Crime scene: When women eat oysters

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title When women eat oysters
Country of production Germany
original language German
Bavarian radio
length 87 minutes
classification Episode 542 ( List )
First broadcast October 12, 2003 on Das Erste
Director Klaus Emmerich
script Peter Probst
production Veith von Fürstenberg
music Irmin Schmidt
camera Theo Bierkens
cut Christel Suckow

When Women Eat Oysters is a TV movie from the crime series Tatort . The report produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk under the direction of Klaus Emmerich was broadcast for the first time on October 12, 2003 as the 35th case by the Munich investigative team Batic and Leitmayr in the first program of ARD .


The successful literary agent Ira Kusmansky invited eight of the greatest star authors from her literary agency to an exquisite oyster meal. In the luxurious house, book authors of the most varied genres have appeared, who dragged on each other in the course of the evening. So they hardly notice that the women's rights expert Anna Stahlberg-Zeulig is withdrawing because she is visibly uncomfortable. While the ladies party cheerfully, the inspectors Batic and Leitmayr appear. Stahlberg-Zeulig had called the police in agony, and they actually found them dead in an adjoining room. The lady of the house is shocked, but more about the fact that the police are disrupting her celebration than that one of her authors, who is currently not very successful, has died. The forensics department finds a synthetic poison on one of the oyster shells, which brings the entire group of women into the focus of the investigation. As the commissioners learn, Ira Kusmansky planned to award one of their authors a lucrative contract with an expected multi-million dollar salary. For this, however, the victim was eliminated from the start.

The questioning of the mother of the victim brings a reference to the editor Barbara Gerhard, with whom Stahlberg-Zeulig supposedly did not get along very well. She is shocked when Batic tells her that her colleague has been murdered. There was no enmity between them, which the mother of the victim meant, was years back when they were in love with the same man in their youth. When questioning the operating staff, the ladies noticed that the kitsch author Stefanie Kracht was constantly putting new oysters on the victim's plate. However, she denies this and in turn expresses suspicions against Barbara Gerhard. In order to get a better insight into the characters of the suspected authors, the commissioners read their books and attend readings. In doing so, they discover that one of Roswitha Reimers' crime novels describes a murder in great detail that is similar to that in Ira Kusmansky's house.

Shortly afterwards, the presenter Susanne Trier is murdered. In one of her television programs, she had exposed the author Ingrid Sanzara, who mainly writes cheerful women's books, in front of the camera. For the investigators, the question arises as to how much anger could have built up in Sanzara as a result. After all, the "oyster attack" could also have applied to Susanne Trier and Stahlberg-Zeulig only accidentally fell victim. The attempt to take her into custody fails because of her clever lawyer. When another murder attack on one of the authors of Ausernessens occurs shortly afterwards, the commissioners consider it possible that all participants in the evening are in danger. You invite to a meeting at which the remaining women come. In a kind of tribunal, the investigators indict one after the other, since in their eyes everyone has a reason to eliminate their competitors. The strongest motive, however, had the science fiction author Laura Lord, in her confession she accuses crime writer Roswitha Reimers above all. She had ideas for staging the murders from her novels.



The critics of the television magazine TV Spielfilm judge: "Satirical murderous hunt, literarily valuable."

“'When Women Eat Oysters' is an artificial thriller, without action, but with a lot of interest in the depths of a dazzling surface - the ironic study of an art world in which men, well, are not that important."

Audience ratings

The first broadcast of Wenn Frauen oysters on October 12, 2003 was seen by 6.98 million viewers in Germany and achieved a market share of 25.5% for Das Erste . On June 21, 2020, the scene of the crime when women eat oysters reached 6.35 million viewers and a market share of 21.2% in the context of the audience vote 50 years of "Tatort" - your desired "Tatort" .

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