party conference, Dollinger.jpg
Werner Dollinger
CSU - -
Housing and urban planning
De Duitse minister van verkeer Lauritzen spreekt tijdens de opening, inventory number 926-8231.jpg
Lauritz Lauritzen
SPD - -
Displaced persons, refugees and war victims
Defense Minister Kai Uwe von Hassel (4909218489) .jpg
Kai-Uwe von Hassel
until February 5, 1969
CDU - -
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F038043-0008, Wiesbaden, CDU party conference, Windelen.jpg
Heinrich Windelen
from February 7, 1969
All-German questions
Bundesarchiv Bild 175-Z02-00866, Herbert Wehner.jpg
Herbert Wehner
SPD - -
Federal Council and states
Carlo Schmid (1963) .jpg
Carlo Schmid
SPD - -
Scientific Research
Bundesarchiv B 145 Image F021353-0001, Gerhard Stoltenberg.jpg
Gerhard Stoltenberg
CDU - -
Family and youth
Bruno Heck.jpg
Bruno Heck
until October 2, 1968
CDU - -
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F029560-0027, Essen, CDU Bundestag election congress, Brauksiepe.jpg
Aenne Brauksiepe
from October 16, 1968
Kurt Schmücker1.jpg
Kurt Schmücker
CDU - -
Silver - replace this image female.svg
Kate Strobel
SPD - -
Economic Cooperation
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F048646-0003, Dortmund, SPD party conference, Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski.jpg
Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski
until October 2, 1968
SPD - -
Federal archive B 145 Bild-F039410-0008, Hanover, SPD federal party conference, Eppler.jpg
Erhard Eppler
from October 16, 1968

Formation of government after Erhard's resignation

After the federal election in 1965 , the CDU, CSU and FDP initially continued the joint government under Federal Chancellor Ludwig Erhard . A year later, a leadership crisis culminated in the CDU and CDU parliamentary group, triggered among other things by the poor election result of the CDU in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia on July 10, 1966 . On November 10, 1966, the Union nominated Kurt Georg Kiesinger as a new candidate for chancellor. After the failure of renewed coalition negotiations with the FDP, a grand coalition was formed ; the Kiesinger cabinet took office on December 1, 1966.

The SPD would also have had a majority in the Bundestag with the FDP (217 plus 50 seats; the Union had 251 seats). Parts of the FDP rejected this, however. Therefore, the SPD was concerned that the narrow majority would not be enough to elect Willy Brandt as Federal Chancellor.

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