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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Code name Kidon
Country of production Austria
original language German
length 87 minutes
classification Episode 930 ( list )
First broadcast January 4, 2015 on SRF 1 , Das Erste , ORF 2
Director Thomas Roth
script Max Gruber
production Burkhard WR Ernst ,
Konstantin Seitz
music Lothar Scherpe
camera Jo Molitoris
cut Frank Soiron

The code name Kidon is a television film from the crime series Tatort , which premiered on January 4, 2015 on the First . It is the 930th episode in the series, the 34th case of the Austrian investigator Moritz Eisner and the tenth case of the Eisner / Fellner investigative team.


The Iranian diplomat and nuclear physicist Dr. Bansari falls apparently with suicidal intent from the top floor of a Viennese luxury hotel. Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner investigate the question of why a suicide should have bought expensive opera tickets for a matinee beforehand . But the evidence of the dead man, laptop and mobile phone, was confiscated by a representative of the Iranian embassy. During their investigation, the police come across the activities of a special Mossad unit , which under the code name Kidon has recently caused a number of unexplained deaths of various people on the Iranian nuclear program .

Sara Gilani, allegedly Bansari's secret lover, contacts the investigators. At a meeting in a Viennese coffee house , she uses a trick to install a Trojan on Eisner's mobile phone without being noticed. The Trojan sends all calls and position data even when the phone is inactive, so that the Israeli killer squad, which Gilani actually belongs to, is constantly informed of all investigators' activities. In addition, they pass Eisner the address of a conspiratorial apartment of the assassins, where he finds evidence of another attack, which does not provide any information about the planned victim.

Forensic doctor Dr. Resnik informs Eisner that she has found features on the dead man's chest that indicate the use of a taser . So the Iranian could have been drugged and then pushed out the window. However, this cannot be proven, since the Iranian embassy has already had Bansari's body collected. Through the surveillance video of the luxury hotel, the policemen track down the shady lobbyist Graf Trachtenfels-Lissé, who is also known for illegal arms deals. He openly admits that he did business with Bansari, which, however, was strictly legal. Because of his position and the legal wall that surrounds him, the investigators can do little against him. The count, on the other hand, lets his relationships play out in order to put as many obstacles as possible in the way of the investigators. So Eisner ends up in a traffic control organized by Trachtenfels , where he refuses to work and has to justify himself to the supervisory authority .

Finally, Eisner and Fellner find out that the Count's last deal was about pump valves. These are supposed to reach Iran via third countries and are there supposedly for energy supply plants, but in truth for the nuclear program there, a business that is subject to export bans in most other EU countries . A freight train with several thousand valves is already on its way to Slovakia , but after several unsuccessful attempts, the police can stop it shortly before the border. The suspect Count Trachtenfels is taken into police custody and is now to be held legally responsible, but his lawyers get him bailed the next day. Complacently, he protests his innocence in front of the waiting press, and after he explains to Eisner in his own arrogance that he could never win, Gilani shoots him in his limousine from a passing motorcycle.

It is clear to Eisner that Trachtenfels was the planned next victim of Kidon and that after Bansari they have now turned him off in order to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. During the entire investigation, the Kidon police were manipulated in order to prevent the valves from being delivered.


The film was shot in Vienna from February 21, 2013 to March 23, 2013.

The film title contains the Hebrew word kidon , which literally means bayonet or spearhead and designates a special department of the Israeli secret service Mossad that carries out assassinations under the highest level of secrecy.

In the opening credits of the film, the names of the actors and staff can be read in Arabic script .

According to The Chinese Princess, the episode shows one of the fastest body finds in the history of the television series with 62 seconds.


Audience ratings

The first broadcast of the code name Kidon on January 4, 2015 was seen by 8.44 million viewers in Germany and achieved a market share of 22.8% for Das Erste .


“The scenario in this crime thriller is entirely plausible, there are many references to real events in the conflict over Iran's nuclear efforts. And yet the 'crime scene' […] this time does not achieve the painful impact and socio-political density as in the episodes of the last two years, such as the prostitution panorama ' Counted ', which was awarded the Grimme Prize in 2014. "

“The world conspiracy is so huge that Eisner and Fellner seem unusually cozy this time with their warmth, their grant and their blues. You get annoyed with district police officers and talk forever on the manipulated cell phone, which always makes such strange noises. That doesn't seem as intense as in previous ORF episodes - and sometimes expected. "


  • 2015: Romy in the category Best Director TV Film

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