Martin H. Glynn

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Martin H. Glynn

Martin Henry Glynn (born September 27, 1871 in Valatie , Columbia County , New York , † December 14, 1924 in Albany , New York) was an American politician ( Democratic Party ) and governor of the state of New York.

Glynn, a graduate of Fordham University and Albany Law School , initially worked as a writer for the Albany Times-Union ; later he became the editor and owner of this newspaper.

He was a member of the US House of Representatives from 1899 to 1901, served as New York State Comptroller from 1907 to 1908, and took up the post of Vice Governor of New York in 1913 . In the same year he became governor after William Sulzer had been removed from office. Glynn was New York's first Catholic governor and served until 1914. He died of suicide on December 14, 1924 , after suffering from chronic pain throughout his adult life.

Article publication

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! (The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!) Is an article by Glynn that appeared in the October 31, 1919 issue of The American Hebrew newspaper . Glynn already uses the expression " Holocaust " at this early date, among other things he writes: In this threatened holocaust of human life ... ( German : In view of the threatened annihilation of human life ...). Glynn also stated that six million men and women in Eastern Europe are threatened with starvation.

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