Thomas G. Alvord

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Thomas G. Alvord (1894)

Thomas Gold Alvord (born December 20, 1810 in Onondaga , Onondaga County , New York , † October 26, 1897 in Syracuse , New York) was an American lawyer, trader and politician. As a result of his political activities he became known as "Old Salt".


His family moved to Lansingburgh , Rensselaer County , in 1813 . He graduated from Yale College in 1828 . He then studied law with the later US MPs Thomas A. Tomlinson and George A. Simmons in Keeseville , got his license to practice law in 1832 and then began to practice in Salina . In 1846 he worked as a tree timber dealer.

Alvord began his political career as a Democrat , then joined the Free Soil Party with Samuel J. Tilden in 1848, and was then re-elected as a Democrat to the New York State Assembly in 1858 . After the Fort Sumter incident in 1861, he became a Union Democrat and presided over the Union Convention in Syracuse. He was nominated for the Assembly, confirmed by the Republicans , and elected unopposed. For the term of office of 1864 he was elected as a Republican and remained a member of that party from then on.

He represented Onondaga County in the New York State Assembly from 1844 to 1853, 1858, 1861, 1864, 1870 to 1872 and again from 1875 to 1882. During this time he held the post of Speaker in 1858, 1864 and 1879 . Between 1865 and 1866 he held the office of lieutenant governor of New York. Then he served as a delegate to the New York Constituent Assembly in 1867 and 1894 , where he was elected vice president on both occasions.

He died in Syracuse in 1897 and was buried there in Oakwood Cemetery .


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