Gutenstein Alps

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Gutenstein Alps
Highest peak Reisalpe ( 1399  m above sea level )
location Lower Austria
part of Northern Limestone Alps
Classification according to AVE  23, Trimmel  1860
Gutenstein Alps (Austria)
Gutenstein Alps
Coordinates 47 ° 57 '  N , 15 ° 39'  E Coordinates: 47 ° 57 '  N , 15 ° 39'  E
Gutensteiner Alps in Gutenstein.jpg

The Gutenstein Alps are a mountain group in the Eastern Alps . They form the northeastern part of the Northern Limestone Alps , where heights of over 1000 m can still be reached. The highest peak is the Reisalpe (1399 m).


The Kleinzeller Hinteralm on the north side of the Reisalpe
Pine and spruce forest on the Almeskogel ( 1061  m ); in the background the Unterberg; in the middle distance the Kieneck ( 1106  m )

The Gutenstein Alps are separated from the Vienna Woods in the north by the Gölsen and Triesting valleys; in the east they come up against the Vienna Basin . The demarcation to the Rax-Schneeberg-Gruppe in the south forms the valley of the Sierningbach between Ternitz and Puchberg am Schneeberg , the saddle at the Mamauwiese and the Voisbach and Schwarzatal . In the west, from the Seebach near St. Aegyd am Neuwalde , the border to the Türnitz Alps runs along the Unrecht-Traisen and the Traisen .

By Gutensteiner Alps extends from the saddle transition Wassertal-Seebach to Gerichtsberg the Alpenhauptkamm along line Haselstein - Ochsattel - Hegerberg - Cold Kuchl - Yoke - Unterberg - Kieneck . The mountain range is drained to the north by the Traisen and Gölsen , and to the south by the Schwarza , Piesting and Triesting .

In Ebenwald, municipality of Kleinzell, there is the northernmost mountain in the Alps with a height of over 1000 m, the Sengenebenberg (1104 m). The Bromberg (1078 m) is also the easternmost one-thousand-meter peak in the Alps on the Hohe Wand .

List of peaks by Schartenhöhe

No. summit Height (m) Notch height (m)
1. Reisalpe 1399 637
2. Handlesberg 1370 606
3. Unterberg 1342 564
4th Hinteralm ( ) 1311 401
5. Plackles 1132 392
6th Yoke type 1266 386
7th Hutberg ( ) 1170 382
8th. Hegerberg 1179 375
9. Hocheck 1037 337
10. Kienberg ( ) 1015 337
11. High Mandling 967 337
12. Höhenberg ( ) 1027 307
13. Grössenberg ( ) 1102 297
14th Hochstaff 1305 293
15th Gemeindealpe ( ) 1005 269
16. Catherine's strike 1222 261
17th Fog stone ( ) 1009 259


According to Trimmel (1860, in AVE  23), as a subgroup of the Lower Austrian Limestone Alps  (1800), the Gutenstein Alps are divided into nine subgroups:
In the north, from west to east:

South of the main Alpine ridge, from west to east:

Form the transition to the Vienna Basin :


The majority of the Gutenstein Alps consists of limestone from the Eastern Alpine nappe pile , in particular Gutenstein limestone and dolomite from the lower and middle Triassic . These relatively coarse-grained rocks almost always have a clear bank and sometimes colored layers. Conglomerate rocks from the Cretaceous period can also be found in the southeast and northwest . The Gutenstein dolomite also got its name from its occurrence in this region . It can be fine or coarse-grained and contain pebbly or clayey components. The gray to brown, mostly banked sediment originated in Triassic lagoons and is related to the colored dolomite . Its very variable characteristics are widespread to the west and beyond the Dachstein Mountains .

Numerous caves can be found in the limestone; of these, the Einhornhöhle near Dreistetten , the Eisensteinhöhle near Brunn an der Schneebergbahn and the Lange Loch (Flatzer stalactite cave) near Flatz (Ternitz municipality) are generally accessible.

Communities and landscape

With the exception of the Piestingtal (communities Gutenstein , Pernitz , Markt Piesting ) and the Puchberger Basin, only the valleys on the edge of the Gutenstein Alps and the flatlands on the eastern edge are densely populated. Important places are Traisen , Hainfeld and Berndorf in the north, Wöllersdorf , Neunkirchen and Ternitz in the east and St. Aegyd am Neuwalde and Lilienfeld in the west.

Most of the Gutenstein Alps are densely forested and are used for forestry. At higher altitudes one can find mainly spruce and larch , at lower altitudes beeches and in dry locations pine trees . The district of Lilienfeld , which includes the northwestern part of the Gutenstein Alps, has the largest share of forest area of ​​all districts in Austria.


The Gutenstein Alps are an important recreational area for the population of the greater Vienna , Wiener Neustadt and St. Pölten areas . Above all, the Hohe Wand in the east is made accessible by a multitude of paths, climbing routes and some via ferratas as well as numerous mountain inns and shelters. Popular excursion destinations are also the Myra Falls and the Steinwandklamm (between Pernitz and Furth ). There are ski areas in the area of ​​the Muckenkogel near Lilienfeld and on the southeast slopes of the Unterberg .


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