Stephan von Seiboldsdorf

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Stephan von Seiboldsdorf on a painting in the Fürstengang Freising
The coat of arms of Stephan von Seiboldsdorf in the Fürstengang Freising

Stephan von Seiboldsdorf (* approx. 1580 ; † January 16, 1618 in Freising ) was Prince-Bishop of Freising from 1612 until his death .

His predecessor Ernst von Bayern was not only Prince-Bishop of Freising, but also Archbishop of Cologne and Bishop of Munster, Liège and Hildesheim. While in all other dioceses Ferdinand von Bayern was the successor of Ernst von Bayern, Stephan von Seiboldsdorf was appointed Bishop of Freising on May 7, 1612. He died surprisingly on January 16, 1618 in Freising.

predecessor Office successor
Ernst of Bavaria Bishop of Freising
Veit Adam von Gepeckh