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Federal district Ural
Oblast Kurgan
Rajon Safakulewski
head Ryaschap Rakhimov
Founded 1782
Earlier names Safakulowa
population 3629 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Height of the center 180  m
Time zone UTC + 5
Telephone code (+7) 35243
Post Code 641080
License Plate 45
OKATO 37 232 828 001
Geographical location
Coordinates 55 ° 0 ′  N , 62 ° 33 ′  E Coordinates: 54 ° 59 ′ 30 ″  N , 62 ° 32 ′ 30 ″  E
Safakulevo (Russia)
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Situation in Russia
Safakulevo (Kurgan Oblast)
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Location in Kurgan Oblast

Safakulewo ( Russian Сафаку́лево ; Tatar and Bashkir Сафакүл , Safakül ) is a village (selo) in the Kurgan Oblast in Russia with 3629 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010).


The place is about 190 km as the crow flies west-south-west of the Kurgan Oblast Administrative Center and 75 km east- south- east of Chelyabinsk in the south-west of the West Siberian lowlands . It is located on the Kaksarly, Kamyshovo and Safakulewo salt lakes without any drainage.

Safakulewo is the administrative center of Safakulewski Rajons and the seat of the rural community (selskoje posselenije) Safakulewski selsowet, which also includes the village of Kirejewka 7 km west-northwest.


The village was founded by Tatars in 1782 and, like one of the lakes there, was named after the first settler Safa Jumagulow ( Safakül means "Safa Lake" in Tatar as in Bashkir), initially officially in the Russified form Safakulowa. The village of Kaksarlina (also Barangulowa ) was built nearby .

In 1919 the villages became part of the Jalanski canton of the Bashkir ASSR , initially in the 40 km east-southeast village of Tanrykulowo , from March 7, 1922 in Paramonowo , 70 km south-south-west. After the canton was detached from the Bashkir autonomous region on June 14, 1922, Safakulewo belonged to the newly formed Sart-Kalmykski rajon with its seat in the village of Suljuklino (9 km southeast) from its division in November 1923 . On April 7, 1924, the name was changed to Jalanski rajon and the administrative headquarters were relocated to Martynowka (9 km south-southwest). From September 15, 1926 Safakulewo - with the somewhat smaller Kaksarlina incorporated at that time - became the administrative center of the Rajon. On April 20, 1930, it was renamed Jalano-Kataiski rajon and in November 1940 it was divided into the Safakulewski rajon and the Almenewski rajon , based in Almenewo .

To this day the village is predominantly inhabited by Tatars (a good two thirds of the population); other villages of the raion are mostly Bashkir , some Russian .

Population development

year Residents
1897 1594
1926 1745
1939 2053
1959 2802
1970 3511
1979 3853
1989 4557
2002 4286
2010 3629

Note: census data (up to 1926 sum of the population of Safakulewo and Kaksarlina)


After Safakulewo the regional road 37K-0012, the km north-north-eastern during 30 carries Shchuchye by the federal highway R254 Irtysh (formerly M51) Chelyabinsk - Omsk  - Novosibirsk branches. There is also the nearest train station on the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Railway Samara  - Chelyabinsk - Omsk. Initially via the 37N-1703 to the southwest, there is a connection from Safakulewo to the neighboring Chelyabinsk Oblast in the direction of Jetkul .

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