Leo Lösch von Hilkertshausen

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Leo Lösch von Hilkertshausen on a painting in the Fürstengang Freising
The coat of arms of Leo Lösch von Hilkertshausen in the Fürstengang Freising

Leo Lösch von Hilkertshausen († 1559 ) was Freising Prince-Bishop (49th Bishop of Freising ) from 1552 to 1559.


Leo came from the noble family of Lösch von Hilkertshausen, who lived in Hilgertshausen near Dachau . His father was the Bavarian Chancellor Augustin Lösch , his mother Anna von Thann. He was canon of Freising and Passau , provost of Moosburg and Isen and later cathedral provost of Freising. Since 1552 was the bishop of Freising. With the support of the Bavarian Duke Albrecht V, he promoted the Counter Reformation in his diocese. During his term of office there was a religious peace in Augsburg in 1555 .

predecessor Office successor
Heinrich of the Palatinate Bishop of Freising
Moritz von Sandizell