Klaus Grünberg

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Klaus Grünberg (born November 20, 1941 in Wismar ) is a German actor .


Klaus Grünberg grew up in Wismar in the GDR until he was 15 and then moved to the Federal Republic. His acting training took place in Berlin. After his first theater engagements at the Landestheater Coburg and the Staatstheater Kassel , he took on demanding roles in German television films, a. a. in Die Letzen (based on the play Die Lesten by Maxim Gorki ) directed by Oswald Döpke (1967) and Shifts based on the script by Max von der Grün directed by Hans-Dieter Schwarze (1968). In 1969 the international breakthrough came with the film More , directed by Barbet Schroeder . National and international film and television appearances followed.


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