Mary Anne Krupsak

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Mary Anne Krupsak (born March 26, 1932 in Schenectady , New York ) is an American lawyer and politician ( Democratic Party ). She is the daughter of Ambrose M. Krupczak and Mamie (Wytrwal) Krupczak.


Mary Anne Krupsak grew up in Amsterdam, New York, where her parents ran a pharmacy and her father was a Democratic member of the Board of Supervisors of Montgomery County .

Krupsak also decided to pursue a political career. She served two terms in the New York State Assembly and one in the New York Senate . Then in 1974 she ran for the office of Lieutenant Governor of New York. As running mate of Hugh Carey elected, she was upset about how she treated Carey in office because they did not fill demanded enough. After deciding to run for a second term, Krupsak decided to steal the electoral list and instead challenged Carey in the democratic nomination for governor. She lost the area code to Carey and after an unsuccessful attempt for theUS Congress withdrew them from politics.

She was then a senior partner at Krupsak and Mahoney, PC , prosecutor in Albany, New York, and senior partner and co-founder of Krupsak, Wass de Czege and Associates , an economic development consulting company founded in Buffalo, New York.

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