Papetiers de Windsor

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Papetiers de Windsor
founding 1996
resolution 2003
history Papetiers de Windsor
Lacroix de Windsor
Saint-François de Sherbrooke
Wild de Windsor
Cornwall River Kings
since 2012
Location Windsor , Quebec
league Québec Semi-Pro Hockey League
Coupes Canam no

The Papetiers de Windsor ( English Windsor Papetiers ) were a Canadian ice hockey team from Windsor , Québec . The team played in the Québec Semi-Pro Hockey League from 1996 to 2003 .


The Papetiers de Windsor were founded in 1996 as a franchise of the Québec Semi-Pro Hockey League , which was held for the first time . In its seven-year existence, the team belonged to the mediocre of the league, as they always finished the regular season between 3rd and 7th place. The greatest success in the play-offs for the Coupe Futura was reaching the second round in the 2002/03 season. In the summer of 2001 the team name was changed to Lacroix de Windsor. The team kept this until they moved to Sherbrooke following the 2002/03 season, where they have been participating in the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey game under the name Saint-François de Sherbrooke since then . The Québec Semi-Pro Hockey League changed its name in 2004 due to the increasing professionalism of its participants. The franchise returned to Windsor at the start of the 2011/12 season and has been playing under the name Wild de Windsor ever since .

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Games: 174 Fabien PerrasCanadaCanada
Goals: 62 Fabien PerrasCanadaCanada
Assists: 130 Fabien PerrasCanadaCanada
Points: 192 Fabien PerrasCanadaCanada
Penalty minutes: 903 Rock IsabelCanadaCanada

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