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Piesting near Sollenau (bridge on Wiener Neustädter Strasse)

Piesting near Sollenau (bridge on Wiener Neustädter Strasse )

location Gutenstein Alps / Vienna Basin , Lower Austria
River system Danube
Drain over Fischa  → Danube  → Black Sea
source north of Schneeberg
47 ° 47 ′ 36 ″  N , 15 ° 48 ′ 53 ″  E
Source height approx.  1180  m above sea level A.
muzzle at Gramatneusiedl in the Fischa coordinates: 48 ° 1 '12 "  N , 16 ° 29' 40"  E 48 ° 1 '12 "  N , 16 ° 29' 40"  E
Mouth height 177  m above sea level A.
Height difference approx. 1003 m
Bottom slope approx. 11 ‰
length 90 km
Catchment area 348.4 km²
Left tributaries Steinapiesting , Myrabach
Right tributaries Längapiesting , Miesenbach
Small towns Ebreichsdorf
Drainage also via Tirolerbach

The Piesting is a river in southern Lower Austria . The valley west of the thermal line in the Gutenstein Alps is known as the Piestingtal .

Landscape and run

The Piesting rises north of the Schneeberg and alternatively has the incorrect name Kalter Gang (see below ). This designation can already be read in the Josephinische Landesaufnahme and in the Franziszeische Cadastre . An earlier name for the upper course is Klosterbach . After crossing the Klostertal, in the local area of Gutenstein, the river converges with the Steinapiesting , which rises in the central Gutenstein Alps, and the Längapiesting , which arises on the Gobenzsattel northwest of the Dürren Wand .

In Pernitz the Myrabach flows into the Piesting. Between the Hohen Mandling  (967 m) in the north and the Großer Kitzberg  (771 m) in the south, the Piesting breaks through the Quarb , a rocky valley, and flows further east through Markt Piesting and Wöllersdorf into the Vienna Basin , more precisely into the Steinfeld , which is partly consists of the Wöllersdorf gravel fan poured by the Piesting itself. The Piesting flows into the Fischa in the Moist Plain near Gramatneusiedl .


The mean water flow at the Oed gauge is around 2.7 m³ / s, at the Wöllersdorf gauge 3.3 m³ / s. During the last major flood events, 88 m³ / s (June 7, 2002) and 78 m³ / s (July 8, 1997) were measured at the Oed gauge.

It used to be assumed that part of the Piesting water at Ebreichsdorf flows underground into the Kalten Gang , which flows into the Schwechat . According to recent studies, however, the Cold Gang is an independent groundwater flow, which is not fed by the same except during extreme Piesting floods. The name Kalter Gang was incorrectly retained in official maps for the upper and middle reaches to Ebreichsdorf or at least the upper reaches to Gutenstein.

At Wöllersdorf , Piesting water is taken from the Tirolerbach for artificial irrigation.


The Gutensteiner Straße B21 , the Gutensteinerbahn and the Biedermeier cycle path lead through the Piestingtal .

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