Systematics of multicellular animals

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In this system of animals , a classification of all multicellular animals (Metazoa) should be carried out except for all recent phyla . The most important classes are also mentioned. Further sub-systems can then be found in the relevant sub-groups .

Aplysina aerophoba from the class of horned silica sponges
Ear jellyfish ( Aurelia aurita )
Polychaete (Polychaeta)
Roman snail
( Helix pomatia )
Lingula anatina (example of the trunk of the armwort )
Vierfleckkspider ( Araneus quadratus )
Garden beetle ( Phyllopertha horticola )
Common starfish
( Asterias rubens )
Nose ( Chondrostoma nasus )
The person ( children )


Individual evidence

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