New Zealand State Highway 4

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State Highway SH4 in New Zealand
New Zealand State Highway 4
Course of the S 4
Basic data
Operator: New Zealand Transport Agency
Start of the street: Eight Mile Junction
( 38 ° 25 ′  S , 175 ° 7 ′  E )
End of street: Wanganui
( 39 ° 57 ′  S , 175 ° 3 ′  E )
Overall length: 237 km

Regions :

The New Zealand State Highway 4 ( State Highway 4 or SH 4 for short ) is a trunk road of national importance on the North Island of New Zealand .


The trunk road has a length of 237 km, making it the shortest of the former eight national state highways . The road runs in a north-south direction through the hill country in the interior and forms a shortcut between the two junctions of State Highway 3 about 9 km southwest of Te Kuiti and directly east of Wanganui . State Highway 3 runs along the coast through the Taranaki region between the two connections . The kilometers run from north to south.


The road branches off in Eight Mile Junction eleven kilometers south of Te Kuiti , from State Highway 3 from. The road runs in a south-southeast direction, ascending first and then descending again through the winding valleys of the Ohura and Ongarue Rivers , two tributaries of the Whanganui River . The Ongarue flows into the Whanganui near Taumarunui , from there the road turns shortly to the east and follows the Whanganui valley upstream. Now the highway turns to the south and grazes the edge of Mount Ruapehu , whose volcanic peaks are clearly visible from SH 4 , especially the southernmost peak.

In Horopito , the road swings briefly to the southwest to follow a tributary of the Maungawhero River to its mouth near Raetihi . The highway continues along the Maungawhero valley until 40 km before its mouth. From there it runs west through hill country to the valley of the Whanganui River , which it follows for the last 15 km to Wanganui .

Important junctions

District place km Connection after Remarks
Waitomo District Eight Mile Junction 0 State Highway 3 NZ.svg SH 3 north of
SH 4 begins
State Highway 3 NZ.svgSH 3 south of
New Plymouth
Ruapehu District Taumarunui 70 State Highway 43 NZ.svg SH 43
( Kururau Road )
Whanganui River
Manunui 77 State Highway 41 NZ.svg SH 41
National Park 114 State Highway 47 NZ.svg SH 47
Tohunga Junction 140 State Highway 49 NZ.svg SH 49
Ohakune , Waiouru
Whanganui District Putiki 237 State Highway 3 NZ.svgSH 3 north of
Wanganui , New Plymouth
SH 4 ends
State Highway 3 NZ.svgSH 3 south of
Palmerston North

Individual evidence

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